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Miss Earth Philippines Candidates 2017 Visit Yoshinoya Ph

Just a day after I arrived from my Bangkok trip for 23 days, I went straight to join the beautiful candidates of Miss Earth Philippines 2017. How can I let this pass when this is a good chance to meet these lovely girls up close and personal at Yoshinoya Ph, one of my favorite Japanese resto here in the metro.  I had two options - join them for the 1pm or the 6pm dining session.  I haven't unpacked nor had enough sleep so I chose the 6pm schedule at SM Megamall.  

Still groggy and haven't really read the whole Facebook event invite thing, I headed to SM North Edsa's Yoshinoya branch which is the last station in the north and farthest from my place. Only when I got there and saw no candidate of Miss Earth Philippines nor fellow blogger friends I realized I went to the wrong branch. I checked Facebook again and found out I should have gone  to SM Megamall which is so near to where I live. I didn't wasted anytime and took an MRT ride. I came to Yoshinoya Ph's SM Megamall branch a bit late. The Miss Philippines contestants are already introducing their names and strutting a catwalk at the same time. 

I went on and quickly introduced myself to the PR. Then I took my camera and started taking photos of these really sweet girls who aren't just pretty faces but each of them have advocacies on how to make this world a better place to live. The smile on my face went bigger when I started seeing my fellow bloggers who turned my close friends because of the many events and trips we shared together.

After taking some nice pictures of these lovely candidates of Miss Earth Philippines 2017, I took a seat. A Yoshinoya staff handed me one of their famous beef rice bowls. It was served warm plus a hot small cup of miso soup, my favorite! Honestly, I don't eat beef since childhood for some reasons but I was able to eat it all!  I also got to take out this bento box which I ate for dinner.  The first time I have eaten at Yoshinoya actually was in Hong Kong. I couldn't remember what it was but some hot bowl of noodles commonly served there and some nice bread with butter on the side.

It was awesome seeing how inspiring and how these pretty, young Filipina ladies have fun while they play with the games that Yoshinoya prepared for them. Each of them are exudes an aura of friendly competition - everyone was smiling and I don't see the There was also a votation who among them stood out of the 12 participants, here's the list of early crowd favorites:

First Place - Ms. Samantha Acosta - Pulilan Bulacan
Second Place - Ms. Shane Tormes - Mandaluyong City
Third Place - Ms. Vanessa Mae Castillo - Lobo Batangas

The Miss Earth Philippines 2017 coronation night is on July 15th at MOA Arena. May the best girl wins and hope you all watch them. Wishing I be able to go to Japan and eat at Yoshinoya there too :) 

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