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Cheap Ways to Rent a Boat in Miami

Miami, FL, USA
rent a boat in miami florida

For a lot people, the thought of renting a boat while vacationing in Miami seems cost prohibitive or way out of their budget range. Fortunately, that’s not really the case. These days, the ‘shared economy’ makes a lot of things accessible to people that they would otherwise never get to enjoy. A peer rental site, such as BOAT.ME, pairs those folks who are seeking some time on the water with boat owners who are looking to earn some cash by renting out their vessels.

Here are some reasons why you should definitely consider boat rentals Miami has to offer on  your next adventure in Southern Florida.

1. Brunch on Boat
Mimosas and munchies are great in their own right, but serve and enjoy them on a boat to take brunch to the next level. You can pick out a smaller vessel -- a 20-footer, perhaps -- with a nice audio system. Throw in some additional features like inflatables or paddle boards… And voila! You’ve created a perky and quirky boat party for a 5-hour trip for less than $50 per person.

affordable rent a boat in florida

2. Epic boat party Miami locals look at boat parties the way country boys look at bonfires… It’s a thing that happens all the time. Everyone has a boat or at least knows someone else who does. However, for you and your boatless traveling companions, a boat party is still something you can pull off. All you need to do is rent a boat that’s 37 feet or more. A large pontoon or catamaran might be more convenient than yachts for larger parties, as you’ll have plenty of space to move around, soak up some sun, and even cut a rug.

florida boat rental

3. Floating barbecue
Did your family insist on accompanying you to Miami? Are you restricted to more family-oriented adventures on a boat? Well, there are certainly plenty of family-friendly options. Take a vessel out and enjoy the floating islands as you cook up some tasty BBQ and relax on the water. Just be sure to choose a boat large enough to accommodate you and your party. You can score a boat with a kitchen, bathroom, and a stateroom. Oh… and you may want to grab some inflatables and paddle boards to burn off some calories after that amazing meal.

boat rental in florida

4. Romantic getaway
Of course, some of you are vacationing in Miami with your significant other. The city offers a wide variety of sunset tours and romantic excursions, and renting a boat opens doors to even more of them. Your tastes can vary from the simplistic to the luxurious. You just have to choose your aquatic carriage, anything ranging from a smaller 22-foot vessel to a 54-foot yacht.

rent a boat in florida

5. Destinations
Where would you go if you had the freedom a boat provides? Here are a couple of suggestions for your boating adventure for either sightseeing or a place to relax, party, or swim:

a) Nixon or Haulover Sandbar – Play in the shallow waters where boaters come together, party, swim, and have the kind of fun only a sandbar can provide.

where to rent a boat in miami florida
b) Monument island - A perfect spot for a beach picnic in the Biscayne Bay with the best view of Miami Downtown

rent a boat in florida
c) Boca Chica Key - This distant island is an approximate 30-minute trip on a boat, meaning you would want to book the boat for at least 5 hours to allow yourself time to fully enjoy the excursion. On weekdays there are very few people, but there are plenty of spots for picnics, barbecues, and more. Relax on its beautiful beach, complete with clear, blue water teaming with starfish and other aquatic life.

Cheap Ways to Rent a Boat in Miami

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