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Looking for Massage Spa in Taytay Rizal? Come to NUYU Spa

Taytay, Rizal, Philippines

They say stress is the number one cause of so many ailments today. True enough because, we always forget to rest. I am one of those who really need a body relaxation every once in a while especially when tasks pile up from different clients.  That's why when an invite to feature a spa plus a night food park in Rizal province came, I did not think twice. Taytay has a special place in my heart because this is where my auntie lived.  I have been a regular visitor at her home in one of the private subdivisions in Taytay before she moved to Canada for good. Besides, I  don't mind commuting for such a short time of one hour from Makati to Taytay, it's no big deal to me. This post will feature NUYU Spa, a two-year old spa and salon in Taytay, Rizal. I will blog separately The Keatchen soon. 

nuyu spa rizal

I arrived in Taytay past two o'clock in the afternoon which was such a perfect time because there were no traffic and lesser crowd the in streets. It's such an ideal time to have a body massage - everything seems to be perfect. I and blogger friend, Erica of The Girl With The Muji Hat met in Starbucks inside SM Taytay then walked for 10 minutes and voila, we have reached the building where NUYU Spa is. To tell you frankly, the first thing I always take in consideration when availing the service of a business is how accessible its location. I am such a busy person - every second counts. Good thing, NUYU Spa Taytay never gave us a hard time to find it. I'm giving them actually 10 stars in terms of location. 

nuyu spa taytay rizal

NUYU Spa is located on the third floor that can only be reached by walking on the stairs so prepare to sweat out a bit which is good before having a massage. We were actually one hour late for our appointment so we were told by the staff that the ones who were reserved for us have already went out to do home service. They sounded quite a bit disappointed because of the sudden rise of their voice tone. I understood though since I admit it is our fault that we did not made it on time but then I reminded myself, if you're on duty and you're dealing with a customer - never ever give reason for them to feel uneasy. Anyway, I think all of us have our own share of bad days including them.

body massage spa in taytay rizal

We apologized a bit for our delayed arrival and explained we are the bloggers who are going to review the spa so that's when they toned down. The next thing I knew, we are  now inside the salon. I looked around the surrounding - it is nice and very orderly. I was trying to guess what kind of theme they follow if it is Thai or Bali thingy but I cannot really decipher. I know I had to ask the receptionist. That's when I realized they're not following any type or style - just a general kind of body massage and therapy business.  There's nothing wrong about this one though - what matters is the great service and the good impression you leave to the guests that are enough for them to come back. 

body massage in taytay rizal

The stars aligned perfectly the night before because we came without any guests so we had so much time to take photos of us. We had time to chat with the girls of NUYU Spa Rizal branch while we were waiting for the others to come. I forgot that uncomfortable feeling of what happened because they are actually very nice. They were very cooperative when we asked a bit of help for us to be able to take good photos. They were also very patient to answer our questions about the spa.

salon in taytay rizal


When the ladies arrived, we wasted no time to start our session. We were asked to have a shower first to cleanse our body. We made sure that our cameras are kept in our bags already so that we'll enjoy and savor the moment. We had a moisturizing body scrub that really made my skin so soft and the smell is so refreshing after. The lady who did my massage was so good, she's a pro. She was asking me from time to time whether the stroke of her hands are just right for my thin figure. There were moments we were laughing because I feel so ticklish when she needs to massage my belly and my boobs. She remained so patient and calm despite my "childlike behavior". 

spa in taytay rizal

After our body scrub followed by body massage, we were given given a hot cup of black rose tea which I super like because I felt warmer after going back to the (cold) shower for the second time to remove the applied ingredients from our body scrub. Here's the thing, they didn't have a warm shower. While the water isn't cold as ice, I think since this is a business  they should have an option for warm water too. The lady said they have a heater but that is going to take time unless the guest is ok with that arrangement.    


I couldn't ask for more actually. I am so ready to sleep tight after our body massage and spa but heck why will I say no to a manicure and pedicure session? I chose red because it is Christmas time. I so love it. They have two kinds of colors for the nails: the regular one is already included in the package you have to pay but if you choose the special, you have to add Php 100. I have gel manicure that time so it took more minutes for clean up but all went well after.

spa in taytay rizal


Having experienced luxury treatment of well-known spas in the Philippines:  Mandala Spa and Resort in Boracay, Chi the Spa in Shangrila Edsa (Mandaluyong) & Mactan (Cebu) and Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay I kind of know the standards of running a spa business. For NUYU Spa, they're doing good. Their market is the budget-savvy office workers living in Taytay and nearby towns of Rizal.  Overall, I would recommend NUYU Spa for locals of Taytay and the whole Rizal. The prices are very affordable, the services are good and the location is superb.  They are soon opening another branch in Quezon City, that's the one I am excited to visit as well. 

NUYU Spa Packages    
Regular body massage, foot spa with foot massage, regular nail polish  Php 550
Regular body massage, manicure, pedicure, foot spa with foot massage Php 600
Regular body massage, foot spa for 1 hour & 30 min Php 400
Hot Stone Massage 1 hour & 30 min Php 550
Regular body massage, foot, back and head massage for 2 hours Php 500
Moisturing body scrub with body massage for 1 hour & 30 min Php 800

Address: NUYU Spa 3/F ASPS bldg. East Acropolis Executive Garden, Taytay, Rizal
Contact numbers; 09499980173/09561641680

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