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Where to Eat Cebu's Famous Lechon in Manila - Porky Pit

lechon in manila - porky pit

From spending my solo birthday backpacking adventure many years ago to the most recent media trip with several international bloggers, Cebu will always be one of my most favorite Philippine destinations. I have to be honest, one of the reasons why I would like to go back to Cebu is because of its local food. There's something about their local cuisine in terms of unique taste that you'll start craving when you're back home. Lechon (roasted suckling pig) is one of Cebuano's food that I so love to eat while I was there. Sure, lechon is everywhere in the country but there's something about the lechon of Cebu that makes it stand out of the rest of other lechons in the Philippines.

The good news is, you can now eat the same lechon you ate in Cebu here in Manila. Porky Pit, a newly-opened lechon store in Manila is promising the same taste for a very affordable price. Owned by a Cebuano native, Porky Pit is a new brand by Diancia Trading Inc. that will serve the best - tasting lechon in Metro Manila. 

Here the 3 kinds of lechons you'll find in Porky Pit:

1. Lechon belly 
Price: Php 500 / 1 kilo || Php 330 / half kilo || All meat / Php 85

famous lechon in manila

Good for a big number of people.  This is the boneless cut of fatty meat from the belly of a pig - no doubt this is the best part to devour! Lechon belly is perfect to be served during occasions and gathering.

2. Lechon rice
Price: Php 99

lechon with rice in manila

This is for fellow Filipinos who want to eat the way they do at home: one cup of rice plus the viand which is the lechon.  There are three FREE choices of sauces you can choose: house sauce mayo, lechon salso and lechon vinegar.

The veggies on the photo are not included on the actual serving. I wish though, if they can. I am willing to pay a little more to eat more greenies. I think it would be great if they will add an option for that.

3. Lechonarma (with veggies)
Price: 75

shawarma with lechon - lechonarma porky pit

My top pick! I'm now a converted health buff (one bite at a time) so this one is for me because let's admit it, lechon isn't a dish you can eat all the time.  For those who are eating less white rice, this is it. The pita bread compliments the lechon plus it comes with some vegetable bits (cucumber, white onion, tomatoes & garlic) so you're in for a healthy start.

They say, the best lechon doesn't need a sauce but Porky Pit's house sauce mayo is one specific reason why you should buy the lechon to them. It has that sourness and sweetness kick that I love so much for some reasons! You guys, need to try it.

Where to find Porky Bits  
They will soon open at SM San Mateo and SM Novaliches so please watch out. There's a World Food Bazaar Festival going on til December 22nd at World Trade Center. They have a booth there so I recommend dropping by to their booth. 

Why choose Porky Bits
The lechons sold by Porky Bits have  no added preservatives. They use use purely raw ingredients such as their home-made sauces. They follow proper sanitation for food preparation and only hire well-trained personnels.  They also get their pork supplies from an accredited BFAD supplier.

If you're far from these SM branches, you can call 656-1161. They also deliver within Metro Manila for a minimum order of 4 kg. To get updated, you can like Porky Pit's official Facebook fan page here

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