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In Bangkok for 23 Days : Vounteering and Endlessly Looking For Love

Since I got so damn serious about travelling, I thought of ways about how to stay on the road for as long as I can. I'm certainly do not belong to Westerns who work, save and travel for months. I can't do that - I'm a Filipina who helps my family. I got so crazy looking for other options to help me explore new places outside my comfort zone - joined contests, earned miles and made a lot of connections in blogging + travel world. Last April, I finally met a nice Spanish guy via Tinder whom I have been chatting for 10 months. He was in his 5th month of travelling across Asia and chose Philippines as his last stop so he can meet me. One of the reasons why he was able to travel that much was he volunteered in Nepal to build schools.

He has gone back home and it was him who inspired me to volunteer. While I cannot do heavy stuff as a volunteer because I am a teeeny tiny lady, I thought of my online work as my advantage. Though honestly, I wanted to do some real - life skills and be away from my laptop's screen but I had no luck.

I have tried Worldpackers - too few choices and once the host closes the thread of conversation, you can't contact them again. Workaway - too many choices but their system is not credible enough to assist  people like me who are searching for last minute plus clumsy customer service. My last resort was emailing hostels one by one from my own google searches. I got two intentions - to pitch for sponsored stays in exchange of review and/or to be a volunteer. I'd love to man the reception for a few hours each day, serve guests with their food/drinks, guide them for their tours et cetera.  However, when the owner learned of my digital marketing background, he decided to give me online assignments. Well, I don't want to complain though I was more interested to work in some yoga retreats or nature related parks but this is where my destiny put me.

Here's what happened for the past days I have spent here in Bangkok:

My first few nights were spent on sponsored luxurious hotel stays at Dream Hotel Bangkok and Adelphi Forty. NapPark Hostel offered free 5 nights but since I am staying for the rest of my trip here at Bodega Hostel where I work, I let go of it already. I have been watching my expenses to not to go over the budget. I have only been to Wat Benchamabophit and Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall where I did not paid to come inside because camera is not allowed. I think that if I am not able to take photos, then my money is wasted. These photos I use to boost my presence on social media so it is important to me to have lots of these. 

I also went to Chatuchak market and really fought hardly to buy anything that's not important to me. It's a big weekend market that sells that a trip to Samut Prakan courtesy of Klook to see Ancient Siam City and Erawan Musem. I have been eating streetfood and frequented the food court of Terminal 21 mall along Asok/Sukhumvit station for their cheap meals that's less than 50 baht. 

Been passing by this famed Soi Cowboy street too where bar girls at night only wear two piece suit and high - heeled shoes. If I have more time I still want to see Asiatique, Khao San and Chinatown though I know I can always go back to Thailand to see these. What's important for me now is to spend the least per day since I am literally jobless for this month of June. 

I really like that Spanish guy but I think he doesn't feel the same way That Spanish guy says he likes and I feel the same but I don't feel any assurance that our constant saying of I miss you's will end in a relationship so so I have decided to re-install Tinder again and see if I can meet more. I don't even know if I can squeeze that in my schedule but one sent me a message via Instagram. He said he saw me on Tinder. I didn't know his age because I haven't seen him on my Tinder feed yet. He was very persistent to send messages so I decided to meet him. He is 51 years old but very athletic from the US. He's got real abs, runs and goes to gymn daily. He looked so young and could be mistaken as only in 40's. It hit me because I don't have any time to get into sports. I tried yoga but still I can't find time for that and it sucks.

I reminded him first that I am not into hookups as I have learned my lessons from meeting TInder guys without setting right expectations. He works and lives in Iraq doing humanitarian works. He said he is a Christian who is looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with like I am but there was no chemistry between the two of us. We talked about how some SE Asian girls find White guy to marry only because for her to have a first-world passport. He said the chances of him finding love back in the States is a slim chance because he said he is in his 50's. He said younger girls who are in their 20's to 30's are more dominant than Asian counterparts.

This is not the first time I have met a guy who is also seriously looking for the right one. I realized  there should be love in between two people who want to be together romantically and not just find one for the purpose of companionship.  Still it was lovely to meet him. I wish him the best to find the right lady for her like I wish one for myself as well.  

I'm flying back home in Manila by 28. A few online job opportunities await me so I can't wait to begin another chapter in my life. Also please wait for my blog reviews of all the brands I work with, looks like I have tons to write when I get back!


  1. Wow, cool trousers and bandana. :)

    You certainly look different from the 'usual' dress and sun hat !

    Looking forward to hearing a bit more about your Thailand trip (presumably you travelled overland from Vietnam ?), and of course your next adventure back in Manila.

    Best of luck...


    1. Thanks :) I just went to Vietnam last April. Will be back in Manila after this. I am planning to see Taiwan or India.