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New Angkor Wat Ticket Prices: Tips and What You Need To Know

Starting February 2017, Angkor Wat's entrance fees will increase dramatically. I am glad that I was able to visit the world's largest religious infrastructure before the price soared up. I mean for a backpacker like me who travels on a budget, I will always opt for the least amount I will pay. Last December, I went to Siem Reap in Cambodia and did what every tourists and travelers do, visit Angkor Wat. I decided to just get the one - day ticket because I am just like everyone else, I am only after photos and a bit of history. If I am a history professor or a student doing a thesis I may probably go for a 3-day or 1-week pass. I paid $20 for that which was just fine from my wallet. Though I feel I did not maxed what I paid because I went there already noon when I can catch the Angkor Wat sunrise for that amount as well. 

Here's the list of new prices Angkor Wat entrance fees approved by the The Angkor Institution, the group that manages the ticketing for Angkor Wat Archaeological Park.

1 Day : From $20 it is now $37

3 Days: From $40 it is now $60
7 Days: From $62 it is now $72 

What you need to know about your Angkor Wat ticket
1. Ticket is are non - refundable and non - transferrable
2. It must be kept at all times and shown to the controller when requested
3. Producing, distributing or using fake ticket is a crime punishable by law.
4. Visiting hour in Angkor Wat is 7:30am - 5:30 am.
    Sras Srang: 5:00am - 5:30pm
    Pre Rup:  5:00am - 7:00pm
    Bakheng: 5:00am - 7:00pm
5. Respect all things that make up Angkor Wat: signs, monks and the architecture.
6. Do not touch anything that they tell to not to.
7. Do not litter.
8. Smoking is not allowed.
9. Do not give money or candy to begging childrem.
10. Please wear proper clothes.
11. Any act of looting, breaking and damaging Angkor or exposing sexual organs and nudity in public is strictly prohibited and punishable by law.
12. Flying drones, filming and taking picture with professional equipment for commercial purpose requiees a permit from the APSARA National Authority.

The last one seems to be  not followed strictly. I had to buy a new shirt inside for $5 because I was wearing a long dress that covers my knees but without sleeves. I was thinking like Borobudur in Indonesia which I also visited, they will allow me because I have shawl to cover my shoulder but I wasn't. I had no choice.

I have heard of some people who sells fake Angkor Wat tickets. Just to be sure don't buy it to any people walking around Angkor Wat. Buy it directly at the ticket booth. It will only take 5 minutes unless there is a long queue.

How does an Angkor Wat ticket looks like?
Actually an Angkor Wat ticket can easily be falsified or copied. It is made of a regular cartoon paper. It is very prone to liquid so please make sure you avoid getting it wet. The writings will surely fade. This is fine for those who only paid for one - day that after that they can throw it away but how about for those who purchased the 3 days and 1 week?

From upper left side, you will see two logos of Cambodia Kingdom of Wonder and Apsara Authority. Below that is the ISO number. Then below that is the amount in US dollars. It says "NON-TRANSFERRABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE." There's also a date of entry, date of expiry, code and a signature of the employee who sold you the ticket.

They will take a photo of you from their video camera while you line up. No need to glam up or prettify yourself. Your photo is only for record purposes. I am in no position to judge whether this price is too expensive or not for foreign visitors however If I am to go back to Siem Reap, I will probably do the countryside tour than see Angkor Wat again. I would rather see the raw beauty of the locals lives. To my readers who have never been to Angkor Wat, you should see it at least once. 

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