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Day 1 of 4D3N DIY Travel Guide and Itinerary to General Santos City

We were fetched by the multicab and our tour guide that day was the mother of my friend (Sharmaine) and his uncle our driver. From General Santos airport, we proceeded to Brgy. Tambler, General Santos City to visit the largest fish port complex in the country. (1st in the list). Travel time to fish port complex is more or less 1 hour. 

Jumpshot at the iconic "TUNA CAPITAL" of the Philippines.
At the gate entrance, as a visitor we are obliged to pay 10 pesos for the parking area (for our multicab) and before entering a pair of boots is a must for 30 pesos and it can be rented upon the area before the entrance.

From the fish port complex, we stopped along the way, where the stores of marang fruits can be found. And yes it’s my first time to taste MARANG. 

We passed along, SM General Santos City bound to Polomolok to visit the house of my friend. And from Polomolok, we went to General Santos City bus stop-terminal stations and look for a bus bound to Marbel (via Yellow Bus Line). Travel time is about 1 hour. From Marbel Bus terminal station, look for a bus bound to Surallah. Travel time is about 45 minutes. And we’re so lucky when we passed at Surallah because we witnessed so of their preparations for their festival so called – T’nalak Festival, which will be starting the day after. 

At around 12:05 pm in the afternoon when we arrived at Surallah bus terminal station. While waiting for the jeep bound to Lake Sebu, we agreed upon to eat a lunch/merienda for a while. Eateries can be found nearby, depending on your preference with a reasonable price. 

Exactly 1:45pm in the afternoon when we finally arrived to our second destination. The famous Lake Sebu in South Cotabato. Known for its seven falls zipline adventure. 

Skylab Destination Rate per Office of the Municipal Tourism of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

From Tourissm Office to

Mountain Lake Eco Resort    Php 30
Sunrise Garden Lake Resort  Php 25
Merl Garden                 Php 30
Sitio Siete                 Php 80
Kofnit Cave                 Php 100
Sepaka River                Php 60
T'daan Kini                 Php 40 
Seven Falls                 Php 50
Lang Dulay                  Php 30
Mission                     Php 15 
Sikat                       Php 10
Resorts                     Php 10
Lemobung / Tourism Lodge    Php 15

Mountain Lake Eco - resort to 7 Falls Php 80

Pakyaw (all destinations) Rate
Php 500 Whole day
Php 300 Half day 

There are so many choices depending on where you want to visit or to explore, in our group since it was about late in the afternoon to maximize our visit, we’ve agreed upon taking pakyaw rate “half day” tour for a 300 pesos. 

The Seven Waterfalls in General Santos City

First Stop: 7 Falls  (Falls No. 1 – known as Hikong Alo) 
(Falls No. 1 – known as Hikong Alo) – the most accessible among the 7 falls and it is the widest. 

Immersing ourselves with the culture of the Tboli's
For only 50 pesos you can rent a traditional costume of the Tboli’s full attire. They will be the one to choreograph your poses and angulation for your souvenir pictures.  

Second Stop: 7 Falls Zip line 

If you could do just a single zip line in your life, do it on Lake Sebu. Dubbed as the highest in Asia and the waterfalls below would really turn your world (for some seconds up-side-down)

Lake Sebu's Waterfall Zipline Rate

Weekend, holiday, fiesta / anniversary
Package 1 Php 300
740 - meter ride (Falls no. 1 to 5)
420 - meter ride (Falls no. 5 to 2)

For weekdays, rate is Php 50 less 

Third Stop: 7 Fall (Falls No. 2 – known as Hikong Bente) 

(Falls No. 2 – known as Hikong Bente) – means immeasurable, and the highest among the 7 falls, can be accessed through 776 steps concreate stairways or the other way can be accessible by habal-habal or any vehicle. 

Hikong Bente far-apart

Fourth Stop: Punta Isla Lake 

Welcome sign

Our fourth and last stop for our Lake Sebu tour, the most common and famous resort according to our habal-habal drivers is Punta Isla Lake Resort. Biyahe ni Drew and other celebrities once or twice visited this resort already. Their famous floating restaurant combined with serene and tranquil surroundings and perfect crispy chicharon tilapia, it was all worth the visit.  

The most iconic plants in Lake Sebu are lotuses.

Around 5:00 PM in the afternoon, we ended-up our Lake Sebu tour, and were going back to Surallah bus terminal station to catch a bus bound to Sto. NiƱo. Ask the conductor to drop you off at Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat jump-off station. (abt. 1 ½ hr bus ride via Yellow Bus Line). 

At exactly 7:45 PM in the evening, we arrived at Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat. And we decided to have a dinner first at Jollibee before looking for a pension house to stay the whole night. We’re so lucky that one of our friend (Ate Mae) is a locale from Tacurong.  

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