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A drone or quadcopter is a remote controlled unit which moves on land, water or air but the most common drones used these days are flying drones. Drones have become a part of many lives that some even take them along during trips. If you are going on a trip and want to purchase a drone, this list of outstanding drones for travel might help out.

There’s more to a drone than owing it; many have found flying a drone to be one of the most challenging and oddly satisfying things to do. If you have dreams of being equipped to own and fly your own drone, here are a few tips for you:

Drone Laws
Once you purchase a drone, you need to read up on the laws surrounding drones in your city, state and country. Different rules apply to different countries, cities, and areas and it would be easier to know and follow them to avoid legal complications.

Take a Look at the Manual
First of all, read the manual carefully. Since drones are created by different manufacturers, you need to read what yours says about the drone. The manual will help you figure out how to use the drone and keep safe while using it.

Keep the Drone’s Battery Charged
While some drones need to be powered with alkaline batteries, most of them have rechargeable batteries which a user needs to keep fully charged at all times. It is advisable that a user follows the manual instructions on how to charge the quadcopter’s battery, keep a spare battery within reach and avoid using other types of batteries. 

Before you take flight, find the most open, treeless, and obstruction free area to fly and land your drone. As a beginner, you need a space where you see your drone clearly and fly without fear of bumping into something. A backyard, park or sports field would work best.

Practice Frequently
During the first few weeks/months of flying a drone, a beginner will most likely focus on his drone in the air and pay no mind to the ground around him. Eventually, you will get used to keeping an eye on both the skies and the ground – as long as you practice daily, that is. 

Manual Mode
No matter how badly you want to put the quadcopter in manual mode and fly, you have to wait till you are a more experienced flier. When in manual mode, the drone might fly unstably which could cause it to crash. So sticking to a mode that won’t result in a crash would work best. 

GPS Mode
GPS mode helps in capturing photos and videos while identifying the copter’s location on a map. If you purchase a GPS-equipped drone, you can use it whenever you need to take a rest from controlling it.

Get familiar with using simple controls before moving onto more serious stuff. In other words, learn to fully control the unit using the left, right, up and down keys.

Prepare For a Crash
A crash may happen whether you are a beginner or not, so you need to prepare yourself for that outcome. The impact of the crash depends on how you handle the drone before it lands – you can divert the drone from obstacles and cut the throttle immediately it touches the ground.

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