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Erawan Museum Blog Review

erawan museum

Bangkok is a megacity in the world. I had an epic urban life - crowded, noisy yet charming in the 23 days I spent here.  I enjoyed every street food, Thai milk iced tea and hot varieities of noodles! However, I really want to know the Thai capital more than its speakeasy bars and ubiquitous massage parlors so one fine day I headed an hour away from the center to see two 'hidden' museums - Erawan Museum and Ancient Siam (Muang Boran) Museum. I have no idea of these actually until I asked help from Klook, a leading travel agency offering the lowest tour packages around the world about what to see in Bangkok that's on the heritage side but a bit away from herds of tourists.  

Both of these museums were built by Lek Viriyapant who is  a Thai millionaire, avid collector of antiques and very passionate about the preservation of his country's glorious past. His third masterpiece is the Sanctuary of Truth, another gigantic work of art in Pattaya.  Never had a chance to visit this though, hope next time, I will.

For now let's talk about Erawan Museum. I left the hostel in Bangkok where I stay around 10 am through public commuting to save money.  I don't have to pay for the entrance since mine has been booked in advance so I only showed the email confirmation and the booking ID number.  I was given an ID card and an audio guide that should be returned back when I leave the museum.  Every single spot in Erawan Museum is certified Instagrammable, so for those who travel to take photos, you got to be here soon!

erawan museum  bangkok

Erawan Museum

Erawan Museum features a three - headed elephant statue on top of a dome building. The word 'Erawan' is the Thai name for Airavata from the Hindu mythology, the holy elephant servant of Indra, god of thunder and war. It is said that Erawan has 4 tusks, 3 trunks and 33 heads but of course the statue has been simplified for architecture purposes.  Located along the old Sukhumvit Road, Erawan Museum is very accessible and it is really not hard to find. I just got off the bus right at the main entrance of the museum.

erawan museum thailand

I was surprised at how it got up there. I learned that this statue of Erawan is 250 tons in weight, 29 metres high, 39 metres long,  made of pure green-hued copper and took almost ten years to finish.  Imagine how much strength and skills of manpower were used to put this up there. Until now it still shows no signs of wearing out (perfectly preserved) and no calamity has destructed this one yet.

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erawan museum bangkok

After I pinned my ID card on my dress and put the pair of earphone on my ears, I walked around and was greeted with thick swathes of flora, tucked away benches and many statues of elephants of different colors and sizes. It was such a relief wandering around stone paths, seeing  clear ponds of water and being under the shades of tall, lush trees. 

erawan museum samut prakan

I knew nothing about Buddhism nor I have close friends who can tell me more about it so I just went with the flow among the locals who were there. I managed to chitchat with 2 Thai girls who can speak basic English. For the first 15 minutes I was able to join them by lighting incense stick and offering the yellow marigold garland to a statue and floating a lotus flower! By the way, these are included FREE on your admission fee along with a small gold leaf which I didn't know so I didn't get to try it. For some reasons letting go of a real lotus flower to dispel bad luck on a pond of water  feels so refreshing!

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erawan museum thailand

Erawan museum has strict dress code, for women like me we should cover our knees so I ended up wrapping a sarong from my waist and down in order to be permitted to come inside the temple. They provide it free and ready to use for those who don't have. At the center of the museum's entrance is the image of Avolokitesvara, a god in Mahayana Buddhist. It is surrounded by four huge pillars that represent Theravad & Mahayana Buddhism, Hinduism and Christiniaty. An ordinary eye may not notice what are these pillars for but the shining, shimmering staned glass roof above is not! Made by late German artist, Jakob Schwarzkopf, the art above showcases the world map blended by Zodiac signs and galaxies.

erawan museum thailand

This three-headed elephant museum is composed of 3 floors. First floor represents the underworld displaying Lek's vast collection of Chinese vases from previous dynasties as well as the history of the museum's construction. I wasn't able to see these since I was preoccupied taking photos. I know, this trip is half - work and half - vacation so priorities matter!

Second floor represents the earth (or human world) showing antiques and arts including ceramics and European pottery.  This is also where Guanyin, the Chinese Goddess with a thousand arms can be seen. At the topmost which is at the belly of the elephant where you you'll take a plight of stairs and 3 - minute elevator ride is a representation of the Travatimsa Heaven, which is located on top of Mount Meru in Buddhist cosmology. Relics of the Buddha and very old Buddha statues from several eras are also found here.  Sadly, Lek passed away 4 years before the completion of Erawan Museum. 

I wish though I should have arrived a little bit early to stay longer but I have to leave  to see Ancient Siam. It is already 12 noon and I want to take advantage of the broad daylight to take really good photos.  

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More pics
erawan museum thailand

erawan museum thailand

erawan museum bangkok

Erawan Museum details:
Address: 99/9 Moo 1, Bangmuangmai, Samut Prakarn, Thailand 10270
Tel no: 0-2308-0305
Hours of operation: 8am - 5pm daily
Reminder: If you lose the audio guide, you'll pay THB 1, 200 so please take good care of it!
Highly recommended is to buy combo package: Erawan Museum and Ancient Siam Museum via Klook.
Directions: Take a BTS (Bangkok skytrain) to Bearing station. Take the air-conditioned bus no's 102, 507, 511 and 536. All of these pass by the museum.

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