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DIY Itinerary and Travel Guide to Pink Mosque and Grand Mosque in Sultan Kudarat and Cotabato

Cotabato, Philippines
sultan kudarat

We are very excited for the 2nd day of our itinerary and we woke up as early as 6:00 AM in the morning to prepare and packed all our things for our next destination. 7:00 AM in the morning, we finally leave our room lodge and went to the main highway. We try to haggle a tricycle for 20 pesos each to drop us to the provincial capitol of Sultan Kudarat. provincial capitol, just walk for a few minutes (straight ahead) we finally reached the gateway for our second day of itinerary - Insulan bus terminal station in Sultan Kudarat. We take our breakfast for a couple of minutes in the terminal station while waiting for the bus to arrive. From Insulan bus terminal station ride a bus bound to “Salbo” for the Pink Mosque, and just ask the conductor to drop you off at Datu Ampatuan provincial capitol of Maguindanao. Travel time is about 1 hour. 

grand mosque cotabato

pink mosque cotabato

pink mosque mindanao

pink mosque mindanao

The Pink Mosque of Peace was financed by Datu Ampatuan. It is a scared place of prayer and symbol of peace for Muslims. Just a gentle reminder, when you go there please observe proper dress code.

Inscription says below:

The mosques of Allah are only to be maintained by those who believe in Allah and the last day and establish prayer and give Zakah and do not fear except Allah for it is expexted that those will be of  the (rightly) guided.

This structure signifies the quest for moral and spiritual upliftment of the people of this municipality dedicated to the worship of Allah, the Almighty One.

It is constructed on Dec. 18, 2012 and formally opened on Jun. 27, 2014. 

grand mosque mindanao
Province of Datu Ampatuan, Maguindanao landmark national highway going to Cotabato City.  

grand mosque mindanao

After visiting the Pink Mosque, we just walk couple of minutes to be head back to national highway and wait for van/bus/jeep bounds to Cotabato City. After a couple of minutes, we rode a multicab all the way to Cotabato City town proper for our next stop. From pink mosque in Maguindanao to Cotabato via multicab we took about 1 hour travel time. 

From Cotabato City proper, from the intersection. Several habal-habal drivers can be opted for a ride to Grand Mosque in Timaco hill. Travel time is about 15 minutes before you reach the mosque proper. 

grand mosque cotabato

grand mosque cotabato

Costumes and props can be rented before the entrance gate to Grand Mosque (50 pesos).

Editor's Note 

"I can clearly recall my two - day and one night stay in Sultan Kudarat last year. I was sent there because of this mystery travelling part - time gig I have discovered courtesy of a local airlines. I don't have a fancy smartphone nor an SLR but I managed to have a one and only shot taken during the sunset that won me an equivalent of 20, 000+ worth of Philippine Mabuhay airline miles courtesy of Shangri-la Hotel."

After our visit at the Grand Mosque, finally we headed back to Cotabato City, a catch a ride to Cotabato City grand terminal were buses bound to Davao can be found. From there we rode a bus bound to Davao City and our major jump off is at Libungan bus terminal station for our gateway to Asik-asik falls. 

At exactly 1:30PM in the afternoon finally arrived at Libungan bus terminal station, we took our lunch first at nearby market. From there, there are so many habal-habal drivers that are offering a tour to Asik-asik falls. My friend (Ate Mae) as her 2nd time to visit, she made the haggling skills to the drivers, and luckily, we got our habal-habal ride only 600 pesos for a day tour vice versa. (Overnight stay for 900 pesos). 

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