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Introducing RedDoorz, a booking app strictly for cheap hotels only

RD Premium hotel room near UST Hospital (Room)

I'm a certified backpacker inside and out. I will do everything to stretch my money while traveling. Booking a hotel eats a big chunk of my money during trips that's why I always make sure I am updated with what's the latest in the travel industry for me to be able to save more. This means I can travel longer! 

One of the travel hacks I always do is discovering the latest booking apps in the market that can give me huge deals whether it is on flight or accommodation. Speaking of, last week I had the chance to learn about this booking platform that caters to budget hotels only. Let's admit it, whenever we would search for a hotel to stay we already know the budget that we're ready to spend. The leading site always gives us the "whole world" but who cares if you are on a tight budget? 

I would rather be given 10-15 choices of cheap hotels that fit my budget than get a never-ending list. Just browsing down these hotels that you can't afford as of the moment is just a waste of time. Well, good news! RedDoorz is the answer for you guys! It's a platform and an app at the same that guarantees your time is well spent. You only need to choose the hotel that is worth your money.  

RedDoorz Philippines
RedDoorz Philippines team with CEO Amit Saberwal

Introduction to RedDoorz 
RedDoorz is one of the leading online budget hotels booking platform in Southeast Asia. It is currently operating in Indonesia and Singapore. The Philippines is its third market tapping budget hospitality and travel sector in the 7,000-island archipelago country by making an investment of more than US$5 million where it projects to grow its footprint to 100 properties across the Philippines over the next 12 months.

During the media launching, we have met Amit Saberwal - Founder and CEO of RedDoorz. He said “Our expansion into the Philippines came as a natural progression for RedDoorz, where like our first market in Indonesia showed many similarities and thus the potential for a vibrant domestic travel and hospitality industry. RedDoorz’s business is one based on cities, not countries, where with our city-to-city approach has resulted in growing to over 500 properties, processing more than 1 million room nights and consistently delivering occupancies of more than 80 percent across 16 Indonesian cities, Singapore and now, the Philippines.”

“The Philippines ranks second as the fastest growing internet economy in the world, right after Indonesia – with an internet penetration of 63 percent (67 million users) of approximately 105.7 million Filipinos. Whilst we continue to grow our footprints in Indonesia, we also closely monitored and surveyed the Filipino market. Following our fresh funding earlier this year, we realized that the Philippines held a strong demand for hotel rooms not only for tourists but also for business travelers. We felt that it was time for us to make the conclusive move to start expanding here – especially seeing how boisterous the budget hospitality sector has been in recent years,” he added.

Cafe 1771 Ortigas
Cafe 1771 Ortigas 

Why prioritize The Philippines to invest in?
Our country is second to Indonesia as the world’s fastest growing internet market with the potential to grow by 11 percent in CAGR to 93 million internet users by 2020. This also meant a vibrant outlook for the online travel market in the Philippines, specifically for online hotels and airlines, which is expected to grow approximately five times from US$1.1 billion in 2015 to US$4.6 billion by 2025. In a 2018 report by WeAreSocial showing digital usage in the Philippines, it revealed that the Philippines not only has 67 million Internet users, but all of whom are also active on social media – of which more than 60 million were either unique mobile users or active mobile social users.

RedDoorz startup booking app
RedDoorz App

How to use RedDoorz app?
It's super simple. The RedDoorz app does not need extensive training just to use it. If you know how to use Facebook app or other hotel booking sites, RedDoorz is just like that.
What's next, RedDoorz?
RedDoorz will also be introducing a new category of properties. Adding on to its existing two categories, RedDoorz and RedDoorz Plus, the new RedDoorz Premium, launched in June 2018, are properties that are designed for the budget business traveler – not only strategically located close to business districts but have more amenities than the other two existing categories on the RedDoorz platform.

Remember the Garv's Hotel in Mandaluyong I reviewed? It is available via RedDoorz app. I will be going to Bohol next month, I will be using this app for sure!  

To keep updated about RedDoorz, please check these information below:
Facebook fan page Philippines:
Contact number: (02) 626 3737

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