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2019 Ginubat Festival Schedule in Gubat, Sorsogon

Ginubat Festival in Gubat, Sorsogon

Ginubat Festival in Gubat, Sorsogon is now celebrating its 25th year. The town of Gubat in  Sorsogon  is also celebrating its 255th founding anniversary. The theme this 2019 is Ginubat Festival @ 25: Ato Ini.  

See below the list of activities of Ginubat Festival:  

June 1-14
8:00am-5:00pm: Saud sa Piyesta
Venue: Municipal Compound 
Host Organization: MAO 

8:00am –5:00pm: Orgulyo Gubatnon Art Exhibit 
Venue: Negosyo Center 
Host Organization: Gubat Arts Association 

June 1
6:00am: Ginubat 2019 Grand Opening
- Misa and Pamahaw Pasasalamat 
Venue: Gym/ Municipal Compound
- Opening Program and Blessing of Encinas Pavilion 
Venue: Pavillion

7:30 AM: - Parade featuring Sinakiki de Gubat and Pandangado 
Venue: Around Poblacion

7:00pm: Battle of the Bands
Venue: Pavillion
Host Organization: MTCAO

June 2
5:00am: Duathlon
Venue: Pavilion/ Around Gubat
Host Organization: Gubat United Bikers  

7:00pm: Miss BaranGAY
Venue: Pavilion
Host Organization: Gubat Gay Society

June 3 
9:00am- 4:00pm: Trabaho, Negosyo, Kabuhayan, Kasanayan Job Fair
Venue: Andaya Gym 
Host Organization: PESO 

7:00pm: KEJPAC Dance Recital 
Venue: Pavilion 
Host Organization: KEJPAC

June 4
8:00am-5:00pm: Ginubat Pioneer’s Arnis and Karate Tournament 
Venue: Gym 
Host Organization: SAPYM 

3:00pm: Harana de Gubat at Gubat Heritage Center 
Venue: Gubat Heritage Center
Host Organization: MTCAO 

7:00pm: LGU Women’s Night Barayle 
Venue: Pavilion 
Host Organization: LGU Women

June 5
8:00am-5:00pm: Ginubat 2nd Pioneer’s Arnis and Karate Tournament
Venue: Gym 
Host Organization: SAPYM 

2:00pm: Arbor day, mangrove planting 
Venue: Tiris 
Host Organization: MENRO 

7:00pm: Gubat Woment’s Fed Barayle/ Search and Coronation of Mama Queen
Venue: Pavilion 
Host Organization: LGU Women

June 6
7:00am: GrandMa Queen Parade
Venue: Around Town 
Host Organization: OSCA 

8:00am-5:00pm: Purukatan 2019 (boxing tournament)
Venue: Gym 
Host Organization: MTCAO 

7:00pm: GrandMa Queen Coronation
Venue: Pavilion 
Host Organization: OSCA 

June 7 
7:00pm: Talent Show and Pre-Pageant Fashion Show: Gat Silo and Dayang Mara
Venue: Pavilion 
Host Organization: MTCAO

June 8 
5:00am: MADaralagan: Colors and Bubbles Run + Zumba Buenavista
Venue: Around Poblacion 
Host Organization: GuMADFed 

7:00pm: Pageant Night – Gat Silo and Dayang Mara (Mr. and Ms. Gubat 2019) 
Venue: Pavilion 
Host Organization: MTCAO  

June 9
7:00am: Ginubat Olympics: Mga Laro ng Lahi 
Venue:  Lola Sayong Ecosurf Camp 
Host Organization: Parish Youth Ministry

Bugsay BuhaySt. Anthony Alumni Homecoming 
Venue: Pavilion 
Host Organization: SAA

10 June, Monday 
Gubat National High School Alumni Homecoming 
Host Organization: GNHS 

1:00pm: TM Bingo Para sa Bayan 
Venue: Gym 
Host Organization: TM 

June 11
6:00: Ginubat Festival Street Dance Competition
Venue:  Manook St./Pavilion 
Host Organization: MTCAO 

7:00pm: Pista sa Nayon – Barangay Night 
Venue: PAMANA Terminal 
Host Organization: Liga ng mga Barangay

June 12 
6:00am: Katalingkasan: Independence Day Celebration Independence Day Parade/ Drum and Lyre Exhibition Municipal Compound 
Venue: Around Poblacion/ Pavilion 
Host Organization MTCAO 

6:30pm: Kaogmahan sa Kapistahan 
Venue: Pavilion 
Host Organization: MTCAO  

June 13
7:00pm: Barayle sa Kapistahan
Venue: Pavilion 
Host Organization: MTCAO 

June 14  
5:00pm: Ginubat Music Festival with Chocolate Factory
Venue: Pavilion 
Host Organization: Bicol X 

We would like to invite people from Gubat who would like to contribute any interesting information regarding this festival and anything that is related to tourism to please contact us. Whether it is a photo or an article, we'll be happy to credit your name as the source.

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