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The Hidden Garden of Vigan

Ilocos is the place up North I have visited thrice already. The most recent happened  last October was a free trip. I also brought my mom with me to tour her for 3 days and 2 nights. 

I have majestic photos of Ilocos captured when I went there last year, if you want to check it out, you may click here

Having said this I decided to share  to my readers the places of Ilocos that I keep on coming back and also inviting them to see these places themselves too. 

This is the second out of Ten Reasons to Visit Ilocos post I will share today.  To view my first in  Ten Reasons to Visit Ilocos"  you may click here.

The Hidden Garden of Vigan is one of the most amazing man - made imitating nature structure I have ever seen in the Philippines. Also the story behind this is something that I can totally relate.  

I heard that its owner, Francis Flores suffered a number of heart attacks before so he decided to change his lifestyle by starting a garden. Soon it became his "garden therapy" and the place a tourist destination because of word - of - mouth testimony that this place is really great. What I love about this garden is it has so much as in so much flora and fauna to choose from! I love seeing those bonzais, indoor plants artistically trimmed according to its purpose and they even have variations from abroad.  

Me and my mom super haggard after arriving from a 10 hour trip from Manila

Yes the plants are for sale. My mom who loves gardening found this place a paradise in an instant. She said she won't go home without bringing at least one. She wanted to buy the Bangkok version of our kalamansi because its fruit looks like small watermelons but it is quite big to fit inside our van. She is also worried that it might die because we have to travel Ilocos to Manila for 10 hours. She will stay for one night then back to Bicol so it is going to be another 10 hours or so.  She chose a lucky charm / money attracting plant which is just as tall as a bottle of Coke and it does not need a lot of water.

Their local version of a bar with wine setting

Everything is made of indigenous materials and wood except the floor
We also love the food so much! It is the perfect definition of a lutong bahay in a very affordable price.  I love every part of the place because it is of pure Filipino design.  And two - thumbs up for the very strong and stable wifi connection. I was able to do my work while and eating my breakfast.  They cook very delicious pinakbet (Ilocano style), bagnet, dinengdeng (native), vigan empanado and native halo - halo. Whew!

I love the Capiz shells on top and these wooden tables

Their receiving section 
For those who wants to get the service of Hidden Garden's owner, Francis Flores you may check their website at They do services like landscape design, landscape maintenance, waterfalls setup, fountain, grotto, stage decoration. Their address is Bulala Centro, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur. 

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