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Won ONE AirAsia RT Manila - Guangzhou Flight Ticket and Looking to Exchange It With Any Airline Miles

Remember the event where Paolo Garrido wins AirAsia Ph's Grand Storyteller Award I attended? I was just as lucky as him because I also won a roundtrip ticket Manila to Ghuangzhou, China! To be honest, I don't feel happy at all because the destinations I am eyeing is Taiwan or India. I really wanna see Taipei because it is visa free for us FIlipinos for now and Ladakh. You can click here my post about I WON A 6N7D BIKING TRIP TO LADAKH, INDIA (HOTEL + FOOD): LOOKING FOR TRAVEL BUDDY.

I don't have a Chinese visa and not looking to get one anytime soon. It says in the terms and conditions of this prize, it can be used by family and friends so I decided to exchange it for miles from any airlines so long that it is worth as a roundtrip Asian flight as well. Please tell your friends or you who is reading this now, you can email me at OR send me a Facebook message here. Take note that this flight can only be redeemed from January 1, 2018 until March 31, 2018.

For those who have questions, please see below these information listed in a few separate sheets including the flight award letter plus the terms & conditions:

Philippines AirAsia Complimentary Flight Award Letter:

You have been awarded one (1) complimentary return(s) on Philippines AirAsia flight to GUANGZHOU from MANILA. The recipient is bound by the terms and conditions that come with this letter. The acceptance of this complimentary flight award letter indicates the acknowledgment and agreement of such terms and conditions:

1. This complimentary flight award letter entitles the bearer to one (1) complimentary return seat(s) on the above stated destination in one booking.
2. This complimentary flight award letter is inclusive of all mandatory charges, including airport taxes, fuel surcharges, admin fees and 20 kg checked - in baggage per person only but is exclusive of Airport Terminal Fee, ASF and International Travel Tax when applicable.
3. The travel period is valid from January 1, 2018 until March 31, 2018 exept embargo period, long weekends, holy week, Christmas and New Year. The validity of the voucher will not be extended.
4. The prize is not re-sellable but may be utilized by your family and/or friends subject to the Terms and Conditions stated in this complimentary flight award letter.
5. In order to redeem this complimentary flight and make a booking, please contact the person in charge below 15 days prior to your desired departure date and quote the reference number at the top left of this page and the destination you have been awarded. The details of the contact person who will assist with your flight booking as follow:

a. Name: N****** S*****
b. Email address: n*******

6. Philippines AirAsia  reserves the right to alter any flight according to commercial and operational reasons. Please also refer to AirAsia's Terms and Conditions of Carriage in

* Subject to Availability

Terms and Conditions

1. This complimentary flight award letter is only valid for use on or before the date stated over page for the redemption of the awarded Philippines AirAsia flight by the bearer of the award letter.
Philippines AirAsia may require proof of identity of the holder but nothing herein obliges Philippines AirAsia under any circumstances to enquire, ascertain or investigate the identity of any person.
3. Each seat shall be for the sector(s) stated. Request to change sector will not be entertained.
4. Except stated herein, this voucher is not exchangeable for cash or any other benefits in kind.
This voucher can only be used once. Any seat(s) and/or sector not redeemed within the validity period of the voucher shall be deemed surrendered.
6. Philippines AirAsia is not responsible for and will not replace this voucher if lost, stolen or damaged.
7. All booking of seats are subject to availability but this voucher shall not be used to redeem seats on flights during long weekends, eve of public holidays and public holidays at any time. Itinerary will be sent a day prior to the flight.
8. Booking of seats are only accepted on delivery to Philippines AirAsia with the production of the original Complimentary Flight Award Letter and Philippines AirAsia's terms and Conditions of carriage available at
10. Philippines AirAsia entitled to change any sector(s) by written notification to the holder, who is deemed notified at the time of sent notification.
11. Philippines AirAsia reserves all right to amend any terms and conditions and details of this voucher (including the right to cancel this voucher) at any time.

I will be assisting this person all the way until the flight is booked in his/her name. I do hope to find one soon :) 

PS: I also have a KFC GC worth Php 3, 000. I can sell it for Php 2, 500 or Php 700 for every 1, 000 value. Let me know!

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