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Travel Guide to Isola Vista Beach Resort in Batangas

Batangas - Tabangao - Lobo Rd, Batangas, Philippines
Isola vista beach resort batangas

"Isola Vista beach resort is one of the most affordable beacfront accommodations in Batangas that offers certified Instagrammable infinity swimming pools. In other luxurious resorts in the Philippines, you will need to pay a fortune for this. This is also a haven for those who wanna see lots of colorful fishes without needing to do island-hopping. All these you can experience for one ride away from SM Batangas."

I think my blog is destined to showcase every beautiful beach and beach resorts in Batangas. For some reasons, I keep on stumbling upon fellow travelers who are enamored to Batangas. Maybe because for 3-4 hours one can reach this province from Metro Manila and get a much-needed tan. 


Sometime ago, I met this girl who posted only four photos of a beachfront resort in Batangas in a very popular Facebook travel group in the Philippines. Without so much efforts, her four photos have gathered 4, 000+ likes and 1, 700+ comments! I knew I need to send her message if she is willing to share her photos and travel tips to Isola Vista Beach Resort. I am so glad, she said yes. Just recently, another fellow traveler Ms. Maurine Guardacasa posted 36 photos in the same group taken in Isola Vista adding very helpful tips so I asked if I can feature her and she said yes. 

Please see below a very short travel info about this resort. I'm planning to do a DIY trip in Isola Beach Resort so soon, I will be writing a thorough review and guide about it.  For now, let's read it from Yra Kirsten Durana's personal trip to this resort.

Isola Vista beach resort is truly a hidden paradise in Batangas City. It is made of hree Infinity pools, it is a beachfront resort  with a roof deck that offers a stunning beach view to all of its guests. If you're looking for a worthy resort to swim in Pagkilatan, Batangas - this is the place to be. Isola Vista Beach Resort name was derived from Italian words "isola" and "vista" which mean "view of an island".

isola vista resort

Entrance Fees:
Adult - PHP 175  
Kids and Senior Citizens - Php125  
PWD - Php 100

Activities to do and rates: 
Banana boat (Php 250 per pax)
Flying fish (Php 300 per pax)
Paddle boat (Php 500 per 4 pax)
Coral watching  (Php 150 per pax)
Crazy UFO rides (Php 250 per pax)
Deck tubes (Php 300 per pax)
Unli-snorkeling (free)

isola vista resort day tour

Suggested One Day Itinerary to Isola Vista Beach Resort
3:30am - Departure
4:00am - ETD Isola Vista Pagkilatan,Batangas
8:00am - ETA Batangas
8:30am - Breakfast  
9:30am - Registration at Isola Vista Beach Resort
10:00am - Swimming time 3 Infinity pools 
plus doing the beach activities (optional)
12:00nn Lunch time
5:00pm - Wash off
6:00pm -  Travel back to Manila
10:00pm - ETA Manila

  •  FREE to borrow life vest  in good condition.  Yes, you don't need to bring or buy one if your swimming skills aren't good.
  • They don't accept reservations through texts and Facebook messenger. You need to call them between 7am to 5pm only.  They also accept walk-ins but to be sure, I would recommend book ahead of time.
  • FREE  to borrow barbecue grills
  • No parking inside the resort so if you have your car, it will be parked outside. The staff says it is deemed safe and near enough to watch out.
  • Isola beach where this resort is located is so blessed with so many cute and colorful fishes that you don't even need to hire a boat to see more. Just by the shore if you're lucky enough, you can find lots of already. There are also sightings of dolphins and other sea creatures.
  • If you are going to spend overnight, you only pay for the room rental NOT the entrance fee.
  • You will only pay the entrance fee if you will just do a whole day of swimming and doing other activities.
  • This is one of the most affordable beachfront resorts with an infinity pool access. In other luxury and five-star hotels, you need to pay fortune!
  • All rooms are airconditioned with bathroom (NO towel and toiletries). Bring your own.
  • It's certified Instagrammable. This one we don't need to explain further :)  
  • Electricity and water are available 24/7.

pagkilatan batangas resorts

Cabina for 4 pax: Whole day - Php 4000 | Overnight - Php 3500 |Day tour - Php 3000
Cabina for 8 pax: Whole day - Php 6000 | Overnight Php 5500 | Day tour Php 5000
Cabina for 12 pax: Whole day - Php 8000 | Overnight - Php 750 | Day tour Php 7000
(For every additional person for those spending overnight, the charge is Php 600 )

For day tour only, please see the rates:
Seaside table good for up to 6 pax Php 700 each
Table inside the Pavillion good dor up to 8 pax is Php 1000 each
The best part is there's NO corkage fee for food and drinks! The reason for that is there is NO restaurant or eatery inside the resort though they offer cook-to order meals. You can buy fresh seafood on the way then borrow their grill table for free.  

Isola beach resort Address: Sitio Malao, Brgy. Pagkilatan, Batangas City
Isola beach resort contact numbers: 0926 398 8028 / 0909 320 2324 

how to go to isola vista batangas

How to go to  Isola Vista beach resort via commute
  • (Public / Commute) Take a bus going to Batangas City (Grand Terminal). Fare is P157 (approx. travel time 2 hours). From Terminal ride a jeepney via Batangas- Balagtas to BIR or NBI, then ride another jeepney via Capitolio Hospital going to SM Batangas Terminal. Then from SM Batangas Terminal, ride a jeepney via Batangas-Pagkilatan or Batangas-Ilikan route. Instruct the driver to drop you off at Isola Vista Beach Resort.
  • (Private) From Batangas City Proper, head to SM Batangas and drive toward shell Tabangao oil refinery. After a 15-minute drive you will see another industrial plant which is the JG Summit Petrochemicals Corporation with a huge edifice on a zigzag road. From there, you'll pass by Monte Maria after a 20-minute drive. A few meters from Monte Maria and you're there already at Isola Vista Beach Resort. The majestic view is worth the drive.
We are striving to make this guide to Isola Vista Beach Resort to be useful to all of us for as long as it is available online. Thus, we are open to feedbacks or suggestions if any part of this article has been changed or not true anymore. For example, let us know if the rates have changed or if there are additional amenities that are worthy to be mentioned. We are asking you dear readers, to send us anytime a message at  For the meantime, please see below some questions, we need answers right now: 

1. Regarding cleanliness of the amenities like the comfort rooms, swimming pools and of course the rooms, how is Isola Vista doing?
2. Of all the activities available in this resort, which do you think is the best? We always hear it is the banana boat ride. Is it true and why?
3. Until now, is it true that there are no restaurants or stores inside this resort?

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For more information, please check the official Facebook fan page of Isola Vista Beach Resort here.  All photos credited to Maurine Guardacasa except the screenshot from the resort's Fb fan page.. 

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