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Where to Stay in Coron: 4 Hotel Accommodations in Palawan You Should Check Out

Coron, Philippines
 coron palawan hotels beachfront

For the six nights I have spent in Coron last month, I stayed in 4 hotels all throughout. Coron, Palawan is a sleepy remote town but slowly making its name worldwide because of its pristine beaches and otherworldly mountain rock formations. Though El Nido is still the most known in the whole province of Palawan, I would never ever get tired of going back here. Finding an accommodation in Coron is not hard. More and more guesthouses, apartments, backpacker hostels, inn, cheap hotels, beach resorts and even luxurious / 4 - 5 stars are now in Coron.

Where I stayed in Coron   

1st three nights - Coron Paradise Bed and Breakfast
2nd night - Coral Island Bay Resort Palawan
3rd night - Two Seasons Coron Island Resort & Spa
4th night - Villa Khadine Grand Vista Resort

Tired from a 14 - hour 2Go ship ride, I went to the nearest Internet shop and book Agoda. My keywords that I used to search for a perfect hotel I need for Coron should be  "FREE BREAKFAST" and "FREE WIFI" included. Obviously, so that I can save from buying the first meal of the day and I need to get my online job going. The first one that came on top of my search is Coron Paradise Bed and Breakfast, a simple hotel that is located in the town's center. Location - wise, this is the winner. You'll find this hostel that looked just like a house with a touch of American style along the road. It comes with a flat - screen TV that I never even bothered to touch.

Coron Paradise Bed and Breakfast
Book HERE via Agoda

Location: Along the road in Coron's central town

Freebies: Breakfast, toiletries and a glass of iced tea upon check in
Room: Mine has an aircon unit plus a ceiling fan
What I like: Wifi was stable, hotel is very accessible
and all the staff are attentive
What I did NOT like: the hot shower was not working
Price range: Php 700 / 900+ per night 

 coron paradise bed and breakfast

cheap guesthouses in coron palawan


 coron paradise bed and breakfast

Address: Coron - Busuanga Rd, Coron Town Proper, Coron, Palawan
Phone: 0929 794 2232

Coral Island Bay Resort

Book HERE via Agoda

coron palawan resorts vacation package

Location: It is very much out of the way. Guests need to take a car or van for 45 minutes to reach the port where you can take a free 30 - min boat ride to this resort 

Freebies: Toiletries and a glass of fruit juice, unlimited coffee and hot tea  
Villa: You rent a villa good for 2 and 4, not just a room 
What I like: Incredible sights of different colorful fishes from its entrance / bridge
What I did NOT like: The food is expensive for a local's budget. It is rightly priced for foreigners 
Price range: Php 3000 / 5000 + per night 

hotels in coron palawan

This is the second hotel where we stayed. Unlike the first one, my colleagues have arrived so this is the official start of our Coron trip. I have to admit this but I got so smitten at how the ambiance of this beach resort maintained this technology detox idea. Electricity is only available at night because they are located in a very remote side of Coron. The beds are beautifully covered by mosquito nets. It looked so romantic and I wish I can stay here longer. Coron Island Bay Resort is part of marine sanctuary and a private beach. I have to say this but in my whole life, this is the only place I have seen so many beautiful, colorful exotic fishes just by hanging out at their bridge and not swimming. Lion fish, sword fish, starfish... the rest I don't know their names. I have even seen a stonefish which is a very deadly kind of fish. At night, we saw lots of glowing planktons too.

list of hotels in coron palawan

hostels in coron palawan

Night came, we had to order dinner. I don't want to spend too much so I ordered the cheapest which is spicy squid but it literally was so spicy. One of our buddies ordered a pizza which costs Php 300 - 400 but tasted so great. They specialize in diving tour packages handled by their PADI - certified dive instructors so if you are a scuba diver or even a beginner, Coral Island Bay Resort is the place to be.    

We stayed the whole day and whole night in Coral Island Bay Resort that I can

say we really had enough free time to enjoy what is there. We had a gorgeous
moment watching the sunrise until sunset and doing some OOTD shots along the bridge.

The last two hotels in Coron I am going to share are unfortunately we spent too little time so I can't tell you much about it. We had a hectic tour schedule of island hopping and many activities that we had to wake up early in the morning then go back at around 10pm to sleep.

We just literally slept there and ate our breakfast. Nevertheless, I will still recommend these because these are gorgeous looking and not the usual cheap accomodations in Coron that a budget backpacker will stay.

Next, we LITERALLY SLEPT at these two hotels below. Thus, we had no photos of the outside which I was told are breathtaking :(

Two Seasons Coron Island Resort & Spa
Book HERE via Agoda

coron palawan hotels

Two Seasons Coron Island Resort & Spa for me is a 4 - star hotel in Coron. I can compare the amenities, the room size, the comfort and luxury  feeling to Hotel Jen Manila, Shangrila EDSA and Shangrila Mactan where I have stayed. Our room is so spacious, you can even do yoga or cartwheel inside. Obviously, this is a topnotch and much more expensive accommodation in Coron for businessmen and rich individuals. We had free slices of desserts on top of our bed when we arrived. There is a mini - fridge and packs of coffee, creamer and tea as well. The FREE breakfast reminds me of that setting in a 5 - star hotel though including international cuisines, only that it comes plated not buffet type.

agoda coron palawan

hotel in coron

where to stay in coron palawan


Address: Malaroyroy, Coron, Palawan
Facebook Fan Page:

Villa Khadine Grand Vista Resort

Book HERE via Agoda

accommodations in coron palawan
Photo credit: Villa Khadine Coron

This is one big mistake I did in my Coron trip - I unintentionally deleted all my photos inside Villa Khadine... all of it! I knew I have transferred all in my laptop's memory but for some reasons I can't find it! I am not losing hope though I may find these in some hidden folders in my laptop. Villa Khadine is the last hotel we stayed for a night before we flew back to Manila early in the morning. We checked in at around 9 pm then checked out at 530 am. 

Villa Khadine in Coron gives you that local and homey vibe. The villas  are entirely made of wooden walls, bamboo and other local materials. From the lamp to the art decors everything reminds us that we are staying in a Philippine accommodation. 

We stayed in the Superior Room with Loft that is good for 5 pax. Our couple friends occupied the ground floor. They slept at the queen size room then put their belongings in the single size bed. While me and another single friend, stayed at the loft each occupying a single size bed. Our villa came with a common veranda, common semi-furnished kitchenette, satellite TV and a private toilet & bath with hot/cold shower. 


Address: Governor’s Avenue, Barangay Poblacion 6,
Coron, Palawan, Philippines, 5316
Facebook Fan Page:

Note: My stay with Villa Khadine, Two Seasons and Coral Island are sponsored except Coron Paradise where I paid my own. All opinions are mine.  Related articles: Visiting Viet Ville Temple and Restaurant in Puerto Princesa, Palawan and Where to eat in Puerto Princesa: 4 Restaurants worth dining in the capital city of Palawan.

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