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When was the last time you met with friends? Did you enjoy it? Would you wish for that moment over and over again?

Reuniting with old friends and small get-together parties can be so much fun but could go wrong at times. The latter is more like a day out with close friends, colleagues at work, or neighbors. Some people avoid the former due to certain embarrassing moments from the past which they find hard to get over. Some would stay away because they feel ashamed of their little achievements since parting.

Also, there are those who would come to steal the show with every bit of them. Their outfits and every step they take as they arrive at the venue would steal everyone's attention. This last group and the host would be our focal point; why should we care about those who ditched the party in the first place.

Every party has one or two show stealers who most people do not get to like. Why? Their hyperactivity diverts attention from your subtle style. If it were a pool party, they would sport the gorgeous swimwear, how about a karaoke party, they'd sing the best.

If you got an invite, lucky you and if you are the host, you are luckier! You get to decide whether your peeps enjoy the party or not. Well, if you wish to create an event that leaves a lasting memory like a hot chocolate, you're on the right page. Below are essential determinants of the success of your fun party.

Good or Bad Relationship
This is a very salient factor to consider before the questions of ‘Who do I call?', ‘Do I offer snacks or a three-course meal?' and the likes. Your first worries should be ‘Is it worth it?' or ‘Would they like the idea of the get-together?' Nobody wants to host a disjointed party; every single person must feel the connection.

What’s the Theme?
This should be stated in the invite or else you'd have your friend embarrassed because he is dressed like a middle school teacher for a dinner party. The theme suggests the order of program as well; the invitees know what to expect.

Pay the DJ 
Ensure you make a good deal with your DJ so that your guests won't fall off their seats while sleeping. 

Fun and Games are of High Importance 
On this, trust us you have a boundless ocean of ideas from which you can pick. If you don't want to do the usual T or D, you could have your friends show their talents in their special way. 

Invite the Life of the Party 
You wouldn't want to forget to email the invite to those people who are over-the-top characters. They rock every party regardless of the theme. You would have a boring party without them.

Having an event that brings everyone together is the best thing you can do for your buddies. The shared experience in a short while can last for years.

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