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Mobile Festival 2013 in Manila

Our mobile phone is no longer just a tool for communication. It has evolved into a platform that any business should know how to maximize its unprecedented capabilities. Mobile Festival 2013 is a great event I definitely would recommend to fellow entrepreneurs, startup founders,  wannabees etc. They have fantastic line of speakers whom I am sure that no one will go home without picking at least one idea that can inspire them to expand their brands and start something out via mobile technology. I myself is very curious about what is the current local mobile industry and how I can use it for the benefit of my travel blog and shop. 
Yes I have won a free pass and I was able to join Mobile Festival 2013! Please click here for the details.

 There is also another mobile - related event I also recommend, the Mobile Monday Manila - free meetup for mobile industry enthusiasts. You may click the link here for more info. The Mobile Festival 2013 is however not free so for a bootstrapping entrepreneur like me every cent that comes and goes matters so I hope to win the 10 free pass is raffling away.  Anyway to those who can afford to pay the fee, that amount is all worth it! This will happen on Nov. 25th at SMX Convention Center. For more information you may check the official website of Mobile Festival 2013 here.

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