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The Smoking Joints Blog Review

smoking joints restaurant makati blog review

Looking for a restaurant in Makati serving smoked ribs, brisket and pulled pork meats? Last night we braved the rain and traffic to see Smoking Joints in Green Sun hotel. Our reservation was at 10 pm which was just in time for us to chill out before we sleep. We have previously drunk some wine at home making our feel full so we didn't order a lot. We super love our dinner with Holy Smokes BBQ in Poblacion that's why we decided to find another American restaurant in Makati. We have to admit that our expectations are higher this time. 


What we ordered: Smoked salmon served with coleslaw and dill sauce (Php 480, San Miguel Super Dry (Php 90) and Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc (Php 220)

Smoking Joints Atmosphere and Restaurant's Overall Look
It's so hard to judge because we visited night time already. Smoking Joints is a two-story restaurant that's fully airconditioned. This means the food is maintained generally fresh however I am a tropical girl all my life so I was looking for outdoor seating. After asking the staff, my heart jumped with joy upon knowing there's an open-air spot on the second floor. We went there and spent the rest of our time here. It's a smaller space that can only accommodate 3 tables. I am guessing up to a total of 20 persons only. The chairs are wooden with tall legs. 

smoking joints magallanes makati

Our Verdict
Smoked salmon's serving is fairly huge compared to other restaurants we have been. The salmon tasted a bit dry but I think it's because this is a smoked kind of food. I don't eat salmon all the time but I know whenever I eat this kind of fish, it should be a bit mushy. We love the few pieces of bread that came with it though. 

The coleslaw was a huge failure for us. It was served in a very small amount made from very basic ingredients. We were so disappointed. If this coleslaw was ordered from a carinderia or sari-sari store, we won't complain but hey this is from Smoking Joints restaurant. Maybe, they can add more mayonnaise, blue cheese, sour cream, onions 

I loved the wine he ordered from me and he seemed to like the super dry beer. He's a light beer fan, I didn't know why he chose a different type of beer this night. We normally spend 2 hours in a restaurant - chatting, savoring our food and enjoying the moment but here we only spent an hour then decided to go home. Maybe because it's late night already - we're tired and sleepy.

the smoking joints green sun hotel review

The Smoking Joints Restaurant in Magallanes History
According to the menu handed to us, this restaurant was conceived by Chef Dino Dizon. He wanted a southern-style American BBQ hotspot in Makati. With a culinary arts degree fro m California, he wanted to share his love for all grilled meat. He lived in Davao for a while where a lot of small-time grilling restaurants and stalls can be found. What he learned from Davao was quintessential to his own version of southern-style smoking he adopted from USA.

For smoking, they use wood from guava, santol, mangosteen, durian instead of mesquite or hickory. It is all about favoring local resources at their own disposal. Chef Dino said that you don't need expensive equipment to throw the best barbeque party - it is only a matter of finding what's the best option.

The questions is, are we going to dine here again and order the same meal we just ate? We'll surely come back for sure but if they don't change the way that it is cooked, we'll just choose another dish from Smoking Joints menu.


The Smoking Joints Makati Menu



beef brisket in makati

More details to help you decide whether The Smoking Joints in Green Sun Hotel is worth it
Wifi - FREE one hour courtesy of a third party Internet provider
Parking - We didn't paid for the one hour of parking our motorcycle down the basement of the hotel
Dress code - We didn't ask but my boyfriend came wearing shorts and T-shirt so I think they're not super strict about it
Food menu - It was a few pages of lots of dishes to choose from. We wish though it has photos for more visual effects.
Price - Reasonable enough
Staff service - They were very attentive and very courteous
Indoor / Outdoor seating - They have both

We paid for our meal 50%off via a food reservation app. This is NOT sponsored and I DO NOT call myself a food blogger. I DO NOT WANT to sugarcoat anything of my experience dining in this restaurant because I want this as honest as how it should be. I  DID NOT edited the photos and I intentionally NOT TO DO IT for the 'gram! We went there for the sole purpose of enjoying a night of dining SO PLEASE BEAR THE SIMPLICITY OF THE PHOTOS AND THE WORDS. We are open for any response/explaination from the The Smoking Joints management too to make this review fair and square. We're not chefs - we also invite foodies to share what is the right taste of a smoked salmon. Please leave your comments below :) 

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For more information about The Smoking Joints Restaurant, check these details below:
Facebook Face Page:
Address: 2285 Green Sun Hotel, Chino Roces Ave Extension, Makati

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