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Looking for a cheap hotel in Taichung, Taiwan? Check out P & F Hotel, one of the three hotels we super recommend. This is the one where we spent the shortest of time. We literally just slept here because of two reasons: first, we checked in late at around 9 pm coming from Chiayi and second we had to check out at 8 am the following morning to catch  for the van carrying us to our scheduled whole day tour. Nevertheless, we loved our stay at P & F Hotel because of its great location (Central District & Yizhong Night Market) and convenience.    

P & F Hotel do not have a fancy signboard in front that it reminds me of a speakeasy bar. You won't know it is actually a hotel until you go inside! The main entrance is an ordinary yellow-colored door beside a huge-ass selection of vintage telephones. At one glance, I was thinking this is some sort of a boutique store selling antiques of all kinds! 

p & f hotel taiwan review

P & F Hotel in Taiwan is like your nerd classmate back in high school who chooses to sit at the last chair near the very back of the classroom wearing thick eyeglasses to get the least attention from anyone else! P & F Hotel in Taichung is not grand in terms of space but it is nice enough to make you feel at home. I can also compare P & F Hotel in Taiwan as your grandparent's house - it is packed with old stuff like an old Vespa looking motorcycle,  typewriter, box type TV and walls are covered with reproduced paintings of yesteryears. 

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Just a few steps from the main door, there's a receiving area where we checked in. It's already part of the dining area of P & F Hotel already. Technically, this hotel do not have a resident restaurant but the good news is they do offer a free breakfast. Upon checking in, we were asked what type of breakfast (please refer to the Ipad screen showing photo of the two options) we want for them to be able to prepare in the morning: Western or Taiwanese.  We choose the latter because it is not every day we get to eat a Taiwanese dish in our home country unlike Western dishes that are served everywhere.  


The huge difference of P & F Hotel from the other two hotels in Taiwan we stayed  which are Liyaou Hotel and Hotel Seven  is that most rooms have no wide windows made of glass that can be opened for the sunlight to come in or let the fresh air come in. Even on daylight, I am guessing the lights should be turned on however the whole place is generally run is typically cold with the help of air conditioning units.

p & f hotel central district taichung

There's an elevator that can hold 3-4 persons I believe that we used to reach the floor where our room is. There's also a winding staircase but coming from a short trip and carrying our heavy bags, all we want is to give our bodies a break as fast as we can by taking a shower and sleep so we chose to take the lift. 

Our room is not the most desirable of all the hotels in Taiwan we booked but we have all the comfort we need. What stood out the most to me aside from the bed are the super soft couch,  flat-screen TV,  bathtub and a wooden box used by ten - wheeler trucks to move things as a decoration. For at least an hour I spent checking my social media accounts sitting on the couch without being bothered by the TV screen. The bathtub is too tempting but I am too sleepy already. I want to tick off my dream shot of soaking myself in a bath tub complete with flowers and bubbles while I pose half naked (of course private parts hidden from the camera) like those gorgeous ladies on Instagram. Sadly, there's no window or a nice view outside so I am yet to find that perfect hotel to do it.

p & f hotel tripadvisor



P & F Hotel provides free bicycle and scooter rental to its guest which we super regret of not being able to try because we need to leave soon. The nearby attractions that can be explored from this hotel are Taichung Railway Station, Miyahara Ophtalmology, Green River Waterfront Corridor, Taichung Park, Taichung City Hall, Taichung Criminal Institute, Yizhong Street Night and Taichung Literate Museum.

Will I book a night in P & F Hotel the next time I visit Taiwan? Definitely, yes! It's a perfect hotel for those who are budget conscious, practical and not looking for luxury. Privacy and peace (not much noise) are guaranteed. WiFi is such a big deal to me since I work online. Here, you don't need to find a cafe or go to the nearest coworking space to get your work done because it is very stable.

To learn about the room types, rates and more information you can click HERE the website of P & F Hotel.  Also, just posted another hotel review: please click HERE AMBA TAIPEI XIMENDING HOTEL BLOG REVIEW. 

Address: No. 101, Shifu Road, Central District, Taichung City
Facebook fan page:
Contact number: 4-2229-6200

Disclaimer: My stay is sponsored but my review is totally from my own experience. I intentionally not edited the photos to not to sugarcoat things that should not be. Apologies for the simple photos and fewer words to share. We wish we stayed longer to get to know this hotel more.

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