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amba Taipei Ximending Hotel Blog Review

amba Taipei Ximending is the fourth and last hotel in Taiwan we stayed before we go back to the Philippines. We spent two memorable nights here while enjoying the sights and sounds of Taiwan's capital. There's no doubt, we made the right decision and that's we saved the best for last! Also, amba Taipei Ximending's location is just a few walks away from Taipei train station which we are very thankful because on our first day we're going to take a whole day tour. We wanted a place that's strategically located in the heart of Taipei - we were right all along! 

amba taipei ximending review taiwan

Checking In

At first, we were having second thoughts if the taxi driver brought us to the right hotel because we were dropped off in a posh, futuristic-looking building. The ground floor is home to a few shopping stores but a big signboard says amba Taipei Ximending. We approached the guard - we were told we are in the right place but we have to take the elevator to the 5fth floor where the reception area is.

To be honest of all the hotels we stayed all throughout our one week of stay in Taiwan, amba Taipei Ximending has the best English-speaker staffs! They are also very attentive and courteous. If you have a question or a request they make sure you have the soonest answer or will do everything they can.

amba taipei ximending agoda

We were greeted by their super friendly receptionist who asked our booking confirmation and a copy of our passports. While the girl is busy doing her thing, we looked around and amazed at how amba Ximending Taipei looks chic with a vintage touch as well. It was the first time we had a glimpse of amba Ximending Taipei's resident restaurant - Chiba (chi means to eat).  The glittery and golden lamps in front plus those antique-looking wooden boxes really made my heart warm since I am an old soul. I saw, books, paintings and some work of arts. I love to collect stuff and seeing a place that I share the same kind of passion is just so awesome!

Aside from chiba, amba Ximending Hotel in Taipei has two other restaurants which I wasn't able to check out: tingba (a retro chic music lounge) and tianba (a bakery with an alfresco courtyard. That's the thing when a hotel has lots of reasons to stay inside, it is harder to go out which is the main reason why you travel to another destination right? 

where to eat in taipei taiwan



The room 

What's a hotel review without a special mention of the room? The room given to us was not the grandest that amba Ximending Taipei hotel can offer however we have everything we need. The aircon is working fine. The bed and pillows are so soft - I don't want to go out anymore. The wifi is very stable that I almost forgot I am on vacation. Oh, it is also my first time to see a bathroom "cut in half".   The one with the toilet bowl and the one with shower is separated by a wall. There were two kitchen sinks as well. Basically, this room was designed for partners, couples and friends that are booking in two. Nice!

There's a handwritten note for each of us we found on the table. We also received a complimentary pair of slippers, soda drinks & bottled water and a few packs of something to munch! amba Ximending Taipei hotel has leveled up in terms of providing "real flip flops" that we can definitely bring home and use it after. I mean, fluffy hotel slippers provide  a  heavenly feeling when walking inside the hotel after a grueling day of tour for the feet's well being but in terms of reusability, it is not always the right choice. 

 Also, for the first time as well the toothpaste provided is the real Colgate brand. For those who have stayed in a lot of hotels, usually it is always the copycat of this leading toothpaste brand. Even the use of furniture - the sizes and design are just enough to make the overall look hip and classy.  

amba taipei ximending review

The room is not too huge like the one we booked in Hotel Seven Taichung where I can do a few cartwheels or do some basic yoga poses without disturbing my roommate but the position of the amenities inside are very strategic in terms of using the limited space. We have everything we need.  I would understand because amba Ximending hotel is located right in the heart of a megacity Taipei! 

amba taipei ximending hotel

hotel in taipei

amba taipei ximending

amba hotel ximending taipei

amba ximending taipei hotel review

amba Ximending Hotel in Taipei offers dry cleaning and laundry service and FREE self - service laundry! This is the one I regret not availing, because we were out most of the day and would go home late night, I wasn't able to wash my dirty clothes. It's fine though because I was able to spend every second of my Taiwan trip all in the name of adventure!

Again, the location of amba Ximending Hotel in Taipei is a big win for those who want to be in the city center. Located within the Pedestrian Area in Western Taipei, this hotel is part of the fashionable Eslite shopping complex on Wuchang Street, a five-minute walk to Ximen Metro Station. It is the perfect base for exploring trendy Ximending and fun Taipei, with easy access to Red House Theater, Taipei 101, Shilin, Beitou, and more.

amba hotel ximending review

amba Taipei Ximending has a total of 160 rooms. Its check-in time is 3 pm. If Ximending area is too far for you, it has other branches in Taipei: Songshan and Zhongshan. To view the complete list of room types of amba Taipei Ximending Hotel, please click HERE

Address: 77 Section 2 Wuchang Street Taipei 10843 Taiwan
Facebook fan page:
Contact number: +886 2 2375 5111

Disclaimer: My stay is sponsored but my review is totally from my own experience. I intentionally not edited the photos to not to sugarcoat things that should not be. Apologies for the simple photos and fewer words to share. We were out most of the time but for sure if we find ourselves in Taipei again - we'll certainly book here.

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