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My Sixth Travel Assignment Is in Zamboanga City

"You know when you've devoted too much yourself to travel that when someone asks you for a coffee out and you open your drawer, aside from your dusty slippers what you see are mostly tattered shorts, plain t-shirts and a scarf. Nowhere to find are your outfits you used to wear on your dates: pretty lady dress, sexy high heels and a pair of cute bikini and bra. " I even doubt If I knew how to make up myself anymore. I only use a plain face powder that's it and a lipstick when I go out.

This is what I can say while I try to balance life - swiping right on Tinder (I am an app geek I explore popular apps) while I maintain a lifestyle of always on the go as a blogger and someone who just wants to live a meaningful life so that when I get old, I wouldn't have too much to regret about.  The truth is I have not seen a new face since February as I would always prioritize blogging and travel at all cost. I am not sure if this right or maybe I need time management? 

Wohow! I have been really busy like a bee. This doesn't mean though that I have gone richer more famous or more accomplished... I am just making the most of my time. I call it small milestones trying to make my life a bit different as days pass by.

I am so happy to tell that in two weeks time I will take my next travel assignment in Zamboanga City. I decided to skip Davao because it is a peak season to go there which means too much crowd  and things get expensive. I will probably see this place on regular days. For the past five months I have been to Ozamiz, Pagadian, Cotabato, Dipolog and Tuguegarao.

This is the 6th month straight (that's already half a year) I have been wandering around the Philippines for a free roundtrip flight, a small hotel stipend in exchange of doing a secret reviewing task.  Though this sounds heaven for travel addicts like me, there's always a lot of consequences that I need to attend to... reports and of course I am devoting a huge amount of this that I could have used to something else.

The Philippines has 7, 000+ islands and composed of 81 provinces. I am guessing (I am currently counting) that by end of this year I will be able to visit half of these if not more. I will create a separate post about this sometime.

I find it so blessed to be able to have the chance of travelling around my country seeing the scenes and knowing the culture. Certainly not anyone or should I say this is a seldom opportunity. 

Why Zamboanga City?

I have been longing to see this place which is dubbed as Asia's Latin City according to Choose Philippines. For a while I took a Spanish class years ago and I was really curious about the dialect of this place which is called Chavacano has so many resemblance to the Spanish language. I am really want to hear them speak with my own ears. I did a quick research and looks like I will be on another gastronomic adventure for Zamboanga seafood. On my mind I see amazing vintas (colorful boats),  take a plunge at their pink sand beach and discover the heritage side more. I was actually confused regarding Zamboanga del Sur, Zamboanga del Norte and this one thinking my previous assignments are here . Finally I'm off to a place I really dream to be.

This time I have two days and two nights to spend unlike the one in Tuguegarao that I only have a day and a night. By the way, I and my brother were not able to visit the Vietnamese eatery and the Las Casas de Acuzar in Morong Bataan because of time constraints. But I was able to bring a Filipino balikbayan (based in USA) and his nephews to go on a food and walking tour around Binondo for Chinese food and history. I will blog a separate post about that. 

Chinatown  Binondo in Manila, Philippines

That's it for now. I have so much to share but I just don't know where to start and how to end. I don't know which ones to tell and which ones I keep inside actually. I hope I get a feedback to my dear readers what more of stories they would like to know so that's the one I will find more time to create one. This blog has molded me to a person I never thought I will become. 

I have taught myself to live a life within my means if not below in exchange of the chance to be able to see what is out there.  Some digital nomads call it as the lifestyle of minimalism where you spend the least of material things over intangible ones like experiences you get from going to another place, learning new craft or just simply meeting a person and listening to his/her story. I am not saying this is the perfect way to live a life though. We are all given options on how we do it to our own. 

By the way the main photo above is me in the fire exit of the 24th floor condo unit where I live. Here I spend a few time every day to contemplate and see the "world" through these skyscrapers. Hope one day I can see the rest of these in the world.