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Chinese Restaurant in Mandaluyong: Paradise Dynasty Blog Review

paradise dynasty ortigas review

If Binondo is a stone's throw away from where I live, I would eat eat there every day. If reincarnation is true, I am probably a Chinese in my past life because I love to eat Chinese cuisine. My quest as a foodie searching for a Chinese restaurant in Mandaluyong lead me to Paradise Dynasty - a restaurant serving authentic Chinese cuisine from the northern and southern China. Located at the second floor of The Podium, this Chinese restaurant is unassuming when it comes to ambiance and service. This place is huge, you really feel like you're home while dining! From how I see it, Paradise Dynasty restaurant is home to foodies who eat Chinese food not to just fill their stomach but to enjoy its authentic taste.

The interiors and ambiance
The gold color for me is a symbol of supremacy and success. Paradise Dynasty is really such a genius when choosing what kind of luck they want to attract. The staff who are wearing traditional Chinese attires too are always ready to share their warm smile.

Paradise Dynasty Restaurant Ortigas

Paradise Dynasty Restaurant Ortigas review

The Xiao Long Bao's
Paradise Dynasty Restaurant is a concept originated from Singapore that captures the finer points of bygone eras in contemporary style. It’s known for their 8 types of “heavenly” and multi-colored xiao long bao’s. There's a suggested sequence on how to eat it the right way: Original - Ginseng - Foie Gras - Black Truffle - Cheesy - Crab Roe - Garlic - Szechuan. They usually give a sturdy piece of paper showing the corresponding colors and how to it eat the right way so as not to spill the soup inside it. Please check my main photo above.

paradise dynasty ortigas restaurant

What else we ate in Paradise Dynasty
I wish I didn't ate my breakfast when I went to this restaurant. The food they serve is not for those who eat little! Paradise Dynasty restaurant in Ortigas are again for foodies who love to eat good food all the way! 

chinese restaurant in mandaluyong

(L) Pork dumpling with hot chili vinaigrette
Php 168 for 6 pieces 
I will never say no to a spicy dumpling! It's stuffed with enough meat that you'll probably get more than what you initially want. The chili vinaigrette's spicy level won't burn your tongue.

(R) Charcoal custard lava bun
Php 188 for 3 pieces
Basically an egg with sweets inside.The charcoal color though is so delightful considering the fact that what's inside is a pure sugar rush.

paradise dynasty tripadvisor review

(L) Lettuce roll with homemade sesame sauce 
Php 238
Have you ever tasted a dish that’s 100% made of greens but taste so damn good? This one blew my mind away. The lettuce that I buy from the nearby market is nowhere near the freshness of these lettuce rolls plus the their sesame sauce deserve a separate praise.

(R) Scrambled egg white with fish and convoy 

Php 328 
This is a porridge-like dish that you’ll definitely need if you’re feeling you need to get away from the many spicy food you have ordered. However, I suggest to have another option of ordering this in a smaller quantity. I meant, I would rather buy more xiao long bao's for this price!

paradise dynasty chinese restaurant

(L) Stir-fried French bean with minced pork 
Php 238 
I am used to eating our local beans in coconut milk so this one is a bit of a twist but I liked it! The beans are half - cooked which I believe is the right way to do it. Without this pork, this dish will turn bland so for carnivorous persons like me, you’ll still enjoy this dish.

(R) Stir-fried shredded pork in black bean sauce served with Chinese crepes

Php 388
You'll need both your hands to eat this one. I can actually eat this dish without the wrapper. The noodles are not too hard nor too soft. I am not familiar of how black bean sauce should taste like but this one surprised me. One serving can really fill your stomach. 

 paradise dynasty blog

(L) Radish Pastry 
Php 138 for 3 pieces 
This is the best tasting bread made of radish I have ever tasted! I am not really fan of this vegetable but heck I am lost how they made it so good as a pastry. It’s so crunchy that I hear every bite from my mouth. I have a strong weakness with sweet bread, I almost fainted.

(R) Chilled jellyfish and seafood in vinaigrette
Php 328
If someone will serve me both a plate of seafood and meat, it is always the first one I choose. However, I would rather choose seafood that is cooked in other way around - the one that do not taste very salty. 

paradise dynasty THE PODIUM restaurant

Chilled tofu with century egg
Php 188
At first, I am not convinced if it is going to taste better than how it looks like but I was wrong. The soft texture is such a comfort on my tongue. I love tofu so much!

Steamed Glutinous Rice Stuffed in Red Dates
Php 238
I literally had a gastronomic orgasm with these sticky red dates.  I like to eat anything that's sticky and so this one is the winner.  I tell you, even now that I am typing this, I can still recall how it tastes exactly.

paradise dynasty the podium blog.jpg

(L) Crispy fired crystal prawns tossed with salted egg yolk

Php 588
There’s something with this dish that I can’t explain. I didn’t know that prawns and salted egg yolk can be really good combination! It costs half a thousand pesos, you surely going to get what you paid for.

(R) Egg Fried Rice

Php 238
Eating lunch without rice is not a typical setup you'll see here in the Philippines. It was a relief when this one was finally served to us. I am more of a fan of fried rice than steamed rice.

paradise dynasty restaurant philippines

Poached Beef in Szechuan Chili Oil
Php 788

We ate a few hot noodle soups in Paradise Dynasty. What sticked to my mind is this poached beef in Szechuan chili oil. It is oozing with chili flavor that you're guaranteed to reach your foodgasm. We were in an airconditioned room but boy, I chickened out! I had to drink a glass full of cold water to fight the fire inside my mouth. It is super intense. My Bicolano pride was challenged to bits! I am definitely going back and looking forward for their other branch in SM Aura to open since I am closer in this location.

Address: 2/F The Podium, Mandaluyong, 1550
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