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Why Bucharest should Be Your Next Tourist Destination

In this article, we will have an in-depth look at why Bucharest should be your next tourist destination. It is the capital city of Romania; this City is not yet rated as the most visited destination, which is disgrace and blessing both at the same time. You might know that Bucharest is also called Paris of the East. It hosts beautiful, charming architectures, along with captivating, awe-inspiring views. It is not a crowdie city, and that’s why from demand and supply perspective, you will find food, accommodation, and other stuff at cheap rates. We have listed some of the attractive tourist destinations in Bucharest, Romania. You can find many luxurious hotels in Bucharest Romania to make your stay worth memorable.

• Spring Palace
It was once the residence of Romanian president Nicolae Ceausescu. He was overthrown during the Romanian Revolution. Nicolae Ceausescu & his wife both were executed on Christmas day. It was opened for the general public back in 2016, before that it was closed down. It consists of 80-rooms along with a swimming pool, tourist can witness the luxurious lifestyle of this pseudo-communist leader. But apart from that, they can also experience the peak of culture that Romania gained during the communist regime.

• Romanian Athenaeum
It is a renowned mesmerizing neo-classical building in Bucharest Romania; it can accommodate 800 people. The inner walls depict the history of Romania. You can avail tickets if you want to enjoy performances over here, or you can even visit this place to see the building from outside and enjoy the lush-green Garden that surrounds it.

• Village Museum
It is one of the best site located near Lake Herastrau. It is one of the few open-air museums in the world. You can visit this place to have a look at Romanian culture and history. You will find various old cultural heritage over here. So, if you are planning to visit Bucharest, make sure to come here. There are a lot of nearby hotels to stay in.

• Stavropoleos Church
It was built back in 1724 and located in Old City. It is a beautiful and eye-catching Church, if you are in Romania, then make sure to visit this place and get a spiritual feeling from Stavropoleos Church. As it is in old City, you will also find many hotels in the locality.

• Palace of Parliament
Palace of Parliament is the world’s second largest building after Pentagon. The construction started back in 1984 and isn’t completed till yet, Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu proposed it. The construction began when people were desperately poor. So, if you are traveling to Bucharest, make sure to purchase tickets to visit this site.

• Cismigiu Gardens
It is a perfect place for travelers who want to spend some time alone. It has a peaceful and relaxed environment. It was built back in 1845, and one of the oldest Garden in Bucharest. You will find a lot of hotels near to this Garden. It has more than 35,000 trees, a beautiful lake, playground and old fortress to attract history lovers. It is an ideal place for a picnic, but you can also find many restaurants, cafes, and bars over here.

• Victoriei Street
It is a famous place in Bucharest, where people walk and enjoy the cosmopolitan lifestyle of this City. Many of the famous attractions are situated over here. If you are shopaholic, then make sure to visit this avenue as you will find world-famous brands over here. There are many restaurants as well so that if you get tired of shopping and have carving for delicious food, you can visit those restaurants, cafes, and bars. Top class 5-star hotels in Bucharest are also in this area.

• Grigore Antipa Natural History Museum
It is a hub for knowledge thirst, if you are traveling along with your children then make sure to spend a couple of hours over here. It is named after a biologist to pay tribute to his contributions. It hosts more than 2,000 exhibits. You will find dinosaur fossils, minerals, plants, and a lot more. And amazingly it also has the most extensive butterfly collection in the world. It also has interactive displays for visitors. If you want to spend your vacations near to this site, you can find luxurious hotels in this locality.

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