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Filipino Mobile Brand MyPhone Invites You to the Brown&Proud Movement

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Is your mobile phone, MyPhone? It's a proudly-Filipino made brand introduced by Solid Group Inc., a 70-year old business legacy that first brought international brands such as Sony, Samsung, Aiwa, TCL, Sanyo, Kia Motors in the Philippine market. For Filipinos who can't afford expensive gadgets made abroad, MyPhone is always the best option. As a matter of fact, just last year its sale amounted to 6 million pieces according to Mr. David Lim, owner of MyPhone.

Of course Mr.David Lim a successful entrepreneur won't settle for that accolade alone. Recently, I joined an exclusive launching of Brown & Proud movement, it is the newest addition of Solid Group incorporated that features a premium line of mobile phones, gadgets and other lifestyle products. It's Its goal is to simply make our lives easier by incorporating the Internet. For example, if you want to buy your groceries, no need to go to the shopping mall. You just need to shop via their app. Also if you want to control any of your appliances at home and put extra security measures, these are all possible via the Brown & Proud movement.

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Why choose Myphone?

Sadly, the colonial mentality that some of our fellow Filipinos in mind is that all foreign brands are of superior quality. And that local brands aren't.  Definitely, MyPhone is not! David said that from paying up all its due taxes and it was made through a world-class standard. 

Going the MLM (Multi Level Marketing) way for Brown & Proud Movement
Multi level marketing or in layman's term, networking has a negative connotation here in the country. It is either deemed as scam or something frowned upon but David has high hopes that someday, if not soon Filipinos will have open mind for something like this. This is also my first time to learn a gadgets company following this MLM strategy. I know lots of products doing MLM marketing but usually these are wellness, food and beauty niches.David wants to break the barrier that we Filipinos think of MLM marketing by disrupting how each of us can make a decent living out of it.

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It was a great time hanging out with the people behind MyPhone especially his mom who is a business woman since she was 18. It was also a chance to learn about the Brown products such as Brown 1, Brown 2 plus Brown Tab. MyPhone and Brown & Proud Movement are proud partners to big names of the industry of today such as Google, Foxconn, Adups, Ovvi, Bestone, FCI, Air21, Ninja Van etc. The best thing about these products is that you will order these online and will be delivered right on the customer's doorste. Each purchase has corresponding points that is measured via Rewards Driven Network Marketing System. It simply means the more you buy, the more you make money too and your downlines!

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The Brown Tree System

This is the marketing system used by the Brown & Proud Movement where a “Brown Member” earns peso rewards by inviting others to join and and buying Brown products. There are two types of reward, first one is Direct Referral which is when a friend uses your referral code to buy the product. That's worth Php 500 on your credit. For Pairing Reward, this is achieved whenever two people buy any of Brown's products. That's another Php 500 worth of credit as well!

How much you can earn fro this MLM strategy?
Once you reach 12 levels - meaning 4, 095 members the total reward is whopping 2 million and 47 thousand pesos!

How to get paid
In partnership with Union Bank particularly the Eon card, this is the same exact card that I use to link to Paypal, money earned from rewards is sent directly to your debit card. NO need to go to this office just to get your check, waste your precious time for commuting or even the gas of your own car. An online dash board is given to every member that shows exactly how many referrals and earnings he made.

For more information, plese see these information below:
Brown & Proud Movement website:

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