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Blog Review of Le Blanc Hotel and Resort in Antipolo, Rizal

Looking for a hotel in Antipolo, Rizal?  Le Blanc Hotel and Resort is the one and only I can recommend! Just a couple of hours from Metro Manila, Antipolo is one of the most known getaway for city dwellers who don't have the luxury of time to go to farther destinations. Le Blanc Hotel in Rizal province is not for backpackers but for those who can spend a bit more. That also means added comfort, a bit of elegance, good food and definitely, this is not a hotel for one only. You got to bring at least one more for you to stay here.

I had to wait for a blogging event that finished so late before I was able to commute straight to Le Blanc Hotel. I really feel sorry that I missed a few hours from the check-in time! It is already close to 7 pm when I arrived.  Checking in at Le Blanc Hotel and Resort Antipolo was a breeze. My backpack bag is heavy. I was emotionally and physically drained because I left Manila (particularly in LRT Tayuman) at 5pm which is a rush hour!


The next thing I knew is the security offered to bring my bag which was a relief and guided me to my hotel room. From the moment he opened the room, I knew this affordable hotel in Antipolo can take off all the worries I have for that night. The room is spacious even though there's an extra bed in between mine and a fellow blogger. The aircon was working right, the huge flat screen tv was there to comfort me by watching movies which I don't get to do when I am at home because of always prioritizing work.

You see, a staycation in a hotel every once in a while is really good to break the monotony of what we see and do at home. I am a freelancer which means I stay way, way more at home! Good thing, I travel from time to time so a change of scenery keeps me sane.

After resting for half an hour, I joined my fellow bloggers for a dinner feast. The whole group was really having a good time but me who's constantly checking my mobile phone waiting for a client to give me tasks had to go back ahead to the room. Le Blanc Hotel and Resort has a very stable wifi connection which is for me a very big deal in choosing an accommodation since I work online. If you are like me or someone who lives online - Le Blanc Hotel and Resort is the answer!

I woke up at around 7am, feeling refreshed. I went to the window to open the curtain hoping more sunlight gets in but I was shocked. Our room has a good view of the swimming pool and a piece of nature from a nearby backyard. Now, it is way harder for me to decide whether I eat my breakfast first or go swimming. Of course, the empty stomach won.

Ready for the breakfast, I went to their restaurant where they serve it buffet style. Who wouldn't want an unlimited serving of food in the morning? I could never complain. While I was eating, I noticed Le Blanc Hotel and Resort in Antipolo is a favorite place for those who want to have their special occasions such as weddings, debuts and business matters be done privately. Even the night before while I was checking in, I remember seeing people clad in formal gown attires and even this morning! I guess this is really the specialty of this this hotel.

hotels in antipolo rizal

Four types of rooms

- Single Deluxe (205 sqm): 1 full-sized bed, 2 persons and can add 1 kid
- Twin Deluxe (205 sqm): 2 twin-sized beds, 2 persons and can add 1 kid
- Junior Suite (405 sqm): 1 queen-sized bed, 2 persons and can add 2 kids
- Premier Suite (705 sqm): 1 king-sized bed, 1 day bed at the living area, 2-4 persons and can add 2 kids

For events details
- Function Room good for 30 pax. You can combine up to 2 rooms to accommodate up to 120 pax. Meals and set-up are included in the rate. 
- Skytent, Sky Garden or Resort good for 30 - 300 pax. If the word "lavish" is something you can afford, go for this one. Meals and set-up are included in the rate.


My stay in Le Blanc Hotel and Resort was quick and short. I don't have much to say but what I can assure you is that this hotel can make your dream occasion done seamlessly. Doing our own special events in our house is sometimes not a good idea because usually our home wasn't built for that reason that's why Le Blanc Hotel and Resort in Rizal is here to take care of that part. 

Also, we ate great-tasting food but what I love the most is the suman sa latik (a rice cake with coconut caramel sauce). When I tasted it, I remembered my mom and my grandma who can cook exactly the taste I want it to be. I mean, you can buy a suman anywhere but the amount of love poured to it is not always the same.

Address: 3 Taktak Rd, Antipolo, 1870 Rizal 
Contact numbers:  632 518 9303 / 63 917 504 7086

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