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Where To Get The Best Pampering and Wellness Packages in Melbourne

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Melbourne is a bustling metropolitan that is home to Australia's countless musicals, literature and art shows. It's a city that never sleeps. You will not ran out of what to do, only time. Should you find yourself overwhelmed of going here and there, then it is just right to chill out. Do give your body a break by booking some of the best packages of day spas in Melbourne.  

Melbourne is enormous and it can intimidate every traveler who don't know a thing in this city.  Don't worry, we're here to help. Here is a list of wellness and relaxation packages you can have while in Melbourne:

1. Two - hour body massage at Maribyrnong

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An hour of relaxation can give you just enough. If you are on vacation, you have the money to splurge so why not make it double?
You have two options: Chinese traditional massage or signature oil massage with hot stones. The Chinese traditional massage needs no further explanation. It is known as one of the world’s effective method of healing our physique. It follows the principle of balancing the yin and yang energies responsible for our overall wellbeing. Renewed energy, better sleep and and better cardiovascular health are just some of the benefits of this practice. 

Hot stone therapy is the process of putting warm basalt stones on top of the spine, in the palms of the hands, along your legs and between toes. These stones relax your muscles and allowing deeper pressure to be applied. It helps to aid pain relief, improves blood circulation and promotes longer sleep.

2. Facial pamper package at Crescent Beauty Salon 

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Our face is our ultimate representation of ourselves. Getting a facial spa cleanses the skin, shrinks pores, moisturizes and reduce blemishes.  This is not all about the pursuit of pleasing others of how you look but ultimately, the goal is to look younger and fresher. Stress shows up the most on our face. We want to look the best while we are on vacation. Most of the time traveling light is the way to go. Bringing the complete haul of beauty kit at home is utterly inconvenient. Going to the spa that can take care of everything will never be a bad idea.

Highly recommended is the signature seaweed facial. It is suitable for all skin types. A detoxifying facial massage that uses seaweed and algae,  it helps repair cellular damage, fight free radicals, and refine pores. Regardless of the health benefits, the act of someone massaging your face using his/her fingers gently, is a form of relaxation already.

3. Deep-foot spa at Brunswick

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If there's one part of our body that we literally wear out on a daily basis, it is our feet because of constantly walking. The fact that it absorbs our body weight and regularly deals with the earth's gravity, our feet need also extra tender loving care. Foot spa is one of the most ignored pampering method of all the human body parts.   Massaging our feet hel blood circulation, stress management and boosting  immune system.

Regular foot detoxification cleanses the liver & kidney, lessens acidity & indigestion, helps regulate our body's pH balance and aids in clearing acne & wrinkles.

4. Brazilian wax and underarm wax at Cattleya Beauty and Spa

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Single, ready to mingle and ready to squeeze in some romance while traveling?  You may find a puppy love, a booty call or a love to last - who knows? A toned body can turn any man on - how much more  when the underarms and private part  are "well - polished"? 

Whether you're looking forward to have a sexy night or just for the heck of doing it, waxing unwanted hair on our body makes us feel good. This type of package also involves a bit of pain from the heat and the process of removing the hair while you lay bare. If you're too shy to show off the most private part of your body, this may not work for you.

Your choices aren't only limited to typical spas you'll see in the corner of the streets. You can have someone do your chosen wellness package right at the comforts of your hotel room or even by the beach while you even out your tan lines. The good news is you don't have to pay the whole price!   Groupon, a  known site for daily deals site offer discounted packages.  A 90-minute pamper package that regularly costs USD 169 is currently sold at USD 49. That's a whopping 71% off! Click HERE to view Melbourne's list of day spas to choose from.


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