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Comprehensive Guide to Taiwan's Tourist Spots

tourist spots in taiwan

We hear you! Taiwan has so much more to offer.  You'll only lose time when you are in Taiwan. The fun, excitement and thrill never end! If you're on your way to Taiwan or planning a trip there, below is a full list of where to go in Taiwan. Of course, the most touristy Jiufen, Shifen and Yehliu Park are still part of our recommendation. In fact, we put these on top of our list because they say you haven't been to Taiwan if you have no photos here.

  • Jiufen and Northeast Coast The northeast Coast welcomes visitors into a land of stunning rock formations, boundless blue seas and the lively and nostalgic atmosphere at the hillside town of Jiufen
  • Keelung Harbor, Yehliu and North Coast Heading out from downtown Keelung along the North Coast this tour stops at Yehliu Scenic Area - a geological wonder richly endowed by the beauty of nature's uncanny workmanship
  • Northeast Gold Coast The Northeast Gold Coast is a scenic jewel of blue sky, white clouds and stunningly beautiful marine abrasion landscapes
  • Northeast Coast, Jinguashi and Jiufen After taking in the rock formations of the Northeast Coast, it's time to head to the legendary gold mining town of Jinguashi. The next stop is Jiufen to enjoy the hillside town's famous cuisine and lakd back atmosphere.
  • North Coast and Yehliu including Juming Museum Over thousands of years, the waves and wind-blown sand have carved Yehliu into a wonderland of beautiful geological formations that bring to mind the masterpieces of Taiwanese sculptor Ju Ming.
  • Yangmingshan National Park and Hot Springs Known as the backyard of Taipei, Yangmingshan is a stunning escape with expanses of floral blooms and volcanic sulfur hot springs
  • Jinshan Hot Spring The northern taiwan district of Jinshan welcomes visitors with the natural beauty of the Twin Candlestick Islets and Shitou Mountain. Jinbaoli Old Street and yesteryear hot spring areas further make this are an excellent choice for a nostalgic tour to the past.  
  • Wulai Aboriginal Culture One of Taiwan's classic forest recreation areas, Wulai welcomes visitors with scenic waterfalls, hot springs with natural mineral blooms and indigenous cultural appeal
  • Taipei City This half-day tour brings together all of the top attractions in Taipei including the National Palace Museum, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall and Office of the President.
  • Taipei Night Visitors to the sleepless city of Taipei can enjoy a dazzling night out with shopping at Taipei 101 and a tasty bite at the night market
  • Taipei Antique and Culture Walking Tour From the old-fashioned jade market, you can walk to the Yongkang, Qingtian and Longquan Street art block and then head to the Sonshan Cultural and Creative Park and Eslite to further experience Taipei's vibrant cultural pulse.
  • Tamsui Nostalgic Framed by the endless expanse of the sea, Tamsui and Bali are scenic riverside towns where historic districts with old brick buildings intermingle with tempting local snacks to captivating effect
  • Pingxi Tour The Pingxi Branch Line is a must-see attraction for railway buffs. With its quaint old station and historic street, the area also richly evokes the innocense of an earlier time
  • Sanxia and Yingge Folk Arts The ceramic art capital of Yingge is hailed as Taiwan's center for ceramics production. Visitors can also enjoy the area's unique cultural refinement at Zushi Temple in Sanxia
  • Guishan island Dolphin Watching and Seafood Tour This Yilan coastal tour begins at the Lanyang Plain's star public art spot - the Lanyang Museum and continues with a dolphin watching tour, seafood feast and shopping
  • Lanyang Plains, Jiaoxi Hot Springs and Wushi Harbor/Wai'ao This tour to the verdant Lanyang Plains will lift your spirits with phytoncid-rich air of the countryside, the rejuvenating hot springs of Jiaoxi and frsh from the ocean seafood at Wushi Harbor.
  • Yilan Cultural Tour From a tunnel's mouth, the green plains of Yilan dramatically greet you on this cultural tour of the arts, both classic and new, along with a feast of specialty and creative cuisine.
  • Su'ao and Nanfang'ao Culture and Cuisine Experience the dynamic pulse of a traditional coastal town embraced by the sea, mountains and verdure of organic rice fields. You can also take a stroll along the scenic coast and enjoy the delicious harvests of a tucked away fishing village.
  • Yilan Dongshan River Education Tour The Dongshan River in Yilan connects the Forest Park, Water Park, National Center for Traditional Arts and other attractions
  • Yilan Taipingshan Nature Tour Taiping Mountain is home to a rare virgin forest and a rich animal and plant ecology. For extra fun, make sure to take a ride on the "Bong Bong train". 
  • Taoyuan Organic Farm Tour This tour takes you to the land of mist and clouds: home to the Atayal indigenous people. Enjoy the wholesome fragrances of the local organic farms, taste fine tea at a . vintage tea factory and experience eco-building in the embrace of the magnificence mountains.
  • Two Chiangs Tour Daxi in Taoyuan County is known as the "Presidential Town". Among the township's attractions are the Old Street area and Chiang Family Cultural Park (Daxi Mausoleum and Cihu Presidential Burial Place), which opens window to the era of President and Madame Chiang Kai Shek. 
  • Leofoo Village / Window on China Theme Park Tour Experience the fun of Taiwan's largest theme park Leofoo Village or one of the island's most unique amusement parks Windows on China, along with old-style cuisine at Daxi Old Street, on tour that is sure to leave happy memories.
  • Hsinchu This tour presents the unique cultural charms of Hsinchu in the glass art collection at the Glass Museum of Hsinchu City and the locally-produced products on display at the Expo Taiwan Pavilion.
  • Hsinchu Forest Hot Spring and Festival From the Neiwan Branch Line and Old Street area to Japanese-style hot spring baths and the grand Hakka Yimin Cultural Festival, this tour brings to life Hsinchu's unique folk charms.
  • Shei-Pa National Park, Guanwu Scenic Area An earthly paradise awaits in the alpine forests of Shei-Pa national Park Scenic area. Enjoy the mountain mists and cloud formations or sit back and take in the beauty of the moon and stars on this journey to the peaks.

  • Nanzhuang Hakka Cultural Tour in Miaoli County From the Neiwan Branch line and Old Street area to Japanese-style hot spring baths and the grand Hakka Yimin Cultural Festival, this tour brings to life Hsinchu's unique folk charms.
  • Tai-an Hot Spring, Fruit Picking and Hakka Cuisine Tour  The Taian Hot Spring area is home to an ethnically mixed community of Atayal and Hakka residents. Experience the heartland of Taiwan and the unique flavor of traditional Hakka cuisine.
  • Dahu Blooms and Herbs Tour Dahu Township in Maioli County is known as the strawberry kingdom of Taiwan. This sweet tour includes stops at the Dahu Wineland Resort Strawberry Culture Museum and Recreation Farm.
  • Hakka Winery and Guguan Tour Fine wine at a Hakka winery, a bath at the famous Guguan Hot Springs and heart-shaped souvenir sun cakes set the stage for a perfect excursion to central Taiwan.
  • Sanyi Wood Scuplture and Dajia Mazu Tour Woodcarving art in Sanyi, Zhenlan Temple in Dajia, DIY wood duck making and famous specialty products are among the many attractions in the top 10 tourism towns of Sanyi and Dajia.
  • Lin Family Mansion and Garden Taichung Discover the architectural gems of Taiwan on this tour with visits to the Wufeng Lin Family Mansion and Garden Residence of the Palace Guard, I.M. Pei-designed Luce Chapel at Tunghai University and Taichung Metropolitan Opera House.
  • Wuling Farm If you want to see spring cherry blossoms, autumn maples and Formosan landlocked salmon - Taiwan's national treasure fish and a conservation success story on the Qijiawan River.
  • Gaomei Wetlands Taichung Savor famous Dajia taro cookies and Feng Chia night market cuisine, explore the ecology at the Gaomei Wetlands and take in the night views at Wanggaoliao and Qiuhong Valley on this tur to one of Taichung's hottest visitor destinations.
  • Shangrila Paradise and Miaoli Escape to a secret garden nestled among the peaks at verdant Mingde reservoir. The European style gardens of Shangrila Paradise and a ride on a yesteryear mini train bring nature your senses, like a childhood dream.
  • Fushou Mountain This tour takes you to one of central Taiwan's best-known fruit-producing areas. From Fushoushan Farm at the peak of Lishan, the area's scenic mouitan
  • Lihpao Land Houli Immerse in a fantastical fairy tale kingdom, invigorate your spirits in a refreshing water paradise, and feel your body gallop with the horses on a grass race course on this perfect family outing.
  • Taichung Houfeng Bikeway and Fine Arts Tour This tour starts with a bicycle ride along the Houfeng Bikeway and goes on to present the cultural charms of Taichung with a leisurely visit to the Chang Lien-cheng Saxophone museum and National Museum of Fine Arts at the Art Garden.
  • Jiji Train Checheng, Snake Kiln and Sky Bridge One of Taiwan's top 10 towns, this is a trip on the Jiji Branch Line that includes a stroll in the clouds on the Sky Bridge, all coming to a sweet pineapple cake conclusion.
  • Xitou Monster Village and Xiaobantian Scenic Area Breath in the phytoncid-rich air at Xitou Forest, experience the Shitamachi-like ambiance at Xitou Monster Village and discover the unique local tculture at tourism factories during this tour.
  • Dongshi Forest and Xinshe Experience the moving dance of the fireflies at Dongshi Forest and the year-round blooms and natural charms of picturesque Xinshe on this tour.
  • Wushe and Qingjing Farm Known as the paradise of the mist, Qingjing indeed puts one into a happy and peaceful state of mind with undulating meadows extending as far as the eye can see.
  • Atayal Resort and Puli Central Taiwan Listen to the story of Seediq Bale, savor indigenouse cuisine, stroll the Sky Walk, soak in the open-air hot springs and feel the rustic charms of mountain life on this excursion into the indigenous heartland.
  • Nantou Cultural Tour Experience the rustic old-world charmm of Nantou during this bout, with stops at a historic cypress wood station on the Jiji Branch line and scenic Zhushan.
  • Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village and Sun Moon Lake Immerse in the beauty of Sun Moon Lake with a lakeside stroll and scenic gondola ride and experience Taiwan's largest indigenous fair and a hearty aboriginal feast on this tour.
  • Sun Moon Lake The Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area is home to Taiwan's largest and best known freshwater lake. A gondola ride and boat tour of the lake are excellent ways to enjoy the area's scenic beauty.
  • Sun Moon Lake, Alishan and Dongpu Hot Springs This tour stops at the Sun Moon Lake and Alishan national scenic areas, with a trip to the Tataka saddle at the trailhead of Yushan, taiwan's tallest peak.
  • Sun Moon Lake Indigenous culture comes alive on this tour to the homeland of the Bunun and Thao tribes, with visits to an elementary school and church, DIY crafts and authentic Bunun and Thao cuisine.
  • Shuili Snake Kiln / Puli Tradition and innovation meet on this tour, including stops at a snake kiln turned cultural park, the former timber heartland of Checheng, and the Paper Dome from Japan, all highlighting the rebirth of Nantou since the 921 earthquake.
  • Mudan and Shanlin River Phantom-like trees lead you into the misty still world of Wangyou Forest for a baptism in the phytoncid-rich air of the woods
  • Qingjing and Lishan This tour brings together attractions along the Central Cross-Island Highway including Qingjing, lishan and Fushou Mountain farms with floral blooms, scenic vistas and fresh high-mountain fruits and vegetables along the way.
  • Gin Chan Coffee and Alice's Garden Cycle along the flower field paths in Tianwei and enjoy local farm, specialties such as Fenyuan lychee, Beidou Taiwanese meatballs, Gin Chan Coffee Bean's Roasting House and other attainable pleasures on this tour.
  • Changchua - Wanggong Oyster Cart rides, Tidal Ecology and Tourism Factories  From exquisite glass art to sculptures made from oyster shells and soil, this tour brings you up close to the innovative craftsmanship and natural ecology of Changhua.
  • Lugang and Wanggong Take a trip to the Wanggong Oyster Craft Culture Center and experience the fun of traditional lantern making in lugang, one of Taiwan's top 10 tourism towns.
  • Yunlin Culture and Traditional Arts Tour Discover the beauty of traditional arts handed down over the centuries of Chaotian Temple, Yunlin Hand Puppet Museum and Zhen Wen Academy, a grade three historical site.
  • Huashan Coffee and Janfusun Fancy World Join Vicky the Viking on an exciting adventure at Janfusun Fancyworld then top it off with a cup of fragrant coffee and afternoon tea at Huashan Recreational Area.
  • Yunlin Wetland Get in the water and experience first-hand the seafood flavors of Kouhu. Bird watching at wetland waterfol havens and flood detention ponds, tasty horseshoe clams and Beigang snacks also await on this tour.

  • Alishan Culture and Nature Tour Cherry blossoms, autumn maple reds, sunrise and sunset views, ancient trees, cloud formations and the forest railway are among the many enchantments waiting at Alishan. 
  • National Palace Museum and Chiayi You'll be whisked away into the cultural mecca of Chiayi: a painting capital of Taiwan and center of fine cochin craftsmanship. Get to know the collection at the National Palace Museum Southern Branch and breathe the fragrance of an old cypress house on this nostalgic trip for the mind and senses.
  • Tainan Old City and Wushantou This is the chance to know Tainan's best tourist spots such as Wushantou Reservoir (Taiwan's largest lake) and Xinhua Old Street (voted second among all historical sites in Taiwan.)
  • Guanziling Hot Spring Cuisine & TOGO Rural Village Art Museum The Guanziling Hot Springs are fed by mineral rich water and belongs to the list of legitimate mud spring sites in the world. You'll also have the chance to visit the "Water and Fire Cave" which is ranked among seven wonders of Taiwan.
  • Tainan Ecological and Cultural Tour Historic sites, traditional snacks and natural ecology, from the Qigu Salt Mountain left behind from the area's salt production in the past to the rich wetland ecology of the Qigu Lagoon, are all among the many must-experience attractions in Tainan.
  • Tainan Salt Country Tainan's Qigu and Beimen districts from the heartland of Taiwan's former salt industry. This area lalso has plenty of natural and cultural charms, including the unique Salt Mountains and salt fields.
  • Chi Mei Museum and . Tainan Cuisine This tour stops at four of Tainan's grade one historic sites and Chimei Museum (Taiwan's Versailles). You'll aslo get a taste of some of Tainan's top must-try dishes including milkfish congee, Taiwanese meatballs and rice cakes.
  • Tainan Siraya Fruit Picking Tour Located on the banks of the Jianshanpi Reservoir, Jiangnan Resort greets visitors with a beauty rivaling its namesake region in mainland China. Fruit picking and authentic tainan style cuisine are among the other attractions that can be employed here.
  • Tainan Wanpi Safari Zoo and Crystal Church Discover the elegance of Taiwan's ancient capital of Tainan on this tour to the past, from the historic sites, Ciaonan old street residence, cuisine and snacks of Yanshui to Yantian Fishing Village and the Crystal Church.
  • Kaohsiung Night The Love River is Kaohsiung's most representative tourist attraction. A river tour on the Love Boat is easily the most romantic way to experience the port city at night.
  • Kaohsiung Harbor This tour brings together visits to Qijin Island, Xiziwan and the Love River, the waterfront scene at the Port of Kaohsiung and a tasty snack stop at the renowned Kaixuan Night Market.
  • Fo Guang Shan and Chengqing Lake The old Zuoying City Gate, Lotus Pond, Confucius Temple, traditional cuisine and Taiwan's largest Buddhist center Fo Guang Shan can all be enjoyed on this tour.
  • Zuoying Lotus Lake Zuoying was formerly the county seat of Fengshan, and the old city gate from that time has survived over the years. Lotus Pond, Confucius Temple and old-style cuisine are among the area's many attractions.
  • Fengshan E-DA Theme Park Take a journey back to the golden years of Fengshan and experience Asia's only Greek-themed amusement park on a refreshing excursion for the mind and senses.
  • Kaohsiung Scenic Town Experience traditional Hakka culture and cuisine at the hillside township of Meinong and the imitation Baroque townhouses of the old town of Qishan on this journey back in time.
  • Maoilin Butterfly The valleys and hills of the Maolin National Scenic Area interweave to form a unique terrain. This area is also a wintering site of the purple crow butterfly and home to the Rukai tribal village of Duona.
  • Sandimen and Neimen Cultural Tour The glass beads featured in the movie "Cape No. 7" were made by indigenous artists in Sandimen. The area's folk art attractions can also be experienced in Meinong and Neimen.
  • Aboriginal Culture and Glass Suspension Bridge  Linali Village in Pingtung County's Majia Township welcomes one with a Southern French Provence style. You can also enjoy the beauty of the Glass Suspension Bridge.
  • Little Liuqiu Xiaoliuqiu is the only coral reef island in the Taiwan area. The island beckons with a unique landscape, abundance of natural resources and a relaxing and comfortable holiday atmosphere.
  • Buddha Memorial Center, Dapeng Bay National Scenic Are and Donggang Wang Chuan Jin All-in-one tour of Taiwan's top Buddhist and Taoist sites that include visiting Taiwan's largest buddhist Center - Fo Guang Shan and the Donggang King Boat Festival during this tour
  • Hengchun Peninsula West Coast Tour Taiwan's one of the best panoramic places, the West Coast in Hengchun Peninsula is a must see when you visit this country. It is home to the world-class National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium plus its famous Guanshan sunset.
  • Hengchun Old Town and Hot Springs Taiwan's best preserved ancient city walls, you'll have the opportunity to see the Hengchun City Walls then drop by to Checheng for a beauty bath at the famous Sichongxi Hot Springs.
  • Hengchun Peninsula East Coast Tour The east coast of the Hengchun Peninsula boastas some of Taiwan's most spectacular goegraphical landscapes including the Eluanbi and coral reef limestone terraces in Longpan.
  • Hengchun Peninsula The east coast of the Hengchun peninsula boasts some of Taiwan's most spectacular geographical landscapes, including the Jialeshui rock formations and coral reef limestone terraces in Longspan.
  • Kending Ocean and Land Tour  Houbihu is one of Kending's most popular spots for water activities and home to Taiwan's largest marina. Make sure to try the fresh seafood.
  • Pingtung With its year-round spring-like weather, Pingtung is a natural paradise on Taiwan's southernmost tip. Fertile farms, abundant fisheries and the unique Paiwan and Rukai indigenous cultures are among the irresistible charms awaiting on this tour.
  • East Kenting Let the blue skies and sea of Kending wash away your worries on this tour. Relax at a local B&B and enjoy whiling away the time at the slowed down pace of this coastal getaway.

  • Taroko Gorge The trail from Tianxiang to Taroko Gorge is lined with a number of unique attractions including Cimu Bridge, Jiuqudong (Tunnel of Nine Turns) and Yanzikou (Swallow Grotto).
  • East Rift Valley Nature generously endowed the East Rift Valley. Attractions here include the cypress forests of Lintian Mountain, the butterfies at Fuyuan Butterfly Valley and the high quality dairy products at Ruisui Pasture 
  • Sunshine and Greenery Bicycle Tour There are few better ways to enjoy the sun, greenery and natural beauty of Hualien than a cycling ride to Liyu (Carp) Lake, the Mataian Wetlands and Dafu Danong Forest Recreation Area.
  • Liushidan Mountain and Rift Valley Get to know Hualien's Liyu Lake, Liushidan Mountain and scenic pasture and sugar factory, and food and shopping fun on this all-in-one tour.
  • Taroko Gorge from Taipei Departing Taipei From the capital city of Taiwan, the tour follows the North Link Line between Suao and Hualien. Highlights along the way include the spectacular world-class attraction Taroko Gorge and beautiful Qixingtan.
  • Taroko Gorge Departing Hualien From Hualien, this tour includes visiting the most recommended tourist spots in this part of Taiwan which are the fairytale-like Shakadang Trail (Shenmi Valley), Buluowan and Yanzikou (Swallow Grotto).
  • Hualien Ocean Park Dolphin and sea lion show, a roller coaster and other family fun facilities add to the wonderland feel at Farglory Ocean Park.
  • Hualien and Taroko Gorge From breathtaking canyons to geographical landscape and secluded scenic mountain trails, Taroko National Park presents nature at her finest.
  • Shin Kong Chao Feng Ranch and Resort Eco Tour  A complete ecological park and a bath at the natural "beauty springs" should be on the must-experience list when visiting Shin Kong Chao Feng Ranch and Resort.
  • Taitung City Overlooking local indigenous art and famous city sites, Beinan Cultural Park is Taiwan's first and only in-situ prehistoric site.
  • Taitung Yuli-Changbin Highway This tour brings together the top tourist attractions in Taitung including the area's verdant tea farms, Taiwan's first organic rural village Luoshan and the Arcadian Taiyuan Valley.
  • East Rifty Valley Longtian Bicycle Luye Township boasts a rich landscape, including the Luye Gaotai and its view of the scenic terraced valley. A bicycle excursion in Longtian Village is a great way to enjoy the laidback atmosphere of this area.

Remote Tours in Taiwan
  • Penghu Dark black and mulberry red basalt presents a striking contrast with the blue skies in Penghu. The island has also been well-endowed with world-class golden beaches and a scenic beaut that shouldn't be missed.
  • Kinmen-Lieyu Township Once a battleground, Kinmen today beckons visitors with historic southern Fujianese and western-style buildings and a reputation as a mecca for sorghum wine.
  • Matsu-Beigan Known as "a string of pearls at the estuary of the Min River", Matsu is an island area with magnificent geological landscapes and rich folk traditions that deserve to be savored.
My Taiwan trip has been short but sweet. I am yet to  blog about Nantou Misty Lotus Forest, Xitou Monster Village and the Hinoki Village. These are my top three most recommended Taiwan destinations so please keep checking :) 

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