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What To See & Eat, Tour Itinerary, Places To Go, Things To Do & Where To Stay In Tuguegarao Cagayan Valley

what to eat in tuguegarao

In my fifth travel assignment as a mystery traveler who does a secret task while I travel around the Philippines, I chose the province of Cagayan Valley particularly in the city Tuguegarao. Why? The answer is I just simply I have no idea of this place so off I went to a two day and a night to explore this. The only regret I have is that I wished I spent more time here to see every unique things that it has among the rest. 

My short stay to this place though gave me the scene that I long for as a city rat -  a laid back type of environment away from traffic and pollution. I may not have conquered all of the places  to visit in Cagayan, Valley at least I was able to pick up the official flyer of Department of Tourism branch of Tuguegarao Province of Cagayan so I am spreading the word.

Cagayan Valley is found North of Luzon between Cordilleras and Sierra Madre mountains. This is a province that contains never-ending adventure of caves, forests, waterfalls, beaches and centuries-old churches. You will never run out of what to see there, only time. Of course the locals called Cagayanos are always ready with a smile whenever I ask directions and how to get there, I owe to them my sweet memories. Aside from these tourist spots to explore in Cagayan, this place is also for those who chose for a gastronomic adventure of local cuisine and delicacies which I did mainly because of time restraint. Thus, my main photo above, shows a signage of this.

Divine Mercy Church in Tuguegarao
Divine Mercy Church in Tuguegarao
According to  DOT Cagayan,  you can get the best of this place for five days and 4 nights. I will show you the suggested itinerary below:

Day 1: 
Visit the Boacag Waterfalls for exploration and swimming then visit Fr. Gerry Filippetto museum. 

Day 2 

Early morning trip to Palaui Island.  Catch the sunrise at Manidad island. Explore Cape Engano lighthouse and the so-called second growth old forest.  You can also do snorkeling and scuba diving with local ecoguides. Take your lunch at the Nature Village, the venue of Survivor, an international reality tv show for 27-28 episodes. Then off to Claveria in the afternoon.

Palaui island tuguegarao
Riz from The Inspiring Traveler series shows off her pic in Palaui Island
Day 3
Explore the mile-long black fine sand beaches in Claveria.  You can volunteer to help haul the fishnets of local fisherman. This I would love to do! Go to Taggat lagoon and chance upon fisherfolks bring in their catch from the sea.  Go back to Tuguegarao City.

Day 4
Visit local restaurants and eat the Pancit Batil Patung and Pancit Cabagan. For breakfast, fill your stomach with fried rice, fried egg and their local version of sausage called Longanisa Cagayanon. Go to Cagayan Provincial Museum and Historical Research Center then to Callao Caves. Take a boat along Pinacanuan River for kayaking, watch the circadian flight of bats at dusk before driving back to the city.

pancit batil patung in tuguegarao
Pancit batil patung
Pancit Batil Patung is a stir-fried noodles mixed with vegetables, pork, liver, crushed chicharon and sunny side up egg. This is the one I bought from Jomar's Panciteria for Php70 only.

pancit cabagan in tuguegarao
Pancit cabagan
Pancit Cabagan  is totally the same as the one above except that instead of egg, it uses quail eggs. Bought this one for same price at Natan's Panciteria.

Tuguegarao longganisa
Tuguegarao longganisa with fried rice, fried egg
I love taking my breakfast with the silog meals. Compared to the usual sausage I eat in Manila, this one is less sweeter and I can eat a few more. 

Day 5
Join a mass at the known Piat Basilica Minore and Cathedral of St Peter & Paul. Souvenir hunting like tuguegarao longganisa, carabao milk candy, peanuts, chicharabao. Take a night bus to manila.

what to eat in cagayan valley

Where to stay

I am more of a backpacker type so the one I can recommend is the most affordable, I recommend Airport Apartelle which costs Php250 only for a fanroom and shared CR. If you want the one with aircon it costs Php 550 with a CR inside. I chose this because it is just a 10 minute walk to the airport of Tuguegarao.

To find more hotels of your own convenience you can always book to Agoda here.

How to get to Tuguegarao, Cagayan Valley
You can take a night trip via bus (10 hours or so) or book a flight to Cebu Pacific, PAL and other local carriers that will get you there for a little less than an hour.

Credits and for more information, you may contact or visit the Department of Tourism Regional Office 
Address: No. 02 #2 Dalan Na Pav-vurulun Regional Government Center, 3500 Tuguegarao City, Cagayan
Tel: 078-304-1104

In my next post, I will show a visual representation of a map of the Philippines where I will put a dot in the places have been. Our country has 81 provinces and I dream of visiting all of these.  Another update of my 6th travel assignment I may not be going to Davao but another far - flung province I am so excited to know, just waiting for the approval.


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