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10 Cute Wedding Photo Ideas

Planning your wedding is a challenging and involving process. It is very easy to get lost in the details because you want to ensure that everything the day is perfect. Unfortunately, this tunnel vision might make you overlook some important elements such as the photography for your special day. While every details are important, it is important to remember that the only way you will capture these precious memories is by having the best photos of your wedding day.

Your wedding is all about you and your partner. Therefore, the best thing that a photographer can do for you is to capture everything that represents you and your significant other as a couple. The photographer needs to step away from the conventional wedding photo shots and aim at capturing every single emotion and special moment with very cute and unique photos. While the photographer will give you most of the ideas for your shoot, it is vital that you have some input too. This will help them prepare for the type of shots that you want to capture your special day.

Here are some fun photo ideas that can help to make your wedding day special and more memorable:

1. Make Use of Props
Props always liven up a photo shoot and bring in an element of surprise. You can have your photographer bring in some props that can add the wow factor to your wedding photographs. Ensure that you inquire on whether your photographer can provide this so that you don’t feel shortchanged on the D-day. Using versatile professionals such as Toowoomba Photographers could be the key to ensuring that your photos encompass your wedding day just as you want them to.

2. Get Goofy with Your Bridal Party
Don't be afraid to get goofy with your bridal party before, during and after the ceremony. However, keep in mind that you can't fake it as this will not create the effect that you want them to. You want the pictures to look fun and natural, instead stiff or stilted. Brief your bridal party about what you and the photographer have planned and ensure that everyone is agreeable.

3. Get Jiggy with the PDA
A wedding photo session is not complete without some public display of attention between you and your partner. Think outside the box and make it fun and sweet as it will constitute of one of the prime slots of your wedding photo archives.

4. Pull Them Apart
You’ve probably spotted this idea on several wedding pictures already. This is a classic photo op, showing the bridal party trying to pull the bride and groom apart. It is the perfect shot to show your fun side. Remember, all your shots do not have to be picture-perfect. Have some fun and add some dynamic moments to your special day.

5. Fake Bridezilla Meltdown
Every bride ends up having a classic “bridezilla” meltdown at some point during the wedding planning process. Why not poke some fun at it the stereotype and make a great photo out of it. Trust me, you will definitely want to see this photo in your album some time in the future.

6. Bring in the Kids
The bride always wants to steal the show. After all, it’s her big day! However, bringing the kids into the photo session is a surefire way of make your photos cute, vibrant, and a little cheeky. It also adds a fairytale element to your photo story.

7. Balloon/ Confetti Drop
Think outside the box and incorporate a balloon or confetti drop as you walk into your first dance at the reception or evening party. This will provide a great backdrop and make the typical first-dance photo even more special.

8. Getting Ready
You can ask your photographer to start the photo sessions at your preparation suites. Ensure that he or she gets shots of your bridal party helping to get you and your partner ready.

9. Your First Kiss
Make sure that your photographer captures your first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. This action culminates the beginning of the rest of your life.

10. Use Your Hands As Props
Come together with your bridal team and come up with some funky signs you can do with your hands and fingers. Think of spelling out the world Love somewhere where the sun seeping in can give you a great backdrop.

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