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Travel Guide to Tamaraw Falls, Puerto Galera

Tamaraw Falls Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera itinerary

After visiting the Puerto Galera Mangrove Conservation and Ecotourism Area, the local whom we asked if she knows any nearby attraction to check out said we're just ten minutes away to Tamaraw Falls. Again, we are not fans of waterfalls but what's the use of our rented motorcycle we have paid for Php 300 for the whole day if we are not going to drive further?

Without checking Google map on our phone, we continued to drive until we reached the end. The highway road going to Tamaraw Falls in Puerto Galera is long and winding but it has only one direction that we don't have to worry if we need to take a left or right turn. On the way, we rarely saw jeeps and private cars so we were thinking Tamaraw Falls might be empty that day.

We were proven wrong the moment we saw the signboard that says "welcome to Tamaraw Falls". Around ten to twenty persons were there trying to take some photos of themselves. It is safe to say now that Tamaraw Waterfalls is really a popular tourist spot in Puerto Galera. Unlike other waterfalls I have visited around the Philippines, Tamaraw Falls is located along the road. No need to do some hiking or long walks! 

What I am surprised is that despite its proximity to the national road, it is clean. There are no candy wrappers, cigarette butts nor plastic straws scattered where the water falls. I guess I have to give LGU Puerto Galera two thumbs up for doing a good job of maintaining this waterfall.  Tamaraw Waterfall is as tall as a three-story house (423 feet  or 128.3 meters) tall). It is named after the tamaraw, an animal that looks like the water buffalo (carabao). Tamaraw is slimmer though compared to the carabao. 


The best spots to take Instagrammable photos of Tamaraw Falls
There are two main points to have a great shot with a background of Tamaraw Falls. One is in the middle of the short bridge located in front of the waterfalls and second is at the front left side. If you're the one who loves to take your photos via landscape format, better to choose the first option specially if you are part of a group. It has more space to allow much bigger number of people within the camera frame. Since we are just two and I love to take portrait for my Instagram feed, I chose the latter. 

Of course, I also made sure to take a photo of the waterfalls alone on landscape format for my blog. What I regret not doing is that I did not included on the photo the three tamaraw statues. We were really not planning to stay longer but a guy offered to take a photo of us together. I asked first if we need to pay him because if yes, we'll just pass.  He said no. He also offered that there's more to do here in Tamaraw waterfalls.

On the other side of the bridge, he said there's a cemented stair that leads down to a manmade pool where one can swim. We said no for two reasons: we do not have extra clothes and the water that comes from Tamaraw Waterfalls is freaking cold! 


tamarao waterfalls puerto galera hours of operation

Tamaraw Falls Fees To Take Note
Entrance fee to the Tamaraw Falls swimming pond:  Adult is Php 30 | Child is Php 15
Use of umbrella kiosk: Php 140
Use of exclusive barbeque grill: Php 50
Use of hall per table: Php 30
Private rent of the hall: Php 1, 500 


Where to eat in Tamaraw Falls
There were a only a couple of vendors I have seen that time selling souvenirs and fresh coconuts.  If you did not bring food, no worries! You can order food from locals who will cook it and bring it warm. The woman who accepts payment for admission fee to Tamaraw Waterfalls also accepts orders to cook food for you. Here's a list of prices:
Combo Meal Php 2,000: 3 servings of pork adobo, 2 servings of tinola, 3 pieces of grilled tilapia, 3 pieces of grilled liempo, 2 pieces of grilled bangus, 15 cups of rice and  1.5L of Coke
Combo Meal Php 2,500: 4 servings of tinola, 5 pieces of grilled tilapia, 4 pieces of grilled liempo, 3 pieces of grilled bangus, 20 cups of rice and 2 1.5L of Coke
Combo Meal Php 3,500: 4 servings of pork sinigang, 3 servings of chicken adobo, 4 pieces of grilled tilapia, 4 pieces of grilled bangus, 5 pieces of grilled liempo, 25 cups of rice and 2 1.5L Coke. 
Short order: Pancit canton Php 140, Canton bihon mixed Php 250 and Pancit Bihon Php 140 

Liquors, fruit juices and bottled water are also sold. I have heard though that this vendor serving food is not officially endorsed by LGU Puerto Galera. Therefore, I suggest to be careful. It is best to bring or cook your own food. As of the moment, I am asking any local to confirm that this food catering service is not connected to Puerto Galera's tourism office.



What to take a photo of aside from the Tamaraw Falls
To the right of the bridge, you'll see the message "WELCOME Puerto Galera The  (heart symbol) of Asia". This colorful greeting engraved on the wall is one of the most photographed spot in the Tamaraw Falls.

tamaraw waters fall diy itinerary 2019

How to go to Tamaraw Falls
The directions to Tamaraw Falls is very simple. All public utility jeepneys bound to Calapan pass by Tamaraw Falls. Fare is Php 25 and commute time is around 30 minutes. It is more convenient if you can drive a motorcycle to get here too like what we did. If you belong to a group, better to hire a jeepney or tricycle for your convenience.

Tamaraw Falls address: Western Nautical Highway, Barangay Villaflor, Puerto Galera, Mindoro 
Tamaraw Falls entrance fee: none unless you will swim (Php 30)
Tamaraw Falls days and hours of operation: Every day. During daytime is the best time to swim for security and health reasons.

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