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4 Tips to Choosing a Great Italian Restaurant in Edgeware

If you love Italian cuisine, you must go to an Italian restaurant while in Edgeware at least once in a month. This is because it’s the only place that you can find top Italian food in Edgeware. Locating such a restaurant can be a daunting task considering that foreign food joints don’t run ads on mainstream media such as TV, radio and the internet. On the other hand, the experience that you get when you visit a restaurant is often determined by the criteria you used in selecting the establishment. If you were guided by price, you may enjoy a delicious meal that will leave you licking your fingers but then get horrible customer service. Regardless of how hungry you are, there are certain factors that you must consider as explained below.

1. Excellent Customer Service

This one is a no-brainer. When choosing a restaurant, you should opt for the one where the waiters are always ready to take your order and bring the food right away because they value your time. There are some restaurants where the waiters and waitresses have a habit of milling around in one place to chat among themselves and forget that there are customers that need to be served. Such waiters will not even notice you when you pull a chair. To avoid such disappointments, you should check online reviews just to see how other patrons rated the restaurant’s customer service. And if they have a pathetic rating, you should keep searching until you find one that’s top rated. After all, there are many Italian food joints in Edgeware so you won’t be short of options.

2. Strategic Location

If you select a restaurant that’s far from where you stay, you might have to beat heavy traffic while trying to get there. In fact, you should consider going to the nearest facility because you can even walk instead of having to use the gas in your vehicle. In case there are no such restaurants in your neighborhood, you should select the one that’s easily accessible. An ideal restaurant would be one that’s not far from tarmac, has a spacious, secure parking yard reserved for patrons and is in a safe neighborhood. Going to a restaurant that is in some strange backstreet or neighborhood is risky because you never know what might happen when darkness falls.  For your own safety, you should ensure that the entrance and the exit of the facility is well lit and clear to avoid falling prey to muggers and thieves.

3. Tranquility and Wide Selection of Dishes

The tranquility of a restaurant can’t be similar to that of a bar. A restaurant is where you go when your stomach is rumbling and come out when you are full. It should not therefore play loud and deafening music. If anything, the music has to be cool and relaxing. And that’s not all. The interior décor has to be welcoming. An ideal restaurant should have elegantly designed furniture that’s complemented by brightly colored interior décor. The windows should be large enough to allow fresh air to circulate. In addition to that, the tables and chairs should be arranged in a manner that allows people to move around freely without being clumsy or having to rub shoulders with other patrons. Moreover, you should check their menu to find whether they have a wide selection of wines and food. This is because you want to dine and wine in the same restaurant.

4. Good Value for Money

There is no point of going to an Italian restaurant that offers ordinary meals that are not different from what you can buy from the roadside makeshift joints. Since you are paying a premium price, you should not compromise on quality of the food. For a start, you should only eat food that is fresh and not some food that has been lying in the freezer for decades. In fact, you should opt for an establishment that’s frequented by many people. The advantage of eating in such a restaurant is that their food is usually totally sold out, meaning they source for fresh supplies everyday.

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