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7 Travel Accessories for Road Journey

Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

There's nothing quite like hitting the open road and taking a trip, is there? The excitement of preparing your gear, planning activities to keep everyone entertained while you are cooped up in a small space, and then starting your journey. It can be a bit of a challenge, though, knowing exactly what to pack, especially if you've never been on a road trip before. Luckily, we've got your back and we've put together a list of some of the best travel accessories for any road journey! Check them out below.

1. Lumbar Support Pillow

lumbar support pillow in manila
Credit: The Pillow
The worst part about a road trip is the back pain that often comes from sitting in one place for too long. Luckily, a handy tool like a lumbar pillow exists and is the perfect solution to the problem. It's the key to unlocking healthy posture and not only is it great for the car, but you can even take it on long plane or train journeys.

Don't worry, they are easy to pack and super lightweight! Just make sure that you buy one that has a removable cover so you can easily wash it as required.

2. Power Inverter
where to buy power inverter in manila
These days the cigarette lighter in your car really only serves one purpose... it's the adapter to providing you with power on the go. A power inverter is a great way to have two sockets ready when you are. Whether you have charging needs or even a household appliance you need to plug in (like a hair-dryer). If you buy the right one it will come with a USB port or two so you can charge your devices while having other things plugged in. You'd be surprised at how much power 140 watts packs!

3. A Cooler
Travelling on the road can get expensive, especially if you're pulling into lay-bys to hit a drive-thru for every meal. Packing a cooler will provide you with cold drinks whenever you like, healthy snacks, and more. No one can travel without thinking about the food. Of course, there are plenty of food items and snacks you can pack that don't need to be temperature maintained. The right cooler will keep your food just right for 12 hours. That should give you plenty of time to get to where you're going.

where to buy cooler in manila
Credit: Home Depot

4. Spotify Premium

spotify premium in manila
Credit: Spotify
At some point, your favorite radio station will fade to static and you will struggle to tune one in that everyone in the vehicle can agree on. Enter Spotify, go premium to avoid adverts altogether, not only can you create your own playlists, but it will create them for you based on your previous listens. It's a great way to let everyone in the car contribute ideas to the music that will be played for hours on end. You'll find pretty much every artist you can think of and in a lot of cases, their entire back catalogue, too. There's nothing better.

5.Comfortable Clothes
You don't need to get dressed up to sit in a car for hours on end, so dress accordingly. You should also have a jumper at hand in case you get chilly (when no one else is and everyone votes against turning the heat on). Consider having spare socks handy, too. Sometimes a quick change can make you feel as fresh as a shower (well, not really, but it's as close as you'll get).

You don't want to get too comfortable, though, because you will have to get out of the car. Whether it's when you reach your destination or stopping off for petrol or snack refills. Find the perfect balance of presentable and comfortable enough for lounging.

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6. Roadside Emergency Kit

where to buy roadside emergency kit in manila
Credit: Re/Max
You don't need to be a mechanic to keep some tools handy. If you're heading out on the road it's important that you have the tools necessary to make basic repairs, like changing a tire and having jumper cables in case of a breakdown. Even if your trip goes smoothly, you might get a chance to be someone else's Good Samaritan. You may also want to have spare fuses and bulbs should something go out. It's an easy repair that will keep you safe on the road as you travel.

Don't forget to check your spare tire while you are at it.

7. First Aid Kit

where to buy first aid kit in manila
You never know what can happen when you're on the road, so even on short road journeys, you should have a fully stocked first aid kit handy. If a first aid kit is something you already keep in your car make sure you regularly check to ensure it's stocked, especially before you head out on a long trip. Don't forget to pack things like paracetamol and any medications the family needs to take. That includes inhalers, allergy medications, cough medicine, and beyond. Prepare for every eventuality.

There are plenty of other accessories that are an absolute must for any road journey, but the ones listed above are vital to your comfort and happiness, so make sure to fill up. Check out the amazing deals and discount vouchers available from Frugaa before you head out and make any purchases on your travel accessories.

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