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Sun Life Talks with Three Inspiring Filipinos About Life, Health and Wealth Topics

During the media event of Sun Life I joined weeks ago, I had the honor to know three inspiring Filipinos who are very successful in their chosen careers. Two of them I haven't met and one of them I have always been wishing to see in person because I used to join his Feast days many years ago. Motivational speakers are the best ones when you are down, feeling so helpless and specially if you feel like it is the end of the world already. Whenever I lose hope and no friend or loved one is around, watching Youtube videos of many great speakers somehow push me to keep going no matter what.

First speaker: Krie Lopez of Messy Bessy 
Messy Bessy is a brand that I have heard many times which is known as using ingredients that are eco-friendly, natural and very affordable. They sell bath & body, men's care, baby's care and industrial caring solutions products. Unlike other known commercial products, the ones they sell have no fillers, no bubble-makers, no colors and no artificial scents.    However, through this Sun Life talk I learned there's more to Messy Bessy. 

Krie Lopez, owner of Messy Bessy told us the humble beginnings of this company she built from scratch. She gets workers who are financially-deprived and/or victims of abuse who later on would be collage graduates and therefore able to be financially independent.  

I salute companies that give chances to the ones who need the most in terms of financial and of course guidance. This also made me more thankful because I belong to a family who is not very rich but our parents made sure we're able to finish college and now professionals of our own. I am glad I did not have a family member who could have caused trouble to what I am as a human being today. 

Second speaker:  Rebecca Black of Live Awake Philippines
To tell you the truth, I have this recent health scare that made me almost go nuts. Thankfully, two of my laboratory lab tests are negative but I am undergoing some medication. It is not yet over since I need to do another ultrasound after all these crazy medicines I have to take. 

I have seen myself in Rebecca's shoes and right now, all I ever wanted is to leave longer and healthy. Travelling the world is no longer the alpha and omega of my life now. Hopefully, I can join any of her meditation classes. Right now, my life is doing a 360-degree turn - eliminate stress and inspire others to live healthier.

Third speaker: Bro. Bo Sanchez, book author and preacher
There's this unexplainable charisma that I so adore about Bro. Bo Sanchez. I have watched so many of his videos and read so many of his writings that's why it was such an honor to really see him in person even from a distance. The words he speak are tiny pieces of literally an added courage to me.  

He's also a one-of-a-kind Christian speaker who openly incorporates money as one of the reasons we can live a happy and fulfilled life. Money to some is evil but for him it is how you use it. I did not get this story very much but I know he has a home for elders whom were neglected by their family. His ministry and with the help of private individuals, they help these elders have a simple but meaningful life.

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Main photo shows (from L-R) Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa, Bo Sanchez, Rebecca Black and Krie Lopez. Photo credit to Sun Life Financial Philippines.

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