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My Mobile Festival 2013 Review

Me at the Mobile Festival 2013
First, I want to thank for the free pass at Mobile Festival 2013 -  the country's first mobile conference - expo. They had a raffle a week ago and I am one of the 10 lucky winners! I prayed to win this because Mobile Festival is not a free event and as a bootstrapping entrepreneur I am trying to live within my means now and below if I need to.  I even blogged about this event though this was not asked from the raffle mechanics! 

What pays my bills, rents and food is this blog. What gives life to this blog is digital marketing. But I did everything in opposite! I veered away from the usual notion of successful blogs:  building communities and connecting to online influencers. I skipped those and did paid search engine marketing. This is the only thing I have invested heavily so far!  

What I want is to connect to individuals who are looking for tour packages  RIGHT NOW  and READY to pay. 

My Facebook Fan Page has only 600+ likes (85% of those is paid and 15% is organic) and I have not setup a separate Twitter account for this yet. My business objective is not really to grow a community and inspire them to travel but give service to those  who need help in organizing their tour.Since it seems everyone owns a smartphone now , I want to know how I can use it for my business to tap people via targeted marketing mobile strategies.

Mobile Festival 2013 did not failed me indeed. I went home greatly empowered on how smartphones can be used as a business tool. I don't want to bombard you with all those trivias you can readily search online but let me share to you a summary of what I learned.

My Handouts

 Amazon, Zappos and Starbucks did not spent if not spent very little to CONTENT. Instead they focused on EXPERIENCES.  They emphasized on people using their products/services on real - situations either it made a certain task easier or just a smallest act of bringing smile to their faces.  

THREE Things to consider when building a mobile app: 
1. Does it deserve to exist?
2. How does it make you feel?
3. Will it make life better?

65% of Google ventures are related to mobile.   According to Google Philippines and based on their internal algorithm, Philippines will have the highest mobile penetration at the end quarter of 2014!

The next half billion Internet users will be coming from Asia via mobile.

Mobile commerce has brought a new kind  of business strategy, called E2E - this is the emerging paradigm for end product to end product via mobile.

Easy Taxi and Grab Taxi, two competitors sharing the same stage

Because of Twitter, life has become a series of 'now' moments. ONE billion tweets are sent every day. Brands should consider this as billions of moments to engage!  Brands should know how to read hashtags as another way to be of service to their clients and to close sales!

Are you rolling the dicee?  When you build apps for different locations make sure that it is tailored with  features specifically for that particular place. For example Easytaxi, an app for finding taxis the easiest says in  Singapore and Korea - they branded it as "fast". Here in the Philippines, they preferred to use the keyword "safe".

Thank you Wechat for this

During the whole day event, I was running in and out of the hall to answer client inquiries from my mobile phone. I did missed some of the speakers because of this. There was no free wifi as well so I have to rely on my phone data connection.  It was a big inconvenience in my part but that event was enough for me that there is really a big market waiting for brands and users!

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