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Motorcycle Rental Shops and Services in Puerto Galera Guide and Review

Criss-crossing around the hilly road of Sabang, Puerto Galera
Motorbike for rent in Puerto Galera

Looking back, I can say that renting a motorcycle to go around Puerto Galera saved so much of our time and money. We do not have to keep waiting for a jeep to be full or wave our hand for a passing tricycle that is most of the time not empty. It is a hundred percent convenience I will recommend to anyone planning a trip to Puerto Galera.  However, a motorcycle trip is no joke in Puerto Galera.  There are parts of the roads that you'll literally have to drive up then down, so be very careful. The one in Sabang is hilly, the road there is narrower that it is possible to fall down the cliff. It is not too deep like the one in Sagada but it is going to hurt or kill if you fall down there. The road system is NOT a hundred percent safe so far, I would say. Some roads are beat up and there's a lot of road construction going on specially near and around Sabang Beach so expect a roller coaster ride.  This is going to change one or two years from now for sure. From White Beach to Puerto Galera's town proper, the roads are better. 

K drives a motorcycle for the past two decades. For the last 6 years since he moved here from the US, he drives a motorcycle every day! This gave me a peace of mind knowing that I will be riding on a motorcycle going around Puerto Galera with a skilled and licensed driver. 

If you own a motorcycle at home, bringing it to Puerto Galera is a pain in the a**.  You'll have to pay extra for shipping it on a ferry then back. That would cost around Php 3, 000. Better just find a motorcycle rental shop in Puerto Galera. It is way, way cheaper!

puerto galera motorcycle rent services

What you need to know before renting a motorcycle in Puerto Galera
  • You'll be asked what kind of motorcycle do you want to rent: automatic or manual.  I am a hundred percent noob about motorcycles so I asked him. The manual type of motorcyle has a gear shifter thus ideally this is for beginners. The automatic type of motorcycle do not have one and is best for intermediate and expert motorcycle drivers.
  • A valid driver's license is all you need. They really check if it is not yet expired.
  • If you don't know where to find the guys who rent their motorcycles in Puerto Galera, you can ask the resort or guesthouse where you stay. Most of them have contacts and for sure, they won't screw up so bad because somehow they have ties with the owner of your accommodation compared to those random Puerto Galera motorcycle rental services you'll find along the road.

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Rates, Fees and Tips for Motorcycle Rent Around Puerto Galera
  • Php 400 is the rate for whole day usage of motorcycle. It is best to get it as as early as 6am because they limit that "whole day rental" to 6pm or 7pm only. They usually charge additional hundreds depending on how many hours you'll return it beyond that time.
  • Try to haggle. On our first motorcycle rent, we asked if we can pay for Php 300 because it is already 12 noon which is a bit late and considering that they want to get it back by 6pm or 7pm at most. We also want to return way, way late like 10pm or 11pm because we plan to go to the White Beach which is 30-40 minutes from Sabang to see the nightlife there. The motorcycle owner said we need to add at least 150 more or so and he cannot wait for us to return it because of course he will go home to sleep. We said no and walked away but the driver agreed last minute. He said to just leave the motorcycle in a paid parking space near his motorcycle rental shop in Puerto Galera. 
  • To make the most of what you paid for your rented scooter in Puerto Galera, start earlier like 7am or 8am.  Remember they want you to return the scooter at 6pm-7pm. You'll see more of course and the sunlight is not as harmful as starting at noon which we did. 
  • Overnight parking is Php 10 only - not so bad at all! I am not sure if this is the same with other paid parking areas in other parts of Puerto Galera though.

We have rented two motorcycles to two different motorcycle rental shops in Puerto Galera. According to K, he chose the same type of motorcycle brand which is Yamaha. One is in Sabang beach (Yamaha Movistar)  and another one is just a few-minute walk from Muelle port (Yamaha Mio). Both are scooter type motorcycle (125cc) and automatic. Both provides a more comfortable sitting like on a chair position. It is not inclined and not too high to hop on. The only thing that he does not like is that the rear break is on the front left handle bar which means stopping during emergency is harder. His motorcycle back home is manual just that with these two motorcycle rental shops in Puerto Galera, they do not have a variety to choose from.  


What does the Lease / Contract for Motorcycle Rental in Puerto Galera says?
Every motorcycle rental shop in Puerto Galera has its own terms and conditions. See below, the general rules:

  • The rentee  is held responsible for an accident during rental period
  • The rentee shall be held responsible for any damage incurred in the rental period
  • Repair or cost of any spare parts shall be shouldered by the rentee 
  • Any repairs should be by the consent of the owner 
  • Flat tire expenses should be shouldered by the rentee
  • The rented motorcycle should be used alone by the one who paid for the rental and whose name is written on the contract
  • The rented motorcycle are not allowed to drive on beaches, rivers or bring it outside the Mindoro island without the owner's permission 
  • The rented motorcycle must only carry 1-2 passengers
  • The rentee is held responsible for any traffic rule violations, no license, no helmet, wreckless driving and overspeeding cases.
  •  The gasoline tank is always full when handed over to the rentee. It should be returned full as well. This means, whatever amount you consumed, you'll have to go to the nearest gas station to fill it back up when you return it back to the motorcycle shop owner.

    motorcycle  bike rental shops puerto galera

    We were told also that there's a town in Puerto Galera where you cannot drive a rented motorcycle. We just forgot where it is. Please ask the owner of the motorcycle rental shop for that. We also came across a banner from a local ordinance in Sabang beach saying "It is strictly prohibited to run the engine of your motorcycle from the Bluewater to east area and from Castillo's store to west area". First offense is Php 500, second is Php 700 and third offense is Php 1, 000. ALWAYS BE MINDFUL OF THE LOCAL LAWS ABOUT DRIVING A MOTORCYCLE IN PUERTO GALERA.

    where to rent motorcycle bike in puerto galera

    List of motorcycle rental shops in Puerto Galera 
    Here are three rental shops of motorcycles in Puerto Galera I can recommend. The first two, we used their service. The third one, we did not because he wouldn't want us to haggle which is totally fine. It is his choice. 

    • Sabang beach contact: Paul via 09777932666
    •  Muelle port contact: King David Motorcycles Motorbike Rental. Lost the calling card but it is the very first shop you'll see left side from the port just behind the tricycle terminal.  
    • Sabang beach contact: Buds Motorcycle Rental via 09295578310 & 0977685147

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