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Pia Wurtzbach is Century Tuna's Newest Brand Ambassador

It's been a few years since I joined Century Tuna's events. This year, I had a last minute chance, I mean who would say no if you are given a chance to finally see in person the country's pride, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach? The location was superb too, at Shangrila Makati where I frequent when it comes to big events like this. I arrived at least an hour before to avoid traffic and because I knew staying inside this fabulous five - star hotel means a relaxation in a way. The almost two hours of waiting before the event started wasn't hard to deal with because of the live romantic music that can be heard from Shang's resident musicians. 

To tell you the truth the last time I went here was April when I first met Gab, the Spanish guy I have been chatting for 10 months via Tinder. He was doing a 5-month travel here in Asia. His last stop was in the Philippines to meet me. I sat in the same couch where we sat and it feels like it just happened yesterday.

Let's go back to the topic. I knew Century Tuna events are so worth it. We were treated with sumptous dinner buffets that Shangrila Makati is known for. I was also able to catch up with fellow blogger friends whom I haven't met for sometime and those who I always bump shoulders in every event.  When the program started, everyone's eyes and ears are all eager for Pia to appear. Me who is eating at the very last table had to go all the way to the front just to see her in person. 

Why is Pia chose nas the new #QueenoftheCentury?
Pia is the ever gorgeous TV host, model and being Miss Universe 2015. She is the epitome of a multi-faceted woman who excels in many fields while staying fit and sexy. She started acting at the age of 4, even joining the Star Circle batch 11. She was a not so known star until she bagged the highly covered world famous beauty title. 

Of course, her fit body isn't given. She worked hard for it by going to the gym regularly where she does planking (to gain flat, toned stomach), tricep pull-down (for well-defined arms, shapely biceps + triceps) as well as squats and lunges (for firm and strong looking legs). Thanks Pia, will try these at home too :)

What's with Century Tuna?
Pia says she has a busy schedule and is always on the go so likes to enjoy food that keeps her energy levels stable like Century Tuna. Because of Century Tuna's versatility, where it canbe used in a myriad of yummy and nutritious dishes, she doesn't need deprive herself while becoming the ultmiate superbod. 

After all, Century Tuna is made of 100% real tuna, rich in Omega 3 DHA, which helps you achieve a healthy and 100% winner superbody, just like her. As per Pia, "I've alwaysbeen a Century Tuna girl! And this body you see is made possible by Century." 

We were introducted to Century Tuna's latest flavor in this event as well which is the Century Tuna Lite - flakes in vegetable oil and 50% less salt. Glad to have brought home 4 cans to try these. I am sure I would love these! Thanks Century Tuna and Pia, I am also inspired to start a healthy lifestyle soon! 

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