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bellevue cottages sabang beach puerto galera blog review

Where to stay in Puerto Galera? This was a challenge for me and K who went on a spontaneous trip to the Mindoro Island particularly in Puerto Galera. We do not have enough time to scour the web, I know there are tons! Good thing, he remembered a very beautiful accommodation in Sabang beach he previously spent a few nights two years ago. He quickly sent me the link and without further checking, we booked it via Agoda.

To tell you frankly, I have high standards when choosing a place to stay for vacation.  I am a travel blogger - I have slept in many dozens of accommodations here in the Philippines and abroad. From five star hotels to party hostels to pretty guesthouses - I am a bit picky!

beach resorts in puerto galera bellevue cottages

Introduction to Bellevue Cottages 
A day before checking in to Bellevue Cottages, I really do not know what to expect of the place we are going to call home while we are in Puerto Galera. Because we left already noon here in Manila, we arrived around 5pm which I deeply regret because  this place is super pretty. How can I not agree with him? This place has a homey vibe. From Muelle Port, it took us 20 minutes to reach the Sabang port. We also had to walk along Sabang's shores to reach Bellevue Cottages. It was not difficult at all because there is a wooden sign that points to a narrow alley that is composed of a plight of stairs going to Bellevue Cottages.

hotels in puerto galera bellevue cottages

To be honest, taking the stairs gave me some serious walking exercises. Not to mention of course, it is going up so the gravity makes me feel the weight of my body. I was not able to count how many total steps but my guess is not less than 20 but not more than 50! However, do not worry! What you're gonna see once you are inside Bellevue Cottages in Sabang, Puerto Galera will make you forget your aching feet! 

where to stay in sabang beach puerto galera - bellevue cottages

Checking in at Bellevue Cottages
We were welcomed by the owner itself who is a Filipina married to an American. We were given two complimentary bottled water which we badly need since we have been moving around for the past 5 hours. We were asked if we booked via Agoda or in another booking platform. There's free breakfast if the booking has been made via this booking platform but none via Agoda. Of course, you'll need to pay an additional amount via this booking platform and less via Agoda. We booked via Agoda because we wanted to also try other restaurants in Sabang Beach. The price difference is not much. If you want convenience, like you do not want to go out in the morning for your breakfast it is best for you to have yours in Bellevue Cottages.

The Room
Since we booked last minute, we have no choice but get a room with two queen beds. We could have chosen a room for two only because we know it will cost less but this is the only one left available. Our room is huge. I love the native design but very minimal. There's a flat-screen TV, an electric fan even though there's an aircon. We never touched the aircon actually because the weather was so chilly! We also love that it has a veranda where there's a partial view of the beach. We super love the Instagrammable papasan taupe chair which is made of bamboo rattan with a very cute cushion.

Despite the notoriety of bars and clubs along Sabang beach where Bellevue Cottages is located, we had a very good night sleep. We have not heard any annoying karaoke singers and loud noise from nearby bars! There's a small refrigerator but we did not used it also. The bathroom is clean but the hot shower is not working properly however it is not a big deal to us.  


Reasons why Bellevue Cottages is Instagrammable
It was in the next morning when we finally able to appreciate all the good traits of Bellevue Cottages. We actually overslept - we did not set the alarm because we don't want to pressure our body clock because we are on vacation mode. Guess what time we woke up, past 9 pm! We were planning to eat our breakfast somewhere but we decided to stay because this place is gorgeous. Here are the reasons:

1. Plants and flowers are everywhere
I have a thing about accommodations with garden. I grew up in a house having a backyard where I spent a lot playing back when I was a kid. Now that I live in a city and on the 5th floor of a building, I miss living in an abode that I can savor all the outdoor memories I still vividly remember. In Bellevue Cottages, you're guaranteed to see a lot of colorful flowers to leaves of different shapes and sizes. 


2. The international flags    
Bellevue Cottages really know how to extend their warmest welcome and appreciation to their foreign guests. From the wooden gate, there are colorful banners of flags hanging under a small pathway and also in other spots of the accommodation. When the wind blows, it is so pleasing in the eyes when these flags sway candidly.


3. The cottages perched on a hill
When I reach my retirement age, I would like to settle down and spend my remaining years on a house by the beach that looks exactly like the one in Bellevue Cottages. If only I have no work to finish or money is not a problem, I could stay here for months.


4. It has a rooftop that overlooks the mountains and the sea
Every day, you have the chance to watch the sun set on an al fresco rooftop where you'll free to drink a beer and chitchat with your friends. It is a pity though during the two nights we stayed there, the weather is not great so we were not able to see one. 


5. The in-house restaurant called Secret Garden Cafe is curated with Chinese lanterns and more 
Even the restaurant of Bellevue Cottages in Sabang, Puerto Galera is very desirable too. While we were only able to eat their once, I can tell that their food is of Western standards. From blueberry hotcakes with salted caramel sauce, to the iconic Bellevue Breakfast or smashed avocado with feta and poached eggs - you're going to have an amazing time eating. Since I am a Filipino by heart and stomach, I ordered their bangsilog. It came with two eggs and one whole bangus. The serving is big and the prices on the menu is within the price range of nearby restaurants and resorts in Sabang beach. Btw, they serve unlimited brewed coffee with a choice of Lipton tea and creamer!


We were also very lucky to have met Ms. Nelda Hemingway and his American husband who are the owners of Bellevue Cottages. They were very hands on when it comes to the operation of the business. We got along pretty well knowing that are partners are both from the USA. She said she met him while touring USA and this resort in Sabang Beach, Puerto Galera has been around since 1989. For cat lovers, they have 3 adorable and neat cats who will ask your attention while eating in their cafe and probably you share a bite of what you eat. 

One thing I noticed in this accommodation in Sabang is that mostly, the guests are foreigners. I have seen 3 Western guys, a couple (Western and Filipina), another couple (both Western) and us (Western living in the Philippines and Filipina). Checking the rates of their cottages, the range is Php 2,500 and up per night. This means, Bellevue Cottages is not for a broke backpacker or a couple traveler whose budget is Php 1k per night. But, as they say you get what you pay for.

More photos of Bellevue Cottages 

bellevue cottages sabang puerto galera

bellevue cottages sabang beach


Bellevue Cottages Sabang puerto galera

Special mention to the steady connection of free Wifi connection. I intentionally left my laptop so I can focus on enjoying more than working though but I was able to check emails and get connected with my family all throughout my stay. I can safely say, Bellevue Cottages is also great for freelancers who bring their work anywhere! You can get your tasks done while you are here. 

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