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6 Tips To Start As A Bootstrapping Entrepreneur

There are a lot of reasons why I hurried back to Manila after staying for more than a month in Bicol my hometown: I brought my mom for a free trip to ilocos courtesy of one of my travel partners for a job well done by yours truly (I have another free trip coming in Sagada), I have to get my backpay from my previous company and my application abroad is still hanging in the air. 

Most of all, I felt strange and so detached to the place where I was born and raised. Maybe because for the past ten years of my life I have learned to live far and independent from my family. I want to stay longer with them but I feel like I left my heart somewhere and I need to find it.  If not I will end up regretting I never bothered to find what makes me happy.

I have been a good daughter and good sister so I think it is just right in time (I will be 30 in 4 months) to take another path and see where it brings me. I think if there’s one good thing about my application abroad is it gave me enough courage to quit my long – time job. This is also the stage in my life where I let loose and let my fate decide for what is the best for me not me decide for what I think the best for me.

I admit I was lured going abroad because of the higher pay but recently I realized that I would rather be a in small boat rowing it myself to the direction I want to be than inside a gigantic US Navy-like ship but I am one of the assistants of its captain waiting for his command. Since the hardest part of every great plan is to how to take the first step, let me share you below my tips on how to start as a bootstrapping entrepreneur:

1.       Identify your skills/talents you’re really good at and that you’re longing to do it full – time if not for the rest of your life.  It is something that you love doing not just the price that comes with it.  It should benefit other people like it improves a process, save lives, pioneers an idea or disrupts a current trend etc. 

Ask yourself " What are your talents and skills that other people would love to pay for you to do it?"

In my case I discovered I love blogging, internet marketing and organizing paid tours. That is why through time my blog evolved to a travel blog and shop for tour packages. I don’t care if most of the travel blogging community in the Philippines advocates the going-off-the-beaten-path and do – it – yourself trips, I want to be of service to individuals who don’t have the time, knowledge and resources t o plan their trips.

 2.       Quit your job and figure out how you will make a living out of your passion. Take note that I changed the words skills and talents to passion.  Wait don’t quit your job just yet, make sure you have viable facts that your earnings out of it is enough to support your basic needs – house rents, electricity, water, wifi bills and food. 

Before deciding to go full – time to this travel blog and shop I founded, I carefully weighed down everything the volume of sales I get every month. Based on the records it shows an amount enough to provide me shelter and food. It’s a good sign to start from the scratch. 

3.       Trust yourself you can make it even if no one else does.  I was asked “Are you sure you can survive renting a shared condo unit in Manila plus helping a family back home just by selling tour packages in commission basis?” My answer is a big YES.  

Sure I am not gonna get the exact amount like the one I used to in my previous salary now that I am just starting out but my reasons of quitting my very stable job to become a budding entrepreneur is not mainly driven by wanting to get rich soon or forgetting my responsibilities in all aspects in my life. It is all about walking up in the morning feeling excited to do something I am so inlove to do, sleeping at night knowing that I made a difference, helping others out of my entire efforts so on and so forth. 

4.         Simplify your spending habits. This December, I won't have a 13th month pay waiting for me which gives me a room to regret but there is always sacrifice in everything we need to start. EVERYTHING.  I still use my old version of Android smartphone for my quick browse to Internet, I have not bought a new laptop yet and I have not been to my favorite coffee shops lately. I think I will probably find my way back there only If I need to.  I don't pass by to clothing shops in the malls to not to be tempted to buy. I am really watching my expenses right now. 

5.          Join meetups and meet like - minded persons who you can share and collaborate with.  You have to go out and meet your fellow entrepreneurs, talk to them and make friends.  One reason that inspire me to keep going is connecting with fellow entrepreneurs  and most of them have blogs. I read their stories and pick up their tips and wisdom they share.  In Manila I suggest reading Peter Cauton's Juan Great Leap, blog here he talks about entrepreneurship, startups and a monthly meetup for entrepreneurs, Dan and Ian's Tropical Mba about Location - Independent lifestyle hugely brainwashed me when I was on the verge of deciding to quit my job. Also about technical side of the business I regularly read Full Suite's blog here. I have a lot to share, I will create a separate post for that.

6.     Innovate by keeping up with the trends. It does not mean that you are now your own boss, you should not be open - minded with the suggestions around you.  You have to know the trend and apply it in your goals. When I am online my eyes are always searching of events, trainings etc. anything that gives me additional knowledge especially if it is free.  

I have just completed Google Analytics' Digital Analytics Fundamentals to learn more about search engine traffic which i need in my business. I hope to learn more about Google - the 'God' in online searches.

So there you go, when you want something so bad, you find ways you will never thought you could have done it before. Just like what I did.  

* Profile pic*My mom is busy taking notes of the places we visited so when she comes home she said she can tell the whole story w/o missing a thing while my eyes are glued to my smartphone rushing to finish an online course

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