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Savvy ways in which technology is shaping tourism

how technology shapes tourism

How is Technology Shaping Tourism?

Tourism is one of the most important sectors to the economy of any nation. It is beautiful when visitors flock your country to behold and enjoy its beautiful sceneries and the wonders the Creator bestowed upon it. In fact, tourism is the leading foreign exchange earner to many nations. For instance, in a county like Kenya, tourism is the leading foreign exchange earner, and so is to with any other developing nations. In the wake of information and communication technology, the industry can only get better as governments and private investors adopt technology as a leading platform for spearheading change, competitiveness, and relevance. Therefore, our experts at have compiled these insights on how tech is driving and transforming the tourism sector. This post will help you to know what is going on around the world so that you can know what to expect when travelling abroad to tour the world. Remain with us until the end.

Better Hotel Bookings and Reservations
Lodges and hotels are a pillar in this sensitive sector. One of the things that tourism depends on is where tourists will be hosted when they step into a given locality. Therefore, booking and reserving hotels is critical. With the penetration and adoption of technology, it is now becoming easier for tourists to book hotels. They no longer need to buy or carry big tour books to search for hotels and lodges in their destinations. They only need to search the Web and choose the best and most appropriate hotels and lodges to meet their accommodation needs. With technology, they can get all the details regarding those hotels, view their inside and environments, and even watch videos to see the how things go on inside the hotel. Besides, they can pay conveniently using online platforms without needing to go to the bank to effect payments.

Virtual Reality Sharpening the Craving
The advent of virtual reality has taken the industry to the next level. With this technology, tourists can get a 3D simulation of the locations they plan to visit. This way, potential visitors can sharpen their appetite to visit their destination as they anticipate the arrival of their traveling dates.

Better Marketing
With all the other efforts in place, the industry remains dead without effective marketing. One of the areas that technology is transforming is marketing with the online platform and mobile technology taking the center stage. Companies can now reach their current and potential customers using email marketing. Also, they have a social edge to remain in touch with them using the social media. For instance, they can sponsor content on social platforms to engage their customers, advertise the launch of new offers and products, and perform any other marketing function.

Better Payments
Without payments, there can be no tourism industry. Moreover, the efficiency of payment also matters since when tourists and travelers pay easily, it is advantageous for all the players in the sector. With the rise of online and mobile payments, it is now easier for tourists to pay. For instance, traditional payment companies such as Western Union have now gone online and are offering mobile wallet options. A point in case is its partnership with MPesa, a mobile payment platform in Kenya where tourists can pay directly into a mobile wallet. Such an arrangement makes it easy for smaller companies to access their payments since they don’t need to wait for long banking procedures when they can access their money instantly.

Mobile Apps
With the world getting mobile, tourism investors are also taking the same shape and following the trend. Using modern technology, firms in the industry can now reach their customers from anywhere using apps. Mobile apps allow users to do just anything from payments, to reviews, to bookings, and even reservations. Moreover, they are easy to use and allow users to enjoy greater convenience in their interactions with industry players. Also, apps are a clever way of marketing tour and travel companies since their presence on their smartphones reminds users of the companies at hand.

Better Recommendations and Feedback
With the rise of mobile technology, companies can now manage their feedback easily. Using online platforms, it is easy for them to receive and address customer feedback regarding their services. They can also use offline platforms like mobile phones where they send customers SMSs soliciting for feedback on the quality of service they received. This way, firms in this field can know how best to make corrections and adjustments to serve their customers better.
Also, technology is effective in helping potential users who are searching for recommendation to get it on time. They can check online platforms for reviews of what users are writing about a given company and make informed decisions before opting for its services. This kind of verification is critical since it helps users to make informed decisions that will give them value for their money. Also, it enables users to get a prior knowledge of what they will experience when they land at their destinations.

Better Communication
Communication is another area where technology is revolutionizing the tourism sector. Can you imagine those old days when the best you could do to get instant information was making a call? Moreover, you needed to be at a given place to call since very few households had telephones in their homes. But with the rise of mobile technology, it is easy to communicate while on the go. Moreover, you can do so offline or online.  With the social media becoming a tool for direct communication, companies and tourists can tweet anything they want and get instant responses. With better communication in place, the chances of misunderstanding are low since clarification is instant on both sides of the divide. Also, better communication means that it is easy for companies to conduct business faster since delays are eliminated where communication is instant.

With all this at your fingertips, you now know what to expect when you engage this industry.

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