DIY Itinerary and Travel Guide to Garin Farm, San Joaquin, Iloilo

It's been 4 years since I first and last visited Iloilo. I was solo backpacking then here with side trips to Iloilo and Guimaras. I have so far visited the typical tourist spots in these 3 places. I missed the cup of hot la paz batchoy that I ate every day there! Been really wanting to go back to Iloilo for so many times now especially there's this newly - built pearly - white Catholic themed farm in San Joaquin called Garin Farm that is making me curious of how it looks like in real life.

Garin Farm iloilo

I mean who wouldn't want to not to see this one for anyone travelling to Iloilo? It looks perfectly Instagrammable and of course for us Pinoys who are mainly Catholics, we can always relate to the theme of Garin Farm which is all about life-sized angels and a white cross (you have to climb 500 steps to reach this) in pure white. Don't mind all the sweat, the heat and the tiredness, the reward of seeing the San Joaquin coast and mountains await you.

garin farm san joaquin iloilo

Just a few days ago, I happened to saw a post of Johan Concepcion in a Facebook travel group for Philippine backpackers and travelers. I knew I just need to share this info for those looking for a much detailed and simple travel itinerary to Garin Farm. I asked for her permission and I am so happy that she said yes in an instant.  

DIY guide to garin farm

If I didn't saw her detailed guide about Garin Farm, I would think that this is plainly a park. Little did I know that this "heavenly" place is a farm that is also home to domesticated animals roaming around freely such as ducks, chickens and cows et cetera. Garin Farm in Iloilo is actually a three-in-one destination offering agriculture, leisure and pilgrimage. 

travel guide to iloilo

From a bird's eye view, this farm in Iloilo looks like a long V shape. Measuring 14 - hectares, Garin Farm Resort in San Joaquin, Iloilo is 53.5 km from the city. After passing by the main entrance, you have to walk under a tunnel made of dried nipa leaves and bamboo sticks which is where some veggies and vines cling to grow.

Once you reach the long tunnel of veggies, you will now see the beauty of the resort in a bigger atmosphere. For those who want some adventure, this is the time that you can do some kayaking, golf carting, ziplining or horseback riding. Since this is a Catholic themed attraction, of course this woldn't be complete without the Garden of Eden,  Noah's Ark, Ten Commandments and the 9 major Events in the life of Jesus Christ. All of these, you'll see the best representations at Garin Farm. 

garin farm

Here's a mini - guide courtesy from Johan for first - time visitors in the farm of Garin. 

She said
"For those who thirst for immortality, to have a taste of heaven and a glimpse of eternal."

From Iloilo City Proper
Take the San Joaquin bound jeepney from Super terminal, Iloilo City.
You can also take buses going to Anini-y or Dao Antique in Molo Terminal. Tell the bus conductor to drop you off in San Joaquin.
Ask the driver to drop you off the parking area for tricycles going to Garin Farm.

Resort Amenities :
 Entrance Fee is Php 150.00/ person
 Room rate Php 1,500-3,500
 Hilltop pool Php 80.00
 Zipline (sitting) Php 250 (superman) Php 350
 Horseback Php 60.00
 Kayak Php 90.00
Paddle boat Php 90.00

Tips in Visiting Garin Farm
Bring umbrellas or hats, and wear sunblock to protect your skin. (especially if you visit at lunch time. It could get really hot!
Same thing during rainy season, the pathways and stairs are a bit slippery so please walk carefully and bring umbrella
Drink a lot of water before or while climbing the stairs going to the cross.
Enjoy every moment, every spot of the farm. This is a vacation not a race.
After Garin Farm, you can opt to see San Joaquin cemetery and of course the UNESCO heritage site, Miag - ao Church.

Her last reminder is that since this is a farm, expect some foul odor so if you're a primadonna, you may not like this place or bring a thick handkerchief to cover your nose and mouth. 

Thanks once again, Johan for letting me share your very helpful itinerary guide to Garin Farm. You can follow her or add her on Facebook at here. She posts so much travel inspiration and tips always :) 

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