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Php 2.1K Challenge for DIY Itinerary 3D3N To Antique: What To Do, Where To Stay and Tour Contacts (Pandan & Tibiao)

My visit to Antique is a matter of yes or no answer. Just few days before the trip, half of my travel buddies cancelled for various reasons. It was so easy for them to let go of our plans but me, I can no longer back out. I have already booked my flight through my Philippine Airline's Mabuhay Miles points. I paid nothing for my booking ticket actually. It's going to be a double loss if I am not able to take this trip : flight unused and points can no longer be redeemed. 

Despite the threat of bad weather ahead, I decided to push through without any accommodation bookings and tour packages to join in advance. All I got is a sample guide and itinerary to Antique shared by the organizer of this trip who wasn't able to join us as well. The only thing I am sure of is that I won't be alone. Aside from me, three from the group remained true to their words so I know we can always split the costs and give each other the company we need.

Introduction to Antique

Antique is a quaint place in the Visayas region. Of all the 41 Philippine provinces I have visited, I have to say Antique tops the list for certified off - the - beaten - path locations here in my country which is very surprising because it is only around 2 - 3 hours by land from the world - famous Boracay. I haven't seen any foreign travelers there nor hordes of tourists from outside, only small groups. Maybe because I went there off - season so I don't want to conclude what I just said. This is only an honest observation. Mesmerizing rice paddies, wooden nipa houses, dusty roads and occasional mobile signals ... you're surely going to have a digital detox when you get here whether you like it or not. 

3D3N DIY Itinerary to Antique (Pandan & Tibiao)
Day 1
10AM Arrival Caticlan Airport
12NN Lunch at a carienderia / eatery
       Cost: Php 60  
1PM Bus ride Caticlan to Pandan via Ceres Transport Bus
       Fare: Php 53
3PM Arrival at Pandan
       Fare: Php 10 tricycle      
       Check in at a homestay
       Rent per night: Php 300 (fan) // Php 500 (aircon)
       Contact person: Jose Partisala (former Chief of Police of Pandan)
       Address: Baybay, Pandan, Antique (5 minute walk to Pandan Beach)
       Mobile num: 0939 161 0912
       FREEBIES: 1 small Safeguard bar & 1 hand towel, water dispenser where
       you can get hot / cold water
4PM Pandan Centro Town Tour
       Fare: Php 10 tricycle
       Pandan local market, Pandan's People Park, Pandan Municpal Hall & Pandan
       Catholic Church
5PM Sunset watching at Pandan Beach
       Walked from Pandan market to Pandan beach for 30 minutes. Saved Php
7PM Dinner
       Cost: Php 30 (barbecue, isaw and hotdog)
       Plate of rice + bananas and water from dispenser FREE from the
       homestay owner. Jackpot!!!
8PM Chat with the wife of the homestay owner in the shared sala while watching        TV
9PM Lights off

Pandan People's Park

Pandan beach

Day 2
8AM Breakfast 1 Skyflakes biscuit   + 1 Coffee 3-n-1
       Cost:  Php 15
       Hot water and disposable cup provided by the homestay owner
9AM Online work
       Homestay has an internet shop with 3 computer sets. You have to insert            five  - peso coins per 20 - minute worth of time you'll use it.
12NN Check out
      My homestay owner slash former chief - of - police dropped me to Pandan's       People's Park via his tricycle and didn't want me to pay! Lunch Php 50 in carinderia 
2PM Tricycle to Pandan Public Bus Terminal to meet my 3 travel buddies
       Fare: Php 10
3PM Tricycle to Malumpati Cold Spring and Resort
       Cost: Php 250 good for 4 pax / one way.
       Travel time: 30 - 45 minutes
       Note: This is the standard rate. Meaning even if you go there alone, 2 or 3
       - you pay the same price.
       Malumpati Cold Spring entrance fee: Php 20
       Contact number: 0927 111 2222
       1st Room for two: Php 1500
       2nd Room for two: Php 2500
       We were able to reach the owner and haggled for the price. Instead of 
       paying Php 4, 500 - we only paid Php 2, 200 total for us group of 4 to use 
       2 rooms.
       4PM Swim, photoshoot
7PM Dinner
       Food: 1 order of grilled pork is Php 250, 1 cup of rice is Php 10, 1 medium -
       sized bottled water is Php 20
       Note: NO nearby eateries or carinderias outside Malumpati Cold Spring
       Resort. You have no choice but to order to them ahead of time because              they cook it first.
 9PM Lights off
Malumpati Cold Spring and Resort
Day 3
7AM Early check out
       Habal habal ride to Pandan Public  Bus terminal
       Cost: Php 50 per pax
       We opted to take motorcycle because there's no available tricycle (Php
       250) to bring us out of the resort. Private motorcycles are not legally
       permitted to bring you directly to the terminal so they will drop you off
       somewhere halfway.
       Tricycle ride to reach Pandan Terminal
       Cost: Php 10
8AM Breakfast at Pandan Public Market. Hungry and no time to find a much              cheaper place to eat. 
       Cost: Php 70 
10AM Ceres Transport bus to Tibiao
         Fare: Php 50 - 60
         12NN Arrival in Tibiao
         Drop off point is bamboo arch signage of Barangay Importante
         Habal - habal ride Php35 / pax to bring you to your accommodation. 
         Tibiao Community Tax: Php 50

1PM   Check in at La Escapo Lodge
         Contact number: 0946 743 2347 / 0977 470 8784
         Cost: Php 250 per night. We got it for Php 200 with free breakfast of  rice,
         two pieces of hotdog and 1 piece of fried egg.            
         Light trekking to Bugtong Bato Falls  
         Duration: 30 - 45 minutes
         Tour Guide Fee : Php 150 

Our bed inside our own nipa hut 
3PM     Kawa bath at Kayak Inn 
           Cost: Php 250 but we got it for Php 200 only
           Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on availability
           There were no waiting guests that time so we immersed ourselves until

7PM     Dinner 
           Grilled pork is Php 50 per slice * 4:  Php 200
           Half of order of chicken adobo: Php 120 
           Bowl of rice for 4 pax: Php 35
           Pitcher of cold water: FREE

Hanging Bridge, Tibiao River

Bugtong  Bato Falls
Our Antique itinerary guide on our 4th day is supposed to be a trek to Igbaclag Cave and Stone Castle (limestone caves that look like the mountain cliffs in El Nido & Coron) in San Remigio for possible sighting of Rafflesia, the biggest flower in the world. Since the weather isn't favorable, we don't want to gamble our time so we headed to Kalibo to join the 2017 Ati - atihan Festival grand parade and street dancing competition.   

Tips and Reminders
  • The Php 70 habal habal ride payment also includes bringing you to the Tibiao Hanging Bridge and/along Tibiao River plus at the jump - off point of Bugtong Bato Falls. 
  • DO NOT lose your receipt for the community tax!!! You will need to show that to the facilitators of Bugtong Bato Falls for free entrance. Otherwise, you pay another Php 50. 
  • Everyone tells us when in Tibiao, stay at Kayak Inn. Well we couldn't agree more coz the place is scenic but being very budget conscious, we decided to stay at the other accommodation beside it.       
Kayak Inn per night is Php 500 with free breakfast.
       La Escapo Lodge is Php 250 with free breakfast too.

       Kawa Bath in Kayak Inn is Php 250
       Kawa Bath in La Escapo Lodge is Php 200

 Same structure of wooden hut and both located along Tibiao river.  We chose La Escapo Lodge as our cheapest accommodation in Tibiao and for kawa bath we chose Kayak Inn because of beautiful background. 

Day 1 Php 502
Day 2 Php 757
Day 3 Php 741.25
TOTAL Php 2, 100.25

The food and tour guide fees were divided to our group of 4. This includes transportation within Antique, Caticlan and Kalibo only.

My travel buddies Colleen, Jo, Chris and habal habal boys
How to go to Antique
There are no direct flights to Antique. From Manila, you can choose the airports of Kalibo, Caticlan and Iloilo. The nearest is through Caticlan airport which only took me 2-3 hours to reach Pandan town of Antique.

Check 2Go Travel's or Montenegro Shipping line's website for schedule. You will depart from Batangas port.  This is a long, overnight trip! I took the roro - bus from Kalibo to Batangas when I went back to Manila. 

Directions for Caticlan to Antique via Pandan
Pandan is the very first town you'll reach from Caticlan. Ride a Ceres Transport bus (Php 53), then get off at Pandan terminal. Take a tricycle ride (Php 10) to bring you to your accommodation in Pandan. The best place to get one is near Pandan Beach. My homestay is at the back of Pandan Beach. The most famous Pandan Beach Resort is located beachfront just same street of where my homestay is. Rates: room is Php 800 with fan and room with aircon is Php 1, 500. Of course, I had to choose the cheapest.

Directions for Kalibo to Antique  via Pandan
Take a tricycle (Php 50) to Kalibo Public Terminal. Find the bus with a signage of San Jose because it passes at Pandan (Php 72). Get off at Pandan Bus Terminal then take a tricycle (Php 10) to your accommodation. 

Directions for Bacolod to Antique via Pandan
From Dumangas Port take a roro (Php 70). Then take a tricycle to Leganes (Php 20). Take a jeep to reach the main highway (Php 12). Go down at the first stop light. Take a jeepney to Oton terminal (Php 8). Take a van to Culasi (Php 200)  then take a Ceres bus (Php 38). 

Directions for Antique to Kalibo
Take a habal - habal ride (Php 35) to Barangay Importante bamboo arch signage. Take a van (Php 20) to Culasi. Catch a bus to Nabas (Php 51). Then take a van to Kalibo (Php 70).

If you want to take a roro bus from Kalibo to Manila which I did for 20 hours, you can click here how I did that via Ceres Bus Transport and Montenegro Shipping Lines. 

My next post will be a complete DIY itinerary and guide for Antique that includes Pandan, Tibiao, Culasi, Sebaste and San Remigio. Of course it will feature more tourist spots in Antique and more options of where to stay, so please keep on checking :)


  1. thanks... looking forward to this trip.. i'll be following your more adventures. <3

  2. Hi Girl, if galing ako Manila then mg Kalibo ako going to Antique, marami na ba masasakyan galing dun? I might do it solo kase, safe naman ba? Thank you

    1. Yes madami. Ceres Bus Transport ang piliin mo. Safe naman sya kaso mejo mahina ang celfon signal hehe so offline mode tlga ang ANtique

  3. hi mam, sana between April 1 to 26 ka pmunta sa Pandan, Antique para nakita you po yung Tugbong festival nila jan.mas maganda sana if yung mga vivisit jan ay April pra makita nila yung Festival dun 26 days silang may activities..suggestion lng po..

    1. hello po sori now ko lang nabasa :( sana po pls provide me more information about it would love to feature it

  4. Wow thanks for the information. I will see if I can find a flight to join this. Are you from there? Looking for locals who can provide me pics about this festival for an article I'm writing. Do you know any?

  5. Hi po, i love your blog page.


    if you visit that page po, makikita nio po pictures ng mardigras sa Pandan

  7. Hi po, is it safe to travel alone?

    1. Yes po :) mejo kunti po ang turista sa antique pero safe po sya. mas maganda magbook kau ng accommodation in advance para po you can ask them of pick up or i-guide kayo ng directions para di kayo mawala