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UP Diliman's Famed Sunflowers and UPlift - The Female Oblation

It was not my first time to visit UP Diliman last weekend. I couldn't remember how many conferences and Oblation runs I have seen in this campus but never did I am aware of these iconic sunflowers. I even have a brother who finished his college degree in UP Los Banos and currently working inside UP Diliman as a researcher. I only learned about this when Myrtle Sartosa, a teen celebrity posted her jaw-dropping photos of these blossoming sunflowers that look like glowing mini-suns on her Instagram. I remember it was the last week of June and I just came back from my Bangkok trip.

It took me two weeks to realize I really want to see these so I tagged along my brother to have some photo shoots with these. I did not researched further as I have no time.  I took chances and learned a bit of these beautiful sunflowers in UP Diliman:

These sunflowers aren't in a garden or so. 
Was expecting that because it seems these are bred so fine - producing visibly good looking sunflowers, I will find these in a garden. NO, it is located along the main entrance called University Drive facing Quezon Hall. It's like a long stretch of sunflowers planted both sides and in the middle of a two-way lane.

June is the best time to see these especially during last week
That explains why Myrtle has the best photos of these! Since it is already July, we missed the biggest blooms of sunflowers that are almost as big as a human face.  We managed to snap photos of smaller sunflowers though. The leaves are also turning yellow and with holes as well - proof that there are bugs out there chewing these.

The UP Diliman peeps in charged of sunflower plantation always make it a point to these should in a full bloom during graduation (eventhough the school calendar has changed the dates)   
Awesome, right? UP Diliman is a world-class academic institution. I won't be surprised that they have the brightest minds out there that are experts about sunflower plants. 

PICKING these flowers are prohibited.
Sorry, I had to pick a few ones for the photos. I used to be this little girl who love to play with these in our garden back home!

We took only a few shots of these sunflowers and roamed around to see what else is new. Our feet brought us to this controversial and recently talk of the town, the UPlift statue. It is said to be the female version of Guillermo Tolentino's male Oblation - which is the campus ultimate symbol. Maybe because both statues are naked and hands spread far - a gesture of offering itself to a selfless sacrifice.

Fernando Cacnio's masterpiece is recently scrutinized of having close similarity to an international artist's work  made by Dutch artist Elisabet Stienstra. He recently said that he doesn't know her and any of her past scuptures that could have led him to steal the design.
His and her artwork feature a woman floating mid air with hands spread out. While Cacnio's is completely naked, Stienstra's is covered with cloth and colored apple green. Hair of both statues appear falling down reaching the ground.

This woman in perfect body shape covered in gold is located in front of Villamor Hall near UP Diliman University Theater.

How to go to UP Diliman by public transportation:
Take an MRT ride to Quezon Ave station. Just a few-minute walk you'll find a jeep labeled as UP Diliman. 

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