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Tree Of Life Wellness Center Paranaque 9th Anniversary - Offering Alternative Healing To Those Who Need It


Looking for alternative cancer treatment centers in Manila? Check out Tree of Life Wellness Center in Paranaque that promises to help people get well without the need for chemotheraphy, radiation, surgery, dialysis or lifetime medication. If you're looking for famous alternative medicine doctors in the Philippines, look no further. Meet Ms. Myrna Arcega, a former nurse in the US who is now based in the country to help our fellow Filipinos get well and live healthier.

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A recent health scare turned my world upside down that in an instant I decided to change my lifestyle specially about what I eat. I am glad the lab tests were not so bad however I am taking medicine so far. I am scheduled to go back to the doctor then do one more test to make sure everything is fine. 

When a blogger friend's post popped up on my feed sharing about this wellness center in Manila, I did not waste my time. I even invited my mom who is visiting for a few days only here in Manila to come with me to Tree Of Life Wellness Center during her very last day that she is supposed to spend more time with my siblings.  I had to sacrifice the time that we should be bonding more with my other siblings because I  care for my health and of course for my mom as well.  

Introduction to Tree Of Life Wellness Center ParaƱaque
Miss Myrna said that this alternative healing center in the Philippines was inspired from an excerpt in the bible Genesis 3 verse 2. During Adam and Eve's time, God told to them eat anything in the paradise except the one in the middle. God himself, knew what to eat and what not to eat. Fast forward to now, we can compare the forbidden fruit to french fries, junk food, caffeine, softdrink, meat, processed food et cetera. All these things cause hyperacidity. When we are hyperacidic, 60% of oxygen cannot enter our body. What happens next is circulation and digestion is impaired then degenerative diseases happen. 


Her mom was also suffering heart and kidney failure that resulted to diabetes complications and is scheduled for surgery and dialysis. She was bedridden but if she chooses surgery, it can lead to shorter life for her. So she made personal efforts to learn about alternative medicine. Her mom is fragile and old, medicines and medical apparatus may not be good for her ailing body. 

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She resorted to hydrocolonics and juicing therapy. Through eating and drinking natural fruit and vegetable juices every day, our intestine is cleaned from toxins and damaged cells are repaired. 

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Hydrocolonics is a process of putting a tube through the anus filled with filtered water that reaches our colon and intestines to cleanse the waste that a normal pill cannot do. Through hydrocolonics and eating plant-based diet plus of course the juicing therapy, her mom was healed and her life was extended to another 6 years. Her mom has been drug-dependent for more than 10 years so that could also be a factor of how long these kinds of alternative healing practices can save one's life.


Tree of Life Wellness Center Paranaque 1-Day Wellness Party

A week before the anniversary, we availed this wellness talk with my mom. The normal cost of this event is Php 1, 000 - Php 1, 500 but currently it's on sale for Php 300 only. Here are the inclusions: 
- Use of Pool / Jacuzzi
- Diagnostic Testing
- Waki Therapy
- Ear Acupuncture
- Chair Massage
- Food Demonstration
- Detox Seminar
- healthy meal with drinks


What it is like to join this wellness event? First, we were asked to hold this kind of metal attached to a machine that evaluates every single thing on your body. Then they'll give a comprehensive report card of your overall health: immune system, liver function, breast, thyroid, gastrointestines, gallbladder, pancreas, kidney, lung, bone mineral density, gynecology, obesity status, bone growth index and more.  On a piece of paper, you'll see the normal range of a particular body part and what's your actual measurement value. Using this type of method, it could possibly tell what part of your body needs attention or should I say treatment. 

We love the ear acupuncture. It was our first time to try such - for some reasons we slept like a baby that night. Well, at least me because my mom had to brave a 14-hour bus ride back to Bicol. The chair massage is fine. They use the same ones inside the malls. Wondering what if it is a human person instead who will do the massage? The waki therapy was not done to us. I do not know why. Maybe due to time constraints. We were also told that jacuzzi and pool cannot be used. Anyway, we do not have swimwear with us too since my mom is going straight to the bus station. 

However, we so love the talk of Miss Myrna - we were so carried away that the moment we went home we vowed to each other to eat less meat, avoid processed food and tell our loved ones to do the same. We also love the vegan kare-kare paired with brown rice and a glass of an herbal tea. We watched a demo on how to cook it and then served to us later. 

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Tree Of Life Wellness Center Paranaque 9th Anniversary

We may be not hundred percent satisfied of our experience, we still believe in this wellness center's capacity to help save lives that's why we went back the next weekend again to join their celebration of 9th year in the alternative healing industry. 

We love the vibe inside Merville Subdivision - it is a little peace of oasis inside an urban community. On the way to Tree Of Life Wellness Center Paranaque is already a mini-adventure because I love seeing houses that have a backyard, sideyard or frontyard of flower-bearing plants. There were games and some free vegetarian snack. There were booths selling products. This coming month, I will be availing the one that delivers organic fruits and vegetables because I will be following a suggested plant-based diet from a vegan doctor who will do a blood test for this end of June. Depending on what nutrients that are lacking on my system, she'll do a menu plan for me. 

Most of all, it is always an inspiration to hear Miss Myrna talk about how we should be taking care of our body more by eating the right kind of food. Whenever I feel the temptation of eating fatty food, canned good or super sweet stuff, I just think of Miss Myrna and me living a longer and healthier life. 

Tree of life wellness center paranaque REVIEW

There were testimonies, raffles and oregano plants given away. I am happy to have brought home one oregano plant and I plan to start growing plants of herbs right by the window and the vacant space of our apartment which is located in the fifth floor.  I am super excited to use my voucher that entitles me to pay 50% off for hydrocolonics!

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Tree of Life Wellness Center Paranaque Out Patient Program and In-House Program

Out Patient Program: Php 20, 160

(for patients with hypertension, diabetes, constipation, hyperacidity, migraine, gout, arthritis, autoimmune disease and allergies)
  • 6 hydrocolonics sessions
  • 6 waki therapy sessions
  • 2 acupuncture
  • 4 supplemental shots on first day
  • 1 time juicing demonstration with program orientation
  • 10 days nutritional counselling
In - house program: Php 88, 000
(for patients with kidney failure, cancer until stage 4 and other chronic diseases)
  • food and lodging 
  • juicing and herbal therapy
  • B17 supplementation for cancer patients
  • 6 hydrocolonics sessions
  • 6 vital C drip 
  • 10 biozapper
  • 4 carmen bees
  • 10 foot reflex
  • 4 coffee enema sessions
  • 8 acupuncture
  • The Kings Method
  • Personal coaching on food as medicine

Here are my observations about  Tree Of Life Wellness Center Paranaque:
  •  This wellness center is mixed with faith. Don't be surprised if you feel like you are in a prayer meeting while attending their events. The owner is a very spiritual and God-loving individual who acknowledges the healing of one person is God's will.
  • It is inside a gated subdivision. Please make sure you have your ID card with you. They won't allow anyone to enter without this.
  • They say they have 95%-99% satisfactory rate but of course some sickness couldn't be treated anymore. Miss Myrna Arcega says that they have the right to refuse a patient if they see that person is too late to be treated via alternative healing method.
  • Tree Of Life Wellness Center is not only for those who are sick.  In fact, they have packages for the ones who just want to stay healthy and beautiful. They have IV vitamin drips and of course the hydrocolonics - better get it while you don't feel anything bad yet.

You see the rates for alternative healing isn't cheap even though it is considered as "alternative" way of medicine. As early as now, we do not wait for the time that we get sick to change our bad habits of eating like a glutton. I am so thankful that I learned about Tree Of Life Wellness Center in Paranaque right when I need to start a path of healthy living. My wish is that may Miss Myrna would be able to touch the hearts of more Filipinos - enlighten their minds and hearts of how important it is to eat healthy. 

    To know more about Tree of Life Wellness Center in Paranaque, check the details below:Tree of Life Wellness Center Facebook fan page:
    Tree of Life Wellness Center address: 103 Washington St. Merville Subdivision
    ParaƱaque 1709
    Tree of Life Wellness Center hours of operation: Daily 8am-5pm 
    Tree of Life Wellness Center website:

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