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Puerto Galera's Top 30 Diving Sites

diving guide to puerto galera mindoro

Puerto Galera is one of the most famous beach destinations near Manila because it is just 3-4 hours away from the metro. Aside from swimming, Puerto Galera is famous as a world-class diving site. As a matter of fact, Puerto Galera was named in 2005 as the Most Beautiful Bay by the Paris-based Les Plus Belles Baies Du Monde or the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club.

While I admit the Puerto Galera 13 years ago is not as beautiful as now in terms of sanitation and ambiance, I still see a steady influx of local and international tourists coming here for diving purposes. I am also very happy to tell you that the local government of Puerto Galera is doing really serious projects to clean its beaches. I have seen big banners about building sewerage collection and treatment plant projects that cost Php 90 million each for 3 major beaches in Puerto Galera. 
Here's a list of famous diving sites in Puerto Galera you should check out when you get there.

Talipanan (Hibo) - 40 meters
Manila Channel - 18 meters
Batangas Channel 18 meters
The Hill - meters
Coral Garden - 12 meters
Marcus Cave - 52 meters
Sweet Lips Cave - 45 meters
Secret Reef - 65 meters
Dry Dock - 30  meters
La Laguna Point -18 meters
Alma Jane Wreck - 30 meters
Sabang Wreck - 20 meters
Sabang Point - 18 meters
Monkey Beach - 18 meters
Monkey Wreck - 42 meters
Ernie’s Cave - 27 meters
Wreck Point - 27 meters
Dungon Wall - 27 meters
West Escarceo - 25 meters
Hole in the Wall - 12 meters
Pink Wall - 12 meters
The Atoll - 32 meters
Shark Cave - 27 meters
ABBYS - 45 meters
Fish Bowl Fax - 40 meters
Canyons - 30 meters
Horse Head Reef - 40 meters
The Steps - 30 meters
Kilima Drift - 30 meters
Sinandigan Wall - 30 meters

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