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Travel Planning Mistakes You Need To Avoid At All Costs

Planning a big trip abroad can be a very exciting task. While you’re setting the dates and checking out hotel reviews, imagining all the awesome things you’ll get up to, you’ll probably be getting butterflies with how close it all feels. However, if you make just a couple of slip-ups in your planning, it can really come back to bite you when you actually head out on your adventure. Here are a handful of common travel planning mistakes people tend to make, and some advice on avoiding them.
Booking the First Cheap Airfare You See
Booking the less exciting aspects of your travel, such as the flights you’ll take out there, can be something of a chore, especially with the packed-up schedules most of us live by these days. However, jumping on the first cheap flight you come across can be a recipe for disaster if you neglect to check the full price range and all the little details. Take your time searching for high-value packages, checking everything from prices to inclusions to family deals. This will ensure you’re getting your money’s worth, and will protect you from any nasty surprise fees.
Having a “Just About Enough” Budget
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A lot of people think that having a budget that’s “just about enough” is a good thing. However, no matter where you’re travelling, it pays (literally!) to make sure you have a budget that’s a little bit over what you think you need. This can be a total lifesaver if you suddenly have to cover any expenses that you haven’t planned for, such as entry requirements like an ETIAS for Europe or an E.T.A. for Canada. Aside from that, you’re likely to come across tours, souvenirs, attractions and restaurants that you hadn’t planned for, so don’t stretch your budget too thin.
Guessing Distances
Having an itinerary is one thing, but making 110% sure you can travel easily from one place to the next is absolutely integral to making the most of your schedule. Having planned a list of all the sights you want to visit in your destination country, use Google maps and local tourist information sites to plan a practical route between them all. If you underestimate any of your travelling within your destination, you’re sure to run into confusing public transport systems, more expenses, and more stress!
Forgetting Travel Insurance
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Travel insurance may feel inconsequential if you’re an experienced enough traveller. While there are ways of keeping safe, you never really know what’s going to happen when you travel abroad. If you recognise how necessary insurance is in your home country, then why take a different approach when you’re abroad? Start looking into travel insurance several days before you’re due to leave, and find the kind of coverage that’s right for you. It may be worth looking into some local news channels to determine the risks facing travellers in the country you’re going to.
Keep these travel planning mistakes in mind, and make sure you avoid them at all costs. With a solid plan, your next trip will be one to remember!

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