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SaladBar Ph Blog Review of a Freelancer Like Me

Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
salad bar philippines

One of my biggest challenges living independently here in Manila is how to live a healthier lifestyle. Eating a balanced diet including as much as greens and fruits in my meals every day is a hard feat. I admit I am way too guilty to just grab some canned goods, reheat then I am done. Sure, there are supermarkets but the price isn't practical for a traveling freelancer like me. Yes, the old - school markets are abundant selling fruits cheaper but the choices are so limited to apples, mangoes, bananas, grapes and papayas. Also, buying a bunch of these without anyone to share with is literally a waste. 

Last weekend, I had a chance to visit Salad BarPh, a chain of kiosks selling fresh fruits and veggies. Guess what, I think I have found the perfect place where I can regularly get my greens and "fruities" to help me achieve a healthier body!  I went to Zuellig building along Makati Avenue to check one of SaladBar Ph's branches. I was greeted with a big smile by this two ladies manning the booth. They were very charismatic and very attentive to my questions because at that time I don't know what to pick because they have so many options!

SaladBar Ph in Makati
Credit to SaladBar Ph website

History of SaladBar as per the brand's official website
"SaladBar started from the humble dreams of two high school friends who have decided to put up their own business after realizing the lack of healthy food choices in offices. Having worked in corporate offices themselves, they saw that more and more people are getting seriously ill each year because of unhealthy food choices and stress. The partners decided to put up a food cart where office workers can buy fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food options but with a twist. Usually, most people have the mindset that healthy food are not delicious. There are times that pre-packed salads and healthy meals include other ingredients that one does not like. With this, the partners decided to have the customers choose their own fruit, vegetable, and healthy choices that will suit their liking so that eating healthy food can also give pleasure to their palates."

salad bar in manila

SaladBar Ph knows how to really make stuff easier for us customers who are undecided in what to order. They have three options, please see below:

  • Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Platter (an assortment of delicious, fresh, best-of-the-season fruits and garden-fresh vegetables)
  • Fresh Fruit Platter (a delicious sliced assortment of best-of-the-season fruits. Choose your fruits and enjoy its freshness)
  • Fresh Vegetable Platter (an assortment of fresh, best-of-the-season, crisp vegetables cut into snack-size piece along)                                                                                                        

salad bar in makati

I chose of course the combination so that I would get the vitamins I so need for fruits and veggies. Here are the reasons why I like SaladBar Ph:

  • The fruits and veggies look so fresh and nicely cut. Their booth looks organized, uncluttered and clean which is for me the number one thing I look for in a restaurant or in a place where food is sold.
  • So many options! Aside from the ones I mentioned above, they have watermelon, cucumber, kiwi, mushroom, lychees, corn, tomato, white onion, marble potato, turnips, bell pepper, Romain lettuce, dragonfruit and more.
  • For those who cannot eat just fruits and veggies alone, there are other stuff to add in your bowl. They got slice of boiled egg, almond jelly and some bits of tuna.
  • They have 4 kinds of dressings that you can mix with your fruits and veggies: Caesar dressing, Honey Mustard, Thousand Island and Sesame Dressing. I tried the Sesame dressing, it did not dissapoint. The taste is between sour and salty that when blended with the fruits and veggies, it kind of fool my tongue that I am actually eating a a heavy type of meal.
  • For those who are on diet, there are two special dressings for you - vinegrette and cranberry.  For those who likes it extra sweet, they also got condensed milk.
  • For certified vegans, vegetarians and alike who can whip up a dish, you can request parmesan cheese, pure ground black pepper and salt as well. 

Salad Bar Ph has been selling the freshest fruits and veggies for the past 4 years. They are currently available in some of Makati's commercial buildings serving mostly corporate workers. I really like the fact that I can eat a bowl of 10 - 20 kinds of these in bits for a very affordable price. I mean, I can go to Divisoria and buy 20 kinds of the same fruits and veggies I ordered but the hassle of going there and like I said I am living alone, it will just rot after.

SaladBar Prices
It's all up to you. The minimum is Php 30 but if you want a bowl that's all filled up, it can cost you around Php 200. Mine is Php 210. You pick your own and have it weighed. In SaladBar, there's no such thing as fixed price - you only pay what you eat :)

Also, I have this notion that when I eat fruits and veggies alone, I feel that my stomach is still craving for rice and meat. With Salad Bar Ph's variety of dressing and of course the tuna bits, I can now start having a meal that's 90% made of these but still I feel so full like I ate a heavy dish. Next time, you're looking for a salad bar or craving for a salad buffet in Manila, I without second thought recommend SaladBar Ph!

salad restaurants in manila

Salad Bar is available in GT Tower, PBCom Tower, Robinson's Sumit, Zuellig Building and Glorietta. You can pay via cash, card or paypal

For more information about Salad Bar, please see below:
Facebook Fan Page:
Contact number: 09175193641

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