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Women of Bel - Air Holds an Auction to Benefit Gawad Kalinga Foundation

Bel - air is a barangay in Makati that is known as a first - class gated type of community consisting of a private subdivision. While I personally don't know 
anyone from Bel - air in the many years I lived in Manila, I have heard that this
is a community where many well - off families and expats live. Last November 17, I had the chance to get inside Bel - air of Makati to join the silent auction spearheaded by Women of Bel - Air Foundation. The items that were sold through bidding all came from the residents of Bel - air which were pre - loved items of the owners. The profit that it will generate will be given to its partner charity group, Gawad Kalinga.

After I hand over my ID card to the guard on duty in front of Gate 1, I knew this is a very secured community. I walked slowly and looked around the house and lots that I pass by, most of them with cars parked. I can really attest to myself, Bel - Air is one of Manila's premium residences. 

Inside the building of Barangay Bel - Air Village Association where their office can be found, a grand auction was held which I have seen personally how it is done. What they are selling are a mix of products that are fit to all ages. From branded bags, to dazzling jewelry, tech gadgets, painting, craft, women's apparel ... the list goes on.  There's a minimum amount to bid, the one bidding should write in bond paper how much money he / she is willing to shell out. Of course, the one who will commit the highest paid is the one who can bring home the item.

Present in the occasion are Mrs. Constancia Lichauco, the barangay's Captain and Tony Meloto, Gawad Kalinga Founder who talked about how his locally - produced products have recently beaten international brands through an international award. He also brought some teenagers who used to be underprivileged but now are able to go to school, help the family, inspire other needy individuals like them and speaking in various events around the world about their transformation because of Gawad Kalinga's support.


Women of Bel Air Foundation, is a group of obviously, women who resides in Bel - Air. They are under the management of Barangay Bel - Air Village Association that has partnership with Mr. Tony Meloto's projects. They plan to do more series of fundraising to fund his many programs. One of their most successful  endeavors is building 20 units of housing in New Washington, Aklan called GK Bel - Air Village. 

I wish them all the luck for helping needy fellow countrymen. 

Note: Special thanks to Salcedo Market community and Ms Malyne Lorayes, Treasurer of Women of Bel - Air Foundation for inviting us. 

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