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DIY Itinerary & Travel Guide to Batanes: Where to Stay, What to do and Tour Contacts

Batanes, Philippines
basco batanes travel guide
Basco - Credit to Ayish Zapata
Looking for a Batanes blog review or a DIY guide to Batanes? You are in the right place! Batanes is my ultimate dream destination of all the Philippine provinces. Aside from Palawan, it is where most of my Filipinos would like to come and see. It reminds me of those elusive Scottish highlands and lighthouses, women wearing "strange" headress called vakul, houses made of corals, cogon roofs and limestone walls. Back in 2012, I made a short travel guide to Batanes to inspire myself to push more in reaching this paradise. I have reached already 42 provinces of my country but still Batanes remains to be elusive.

That's why I am I really thankful for Ayish Zapata for her kindness of sharing her DIY tips and Batanes trip itinerary that happened sometime ago. I know how many hundreds of thousands of Filipinos and perhaps foreigners wanting to reach there. With this DIY guide, I am sure this is a big help to those who have no time to plan their trip to Batanes.

She and her friend spent about Php 7, 000 each including accommodation, food and transportation within Batanes. Regarding the flight, they got a promo ticket. Each of them, only spent Php 6k plus via Skyjet. One thing that really limits so many travelers to see Batanes is that the cost of plane tickets to get there which is the fastest.  The regular fare for Manila to Batanes doesn't go down from Php 10, 000 one way so she's really one lucky girl! 

vakul headdress in batanes
Credit to Ryan Lara Cardona
"This headdress is called vakul, made of abaca fiber worn by locals to avoid extreme heat from the sun or slight rain."


How to Go to Batanes
Only Skyjet and PAL fly directly from Manila to Basco. You can also opt to go to Tuguegarao first (plane or bus), then fly from there to Basco using Sky Pasada. 

Introduction to Batanes
Batanes is located way up, up in the Philippine map in the north part. Geographically it is even nearer to Taiwan than Metro Manila. It is composed of 10 islands but only 3 is inhabited: Batan, Sabtang and Itbayat. It is said that these Batanese group of islands were formed after an underwater volcanic eruption that happened millions of years ago.

Where to stay in Batanes 
Basco: Nanay Citas (+63 939 919 3616)
          Sabtang:   Nanay Adela (+63  921 496 7233)

Other places to stay in Batanes
Basco: Marfel's Lodge (+63 098 893 1475)
Itbayat: Levinda Lodge (+63 921 566 8269)
Wakay Homestay (+63 919 317  4794)




Batanes Lighthouse
Batanes Lighthouse. Credit to Ryan Lara Cardona 

Sample 6D5N DIY Batanes itinerary

Day 1 
Morning - Arrival at Basco. Take a tricycle to Nanay Citas (Php 30 for two), check in and leave baggage, rest for a while then lunch. We stayed here for Day 1, 3, 4, 5 & 6. It costs Php 350 per night, non - ac. There's a fridge and a kitchen to cook food. We preferred cooking our own meals to save more.  The food there is quite expensive but not the quality we expect for the price. She is super kind. She did not asked us to pay for the 2nd day though we left our things while we spent our night in Sabtang.  

Afternoon - North Batan tour 
Kuya Lito is a famous and one of the most - sought tour guides in Batanes so make to book in advance or don't change your schedule as you might not have a vacant slot the next time you ask one. 

North Batan itinerary
They say is is the simplest and shortest tour in Batanes you can do that will only take half - day. The sites to see are mainly located in Basco. These are the places you will visit: Valugan Boulder Beach, Dipnaysupuan Japanese tunnel, Fundacion Pacita, PAGASA Weather Station, Tukon Church (Mt Carmel), Vayang Rolling Hills, Chapdipan Boulder Beach, Naidi Hills  including Basco  Lighthouse) and Basco town proper.

*** Nakamaya Burial Grounds and Nakamaya Burial Grounds can be added by request with additional charge. Please ask your tour guide for the fee. ***

For North Batan Tour Guide, please contact at Kuya Lito (+63 918 216 7440). Tour fee is Php 1, 500 for two.
Click here - North Batan Tour: 10 Incredible Places in Basco, Batanes for more information.

Day 2 
Go to Sabtang Island. Remind Nanay Citas to tell the jeepney (Php 27 each) bound to Ivana Port to pick you up at 5:30 am. First trip of the boat (Php 75 each) from Ivana Port to Sabtang Island is 7:30 am.

sabtang island batanes
Credit to Ayish Zapata

Once you arrive at Sabtang, keep in touch with Kuya Jimmy. Tell him to drop your baggage at Nanay Adela's lighthouse. Start of the Sabtang island tour (Php 1, 500 for two / 1 day. You can add Php 300 if you want lunch to be included or you bring your own baon.

Sabtang Tour Itinerary
Savidug Village, St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel, Chamantad Cove and Tinyan Viewpoint, Chavayan, Sta. Rosa de Lima Chapel, Sabtang Lighthouse, Morong Beach, Makabuang Arch, Sumnanga Fishing Village or the Little Hong Kong and Vuhus Island

For Sabtang Tour Guide, please contact Kuya Jimmy (+63 918 211 6156). Tour fee is Php 1, 500 for two.
Click here to read - Travel Guide: Sabtang Island, Batanes for more information

"The photo below is Nanay Adela's house. It costs Php 500 per night to rent here REGARDLESS whether you are 1 or 2 or you came as a group of 5. You have to BOOK IN ADVANCE because she can only a group.  

The tricycle in front of the Basco Lighthouse is owned by Kuya Jimmy. He is the tour guide for Sabtang. His tricycle number is #32."

batanes lighthouse
Credit to Ayish Zapata
Day 3
Wake with a good view, take a dip in the lagoon near the lighthouse. Pack up at 11 am and catch the last trip of the boat which is 12 noon from Sabtang back to Ivana. From Ivana, take a jeep back to Basco (Php 27 each). There are jeeps that are lined up at the port so it is not a problem finding one.

What to do in Basco
We know you're tired but certainly we won't advise you to go back to your rented room and rest. The best way to get around Basco in Batanes is biking for just Php 25 per hour. You can walk or bike going to the iconic  Basco lighthouse and chase the sunset. You can also have your merienda or dinner at Fundacion (Cafe de Tukon) but it is quite far so you need a tricycle ride (Php 120 for two). It is strongly recommended to get there during daytime for the breathtaking view.

Day 4 
South Batan Tour

South Batan Tour itinerary
This tour takes whole day so please prepare ahead. Places to visit: Chawa viewing deck, Mahatao boat shelter, Ruins of Song-song, Hohmoron Blue Lagoon, San Lorenzo Chapel, Alapad Hills and Rock Formation, Honesty Store, San Lorenzo de Ivana Church & Ruins, House of Dakay, White  Beach, Blank Book Archive & San Carlos Borromeo Church, Racuh-a-Payaman, Paderes & Cliff Road and Mahatao Tayid lighthouse.

For South Batan Tour Guide, please contact Kuya Lito (+63 918 216 7440). Tour fee is Php 1, 500 for two.
Click hereSouth Batan Tour | Batanes Travel Guide

Day 5 
Chill all day. Spent our time biking around Basco and go back to the lighthouse to catch Wifi signal! 

Day 6 
Back to Manila    

rolling hills batanes
Rolling hills. Credit to Ryan Lara Cardona

For affordable tour package to  Batanes, check out BISUMI Tour and Services owned by Ryan Lara Cardona. He is the one and only recommended by fellow travel bloggers to bring you the best of touring Batanes, For as low as Php 5, 500.





Eco - tourism to be paid in Basco Airport: Php 350
Accommodation (Nanay Citas): Php 350 * 4 nights = Php 1,  400
Accommodation (Nanay Adela): Php 500 
North Batan Tour: Php 500 each
South Batan Tour:  Php 750 each
South tour fee: Php 100
Sabtang tour fee: Php 200
Invana port jeepney back and forth: Php 150
Sabtang boat back and forth: Php 150
Sabtang tour: Php 750
Sabtang lunch: Php 300
Sabtang dinner (c/o Nanay Adela): Php 250
Trike ride to Fundacion: Php 120 only one-way (we hitched a trike going down from Fundacion to the town proper, so we saved Php 120)
Merienda in Fundacion: Php 500
TOTAL: Php 6, 044

Note: This does not include bike rental (Php 25) and the food. They didn't ate outside but brought their own canned goods, rice and instant noodles that cost about Php 1k.



Again, would like to extend my gratitude to Ayish for her DIY travel tips to Batanes. You can follow her on Instagram at this link :


  1. Hi, im confused on some details of your breakdown expenses. like for example the north and south batan tour costs 500 and 750 for two on the summary but on the per day itinerary above it says 1500 for two. can you help me understand pls? which one is correct? thanks :)

    1. sorry for confusing you. i edited na po it is 1250 each po :)

  2. hi! ask ko lang if yong tricycle drivers ay marunong din kumuha ng photos? :) you know, photos for keeps :) plan rin kasi nmaing mag-DIY ng hubby ko :) thank you so much :)

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