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30th Kadayawan Festival in Davao Schedule and Activities Aug 17 - 23, 2015

Source Davao City Tourism Facebook Fan Page

Since seems my travel assignment is really going to be in Davao next month so I am posting here one of their most-awaited festivals, the Kadayawan Festival sa Dabaw. Fiestas and festivals like this compose a big chunk in the culture of us Filipinos that is why I would like to spread the word because this is how we treasure our stories of origin and our faith that we got from our ancestors.

To those who don't know anything about Davao (me too) I just googled this place and apart from having a  famous governing Mayor, Rodrigo Duterte with his equally famous iron hands in disciplining his constituents for the lowest crime rates in the country, I also read a poll that Davao is declared as the number one safest place in the world. Wow! Ok well that is good to know as security is always something I look forward in my trips since I always travel solo and for a girl like me this is quite a challenge.  

Kadayawan Festival 2015 is simply a thanksgiving for the bounty of fruits and fruits especially the waling - waling orchid. During the festival, you will hear one thing from the people celebrating this shouting with joy the words "Madayaw Davao!"

The two major highlights of activities of Kadayawan Festival is on Aug 22 for the  Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan, a competition for different tribes showcasing different dance that is based on Mindanao's traditions and folklores. On 23rd the Pamulak Kadayawan, a float parade of Davao's bountiful harvest of fruits and flowers.

Dates:  Aug 17 - 23, 2015

List of activities to do in Kadayawan Festival:
1. Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan - a street dance competition inspired by Mindanao’s traditions and culture performed by different ethnic groups 
2. Pamulak sa Kadalanan – a float parade showcasing Davao’s abundant harvest of fruits and flowers
3. Tunog Mindanaw – a music competition that represents Mindanao music tradition with other music traditions but keeping the original Mindanaon sound
4. Sayaw Mindanaw – a theatrical dance competition inspired by Mindanao epics, folklores and traditions
5. Yugyugan sa Kadayawan – a disco street party attended by locals and foreigners
6. Davao River Festival – a river float parade showcasing the beauty of each tribe’s culture
7. Hiyas sa Kadayawan - a beauty pageant represented by the local beauties of Davao

As the festival approaches, this post will be updated with more details. Happy Kadayawan Festival 2015!

For Kadayawan 2015 Schedule of events visit the Davao tourism website:

For Kadayawan Inquiries you can contact:
Office of Mr. Ruben Bangayan
Tel: 300-4013 look for Riziel


Office Address: Door 2, Lee Business Center Juan Luna Cor. Juan dela Cruz Street 
( Back of Ateneo de Davao University/ Beside Net Express Internet Café)
Or look for: Atty. Kelvin Lester Lee (Ways and Means Committee)

Mobile #: 0917-702-3102

For more information on the list of accommodation of where to stay in Davao, along with the what to see, I will post details of this soon.

Since it is expected that a big flock of people are coming, I suggest you book your accommodation and flight way, way ahead just to be sure.   I honestly avoid travelling during the peak season of a certain place because I don't like if it's too crowded and of course everything is expensive. I am just thankful I have this travel assignment with me that pays for my roundtrip flight and a small amount of hotel stipend that can very much help my expenses down to the very bottom.

Air Asia, one of the most affordable budget carrier in Asia, has just recently announced its flight promotions specifically to Kadayawan Festival 2015 only. Check it out here, for sure it has one of the best low fare deals around.

Photo and information all credited from the official Facebook Fan Page of Davao City Tourism.

There's too much in my hand now to make another travel-reflecting post, will have one in a few days. I have so much to tell. That includes another post for the Inspiring Traveler Series feature of a Filipina living in the US. Thanks for checking. 


  1. So see you in Davao? hehe :) Let me know. You know my number. We can hang out over there with Trisha and Akee. We'll be covering the event


  2. Hey Mike sure thing :) definitely. Ahm I will send you message on Fb once my flight is settled over there. For now im busy preparing for my trip to Tuguegarao